Intro to with basic explanation of different tiers and classes

At first glance might look like just another boring clone, but once you’ve played the game for a few minutes, it becomes clear that there’s way more depth to the game than you’d expect from a simple browser based multi player pixel game.

In Diep io you control a tank with a massive cannon and unlike in, where you are nothing but a cell on a petri dish, you can purchase upgrades to your tank and its cannon for points that you gain by destroying your enemies.

With a total of 4 different tiers, 20 classes and 8 stat upgrades that you can max out by collecting points either by killing other players or randomly spawning static enemies, Diep io is guaranteed to provide hours worth of exciting, competitive and addictive gameplay. user ynef Level 17 Twin cannon barrels

How to move and shoot

Unlike in other similar games where all the movement is controlled by the mouse, there are two ways you can move your tank around the area: either by using the arrow keys on your keyboard or the WASD letters familar to some people from First Person Shooters.

To shoot bullets you need to aim the far end of your cannon towards an enemy using the mouse and then perform either a single shot by clicking the left mouse button once, or shooting continuously by holding it down.

How to gain points

One of the easiest ways to collect points early on is not by shooting other players, but by killing various static enemy shapes that don’t return fire. You will gain a different amount of points for killing the enemies based on their shape and color:

The yellow square is the easiest to destroy taking only two direct shots even with the most basic cannon to kill. You are rewarded with 10 points per kill.

Next comes the red triangle which is slightly harder to break, but rewards the user with 15 points. I recommend upgrading your bullet damage at least a couple of times before going after the red ones.

Finally there is the blue pentagon which is a pretty tough nut to crack for a newbie so it’s advised to stay away at least in the beginning. You can gain a whopping 130 points by killing it though so make sure to try shooting them after you’ve upgraded your weapons! tank tiers and classes explained

There are a total of four different tank tiers in the game, all of which have many classes under them that massively boost your firepower capabilities. Needless to say, you start at Tier 0 which is the Starter Tier. You are stuck with it until reaching level 15 where the first class upgrade becomes available.

Tier 1 (Level 15)

This is a tier that’s relatively easy to reach and, depending on the competition, won’t normally take longer than a few minutes. Once you reach level 15 by destroying your enemies, you get to choose from 4 main classes:

  • Twin – You will receive an additional cannon barrel and effectively double the amount of bullets you shoot.
  • Flank guard – A tier 1 class upgrade that adds a half barrel at the back of your tank so you can shoot in both directions. This can be useful in crowded areas as well as escaping.
  • Machine gun – Another tier 1 class upgrade which gives you a wider barrel for faster shooting, but reduces your overall accuracy.
  • Sniper – By choosing this upgrade your bullets gain speed and do more damage. Good for long range shooting as the bullets don’t slow down.

Other tiers

The next milestone is Tier 2 at level 30 where you can choose from an additional 8 different classes and finally there is Tier 3 that can be unlocked by reaching level 45 with the most powerful class upgrades available in the game. It will take a long time to get here, but it’s definitely worth it as your name will be among the top players for the world to see!

Check out this detailed wiki page to learn more about different tiers and classes.


How to gain your visitor’s attention in 10 seconds before they leave for good

According to the traffic analysis firm Chartbeat, which monitored the behavior of 2 billion website visits over the course of a month, 55% or more than half of your website visitors will spend less than 15 seconds actively on your page. This essentially means that you’ve got around 10-15 seconds to make the magic happen and grab your viewer’s attention before they grow tired of you and, well, leave for good.

On top of that a famous eye tracking test conducted by Jakob Nielsen way back in 2008 concluded that only about 20% of your content is actually read and the rest is either skipped completely or briefly scanned through.

The first few seconds matter the most

While this is probably bad news for the average online business owner, it also shows how important the first ten seconds really are, because if you gain your viewer’s interest within that time, the chances of your visitors interacting with your content and more importantly, ordering your products, will grow exponentially. But how exactly do you gain your viewer’s attention that quickly?

A picture is worth a thousand words

Over the past few years we’ve seen how many websites, especially news type article sites, stick a large header image on top of their content. After all, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words so it must work, right?

Well, in most cases it really works- especially if you aim to gain traffic from social networks because that same picture will be the first thing a person sees when they scroll through their news feed.

Interesting fact: most people who have shared your content on their Facebook wall, haven’t actually read your entire article(s). They just share for the sake of it.

A video is worth… a million words?

Anyone can mix together a simple header image in Photoshop and hope for their user’s increased interest, but it takes an animated video production professional to create a truly mesmerizing explainer video for you that has the ability to touch the soul of your visitor in a way which makes them remember you for weeks and months to come.

Distractions are everywhere

We all know that there’s a lot of stuff on the internet and over time we have learned to multitask and consume a bunch of information at the same time. For example, you could be reading this article and at the same time listening to a Youtube tutorial video while chatting with your coworkers about a restaurant downtown.

In this modern age it’s totally natural to be doing all this at once so it only makes sense that by sticking a short video on your page, which clearly explains what you are offering within a minute, will massively increase the number of your clients because nobody really has the time to read long boring walls of text any more.

But with a short and to-the-point explainer video, even if they don’t have the time to make a commitment right now, they’ll remember the video, the characters in the presentation and the catchy background music, etc.

Use bullet points and divide into sections

Since most people will scan your content and not read it, it’s advised to divide your article into smaller and more manageable bits.

Bullet points and subheadings are a great way of making your content easier to read and in case you didn’t know, using headings and subheadings the right way can increase your rankings within the search results as well. A win-win!

Increase your website loading speed

The statistics on Kissmetrics reveal that around 40% of your visitors will abandon your website should it take longer than 3 seconds to load and according to Google, a 2 second loading time should be the threshold for an average e-commerce website.

If your website is taking too long to load, the first step is to figure out what’s causing it.

The internet of tomorrow

We can already feel the internet moving towards an all video content mainly thanks to Youtube and compared to vlogging, blogging is a slowly withering niche that used to rule the world wide web back in the day.

When was the last time you actually read an article all the way through? Chances are you haven’t even made it this far.

While the internet is definitely changing, I can’t really say it’s changing towards something worse. On the contrary, watching videos and live video streams instead of reading is a much more pleasant way of gaining new information or simply having a great time.

The only really sad thing about it is that more often than not video content is too fast paced and leaves out valuable pieces of information which in turn make the whole experience rather dull and shallow. Something to think about if you’re a video producer.


Kissmetrics,, Nielsen Norman Group


How To Increase Your Website Speed

In 2016, most web users expect websites to load in less than 3 seconds and if they don’t, they will click the “back” button in a heartbeat. Also, slow websites are typically penalized by Google, which will cause any natural rankings you have to drop over time. This is definitely not good for business and in this article, we will look at a few tips to increase your website speed.

Minimize HTTP requests

The first tip is that you should minimize HTTP requests. When someone enters your website’s URL or clicks on a link to your site, 80% of those few seconds are spent loading the different aspects of your page. These aspects include your style sheets, flash animations, images, scripts etc. In order for these elements to load, HTTP requests need to be made for each element which takes time. So, the easiest way to speed up your website is to reduce the number of HTTP requests that need to be made by simplifying your website, combing various style sheets into just one, using CSS instead of images, reducing scripts etc.

Enable compression

Next, another tip is to enable compression of your web pages. If you’re creating high quality content pages as you should, then you probably have pages that are 100kb or more. This is quite large and will cause your site to slow down. You can fix this by compressing your pages with tools like Gzip. By using a compression tool, you can reduce download time by as much as 70% since compression will reduce the overall bandwidth of the page.

Enable browser caching

Lastly, be sure to enable browser caching for your website. This is basically when a person visits your site for the first time, all of your website’s elements are downloaded and stored in their temporary cache. This information is kept in the cache so that any subsequent visits will cause the site to load faster and increase your website speed for that user.

In closing, we have just looked at a few ways to increase your website speed. Once you implement the above tips, be sure to continue testing and experimenting with other methods to see what works best.


What is meant by hosting a website (web hosting for beginners)

When you ask people how to make your own website available on the internet, oftentimes you may hear people talk about something called hosting a website. But what does it actually mean?

Put simply, web hosting is a service provided by web hosting companies which allows anyone to publish their content on the World Wide Web and while it’s possible to turn your own computer into a web host, it’s usually not recommended due to the increased security risks that come from making the contents of your computer available to the general public.

These security issues along with the limitations of your internet connection speed, not to mention the possibility of a hard drive failure, are the main reason why most people prefer to upload their data (website and its contents) on a professionally managed, safe and secure remote server (a web hosting service).

Web servers stacked on top of one another in a clean and neat room

How to choose web hosting?

With hundreds of different web hosting companies to choose from, it’s understandable if it can get a little overwhelming, but don’t worry- the guys over at have put together a well researched web hosting providers comparison list and bring out the pros and cons of some of the most popular web hosting companies available.

I can tell you from my own experience that it’s not always a good idea to just go with the cheapest possible service because while the price may look sweet, the service itself will most likely be lacking something important with bandwidth and disk space limitations being the most common problem.

If you have a choice, it’s recommended to go with shared hosting at least in the beginning because it’s fairly cheap with most packages costing less than $5 per month and to be honest, shared hosting will be more than enough for your average website.

In case you didn’t know, shared hosting simply means that your website shares the disk space with other websites on the same physical server.

Shared hosting or Dedicated hosting?

Bigger web hosting companies have the capability of providing dedicated hosting packages for their clients. Dedicated hosting means that you lease out an entire physical web server all for yourself and no other website will have access to it.

For most people, this is unnecessary because dedicated hosting packages usually go for a lot more than a simple shared hosting with the prices reaching well into the hundreds of dollars per month area.

While shared hosting will be your best option if you’re simply looking to host a WordPress blog along with various plugins like WooCommerce, for example, a dedicated server will come in handy in case you want to publish adult material on your website or do something else that requires more processing power than normal (ie. hosting your own online game server).

Another example where you may need to switch to using a dedicated hosting package is when your business reaches a point where you have so many users online at any given time that it is starting to hurt other websites hosted on the same shared server by using up all the available memory and bandwidth.

Most hosting companies will usually send you a notification about it as soon as they detect such anomalies, but unless you’re as big as Amazon, Facebook or Twitter, you shouldn’t really worry about it.


New startup aiming to revolutionize gaming by allowing players to earn Bitcoins

We all have a favorite game on which we spend a huge portion of our spare time without getting anything practical in return other than the satisfaction of reaching the next level, unlocking a new piece of armor or getting first place on the high scores table.

For decades the mere joy of accomplishment has been enough to keep people hooked playing a game for hours at a time, but what if you could step even further down the rabbit hole? What if you could earn Bitcoins by playing games? This exciting new chapter in video gaming can soon become a reality thanks to industry experts and game developers over at Bitszer who are working around the clock to make it happen.

What is Bitszer?

In layman terms, Bitszer is a massive cross-platform auction house system that any game developer can easily integrate into their game.

Once set up, it allows the game players to exchange various in-game items like swords, armor, power ups and much more in exchange for Bitcoin or if you prefer, you can replace your old game currency, like gold or diamonds, with Bitcoin altogether and give your players a direct way to earn free Bitcoin by playing games.

Since all the games are connected in one Bitszer network, the Bitcoin balances get updated in every game that runs under the Bitszer system whenever a transaction takes place (ie. player A purchases a weapon from player B).

With more than two years in the making, the Bitszer team is aiming to be a fast, secure and reliable central platform for all present and future video game developers who are interested in offering a new and exciting incentive to their players in the form of Bitcoin payments.

Bitszer is for the gamer

Earn bitcoins by playing games on the Bitszer network

In most games a player has the ability to create new items using the skills they’ve learned. For example smithing new swords, crafting armor or mixing up various potions and other consumables that help them progress in the game.

In a game that uses the Bitszer auction house system, these items effectively become virtual assets that can be sold to the highest bidder with Bitcoin as the exchange currency.

And because in most games you can create rare and more valuable items only after you have spent enough time training your skills first, the amount of Bitcoin you can earn will be in direct relation to the amount of time you spend playing a game.

If you’re a gamer, make sure to join Bitszer and grab your unique account number right now when they’re still short and easy to remember. In the future your account number alone is worth bragging about!

Bitszer is for the developer

It’s clear why Bitszer will be useful for the average gamer who can earn income from playing their favorite games, but what’s in it for the game developers?

Well, for starters Bitszer takes a 3% cut from each transaction in the game and splits it 50/50 with the game developer. This means that you can effectively stop relying on annoying advertisements in your game to generate a profit.

Additionally Bitszer offers ready made themes and is fully customizable to fit the needs of almost any game, making it a practical turnkey solution for game developers who are looking for a simple way of implementing a secure Bitcoin driven economy directly into their games.

As a developer, you can potentially save thousands of dollars and months, if not years worth of working hours by integrating this system into your game rather than having to create a similar system from scratch.

And finally, being part of the Bitszer network means that more players will be driven to play your games because they already have a Bitcoin balance that they can spend in the game.

How much time people spend on video games?

A recent study conducted by the Entertainment Software Association reveals that in 2015 a total of 42% of Americans were spending more than three hours per week playing video games and more than half or 51% of American households own a dedicated gaming console.

Another market research company, the NPD Group, focused their attention towards the more “heavy gamers” and showed that right now there are more than 34 million people in the United States alone who spend 22 hours per week, or more, playing video games. That’s a lot of hours.

Keep in mind that most of these people (excluding professional streamers and Youtube gamers) are just playing the games without getting anything of value on return. Now imagine what will happen if you introduce Bitcoin as an incentive for the gamers to keep playing games.

Share! strategies that help you rule the scoreboards in no time

In, the goal of the game is simple- become the biggest and baddest snake on the block by killing and eating other snakes and randomly spawning food. In this article I will explain the basic strategies and tips that will hopefully help you get ahead in the game faster and rule the scoreboards in no time.

Can’t access directly?

Often times when connecting from a school’s computer or a wireless hotspot, you’ll find that you can’t access the game directly and while you can try using various proxy servers as a workaround, sometimes it’s just easier to play in a private server offered by various Slitherio unblocked websites.

Slither io unblocked

Dashing in the way of bigger snakes

It’s ironic that while the goal of this game is to keep growing in size, being small is the biggest advantage you can have. When you’re a small snake, you’ll be able to maneuver much faster. This helps you get away from bigger snakes and enables you to make them run into you using a move called Dashing.

Dashing is basically a turbo boost that you can use when you click and hold your left mouse button. The trick is to wander around a bigger snake until you find a perfect moment where you can dash in front of them. If successful, they’ll run into you without being able to do anything because the bigger they are, the slower they get.

Keep in mind however, that you’ll lose size every time you dash so you better make it count!

Let others do the dirty work for you

Fancy being a jerk? There is another, safer, yet slower way to grow in size and it’s called leeching. In essence this just means to hang around big snakes at a safe distance until someone else kills them.

Be ready to eat the remains of the huge snake once this happens and make it quick, so you’ll have enough time to escape because you can pretty much count on the fact that everyone will be crawling towards the newly appeared free food shortly.

When leeching, the trick is to be patient, wait for the right moment, eat as much as you can and escape quickly while you’re still in one piece.

When big, stay around the edges

Once you’ve grown gigantic in size, the best course of action is to stay in the corners and edges of the game because you will be moving very slowly at that point and all the other snakes will be out to get you. Take a look at the minimap in the lower right corner of the screen to get your bearings.

Try to surround smaller snakes

The biggest advantage of being a huge ass snake is that you can effectively surround other smaller snakes by circling around them. If done correctly, they will have nowhere to go and will be forced to crash into you sooner or later.

Surrounding other snakes doesn’t mean you’re invincible and there’s a chance that you’ll crash into the snake you’re trying to kill if you’re not careful enough. I have seen many huge snakes die because the snake they were trying to surround was just too clever for them.

Surrounded? Keep fighting!

You’d think that when a big snake has you completely surrounded, there’s nothing left for you to do. Well, actually there is! No matter what, you need to keep fighting, so try to circle around yourself and try to survive as long as you can.

Sometimes the big snake will crash into someone else (ie. your friend) because they’re too busy focusing their attention towards you.


Wonder Dragons: A match-the-fruits puzzle game with a twist

Wonder Dragons by Silence World is a new and promising “match 3 game” type puzzle arcade with, you guessed it, a whole new twist in the form of an original plot which makes it stand out from other similar candy and gem matching games out there. Long story short, you take on the role of a hero set out on a quest to help young dragons hatch from their eggs and save the world from evil humans and orcs who are now controlling the sacred lands. Are you up for an adventure?

First impression

Wonder Dragons Game On Play StoreWhen I first found the game on Play Store, I immediately noticed that the installer package was way bigger than other similar games weighing a total of 80.97MB.

At first I thought it was just a poorly compressed file, but after I downloaded and played the game for a while, I realized that there is simply a lot more content in the game than I had previously anticipated.

It’s not just your everyday gem matching game either. It has a very unique storyline that sets it apart from other similar games, it’s free and to my surprise I didn’t notice a single advertisement.

There are of course in-game purchases which are totally optional, meaning you can have a blast playing the entire game without having to whip out your wallet.


Wonder Dragons

When you first launch the game you are seamlessly taken through a short tutorial that explains all of the basics to you immediately.

After you complete the first level, the hint messages pop up again to explain the rest of the gameplay and how you can save your progress if you link the game with your Facebook account which, by the way, is seriously a feature that more games should be using already.

Not your regular fruit matching game

You’d think that it’s the same old “match 3” game, but you’ll be surprised at how different it actually is. For starters, you are limited to only a certain number of moves and using your finite moves, you have to help hatch a dragon’s egg (complete the level).

Just like in other similar games, you have to match fruits that share the same color, but unlike it’s competitors, you aren’t constrained by matching only vertically, horizontally and diagonally. You can also do this, for example:

Matching up green fruits

Game progression

I have only completed a couple of levels, but I can already feel the overall fast paced progression of this game.

I have to admit, It’s a bit easier than others because you have simply more options to match the fruits, but because of this you also get to unlock different baby dragons faster and move on with the game’s main plot which is to save the world!

It’s definitely a game I would recommend to anyone who loves the classic analogs as well as younger players who tend to be less patient with old puzzle games. You don’t get bored easily when playing Wonder Dragons!