Why has ynef.net been dormant for nearly two months?

It’s been awkwardly quiet here for the last two months so I feel like I should say something. Thing is, I don’t have all that much to say. If you’ve been here before you are probably wondering why am I no longer posting? Or more importantly, why am I no longer offering my infamous article writing gig for 5 bucks a pop?

The reason is pretty simple

Life has forced me to stop trying to keep my head above water by freelancing and get a regular job instead. And so I am working 12 hour night shifts 16 days a month. The other 14 days of the month I’m way too tired to do anything productive so I just spend my free time watching Youtube videos and sleeping way more than I should.

To be honest I am not entirely sure which is worse: waking up every morning, going online and desperately trying to find a new gig or simply shutting down my brain doing repetitive and degrading work while getting a regular, albeit tiny, paycheck once a month.

I guess they’re both equally bad. Yeah, work sucks! Especially the kind of work that you know doesn’t mean anything. It’s not giving anything to the world. It’s the kind of work a machine could easily do. The kind of work that literally fries your brain and makes you dumber. I can already feel it happening.

What kind of work do I do?

Well, I’m a gas station clerk. Most of my every-day vocabulary consists of “hello”-s and “have a nice day”-s. It’s funny because standing behind the counter all night and smiling to all of those people kind of makes me forget who I am. And for now it’s actually a good thing.

Why did it happen?

If you’re in a hurry you will get your answer when I say I overestimated my value and skills. If you’re not in THAT much of a hurry I would like to dissect the topic just a little further.

Ready? Here goes.

For a couple of years now I have promoted myself as a web designer/developer. I even went as far as to label myself a Full-Stack Developer but as most developers are well aware, Full-Stack doesn’t mean what it used to mean 5-10 years ago. Nope. Being fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP does NOT make you a Full-Stack Developer. It just makes you the average guy with an internet connection and the ability to find relevant information quickly.

With countless API-s, plugins, SDK-s, Frameworks and whatever-the-fuck-you-call-them’s, readily available to anyone, it takes something else to be a successful developer. And obviously I don’t have “that” something.

  • Am I creating innovative technology? Nope.
  • Am I figuring out new and more efficient solutions to current problems? Nope.
  • Am I the guy who writes Frameworks? No. I merely put them together in different ways, like the Lego pieces that they essentially are.

I’m just a guy with an internet connection and a bit of curiosity to learn stuff within the niche that is dear to me. But I’m nowhere near the point where I could call myself a developer. If anything, I’m just a hobbyist. Nothing more. In these modern times even a 10-year-old can build a website from scratch over the weekend. So… who am I trying to fool here?

I suck at promoting myself

Another interesting fact that I realized about myself is the fact that I totally suck at marketing. I haven’t a slightest clue how to let a potential customer know that I’m THE guy for them.

This became clear when I failed my last job interview. Miserably. At the end of the interview, when we both knew that this wasn’t going to work out, the manager said he’d never met a more honest and to-the-point kind of guy in his entire life. That’s cute, but did that help me land a job? No.

Luckily he was kind enough to tell me a few things about how to pass a job interview successfully in the future so it wasn’t a completely useless disaster. Thank you sir whatever-your-name-was. I genuinely appreciate the effort. I really do!

I could have easily found a step-by-step guide for this on the internet beforehand, but I was just so overly confident in my skills that I thought none of that small talk was important. I merely looked at the facts:

  • I needed more money
  • I was good at programming
  • A job offer as a web developer was available
  • Profit?

Not so much…

Turns out I said all the wrong things in the book!

For example when the manager asked me if I had any questions about their company all I could say was “no”. Which was the truth, of course, but I could have asked about the lunch break for goodness’ sake! Or better yet, fake my interest in one of those Friday night get-together events among co-workers. It would have shown that I was interested in learning more about the atmosphere of the workplace.

Things got even worse when he asked about my recent achievements. I started stuttering and ended up talking about the one thing that came to my mind: a 4chan threads crawler script that I had written a few months ago. Seriously? You bring up 4chan in a job interview?

Later, when he asked about why I was there, I just said that I’ve sent my CV to at least 10 different companies every day for a week and you are the only one who invited me for an interview so it’s only natural that I came. Which was the truth, again, but certainly nothing a manager wants to hear from a future employee.

I’m an introvert…

And a bad case of social anxiety is like the cherry on top. I have been in a mental hospital trying to cure it, but obviously this isn’t something you can magically get rid of. Nope. This is something that you ignore and hope it’ll go away! *sarcasm*

Being a socially awkward introvert makes it very hard for me to boast about my achievements. Sure, I could have talked about how I love developing Virtual Reality games or how I’m really into WordPress and writing plugins/templates for it.

I could have turned my rather mediocre portfolio (let’s be reasonable, it’s nothing impressive) of casual stuff into something shiny and big like a true salesman, but I didn’t. I can think rationally about this all day long, but when it’s actually happening I just freeze and act like a monotonous humanoid robot.

An introvert cashier?

Of course the job interview I mentioned above wasn’t my only failed attempt. I had plenty and I was turned down in all of them. The local gas station was actually the only one who finally took me in and even that happened only thanks to a family friend who said a couple of good words on my behalf. I got the job without an actual interview, which was nice.

You’d think that an introvert would suck at being a cashier. And you’re probably right. After all, I have to keep smiling and be a friendly face for the entire company. And when I look at how my co-workers interact with clients, it’s pretty clear that I’m not really cut out for this kind of thing. But at the very least it’s helping me cope with people. It’s helping me realize that people are fine… and this is kind of new for me.

If you’re not a socially anxious introvert you can’t possibly know how I felt before my first night at work. I couldn’t sleep, I lost my appetite, I thought I was literally going to have a heart attack and drop dead. I was already imagining how they pull me away on a gurney with all the customers watching and thinking I overdosed on drugs.

It took me more than a month, but I finally got over it. I can finally sleep and relax (even at work, lol). And that’s pretty damn impressive.

And there you have it

The reason ynef.net has been so quiet for the last two months. I’m sure I’ll get my shit together one day, but right now that day seems way too far to even fantasize about.

This is my current situation. This is My reality. There’s a part of me that still can’t believe this has actually happened. I fell into the never-ending cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck, eating leftover food from work just so I can pay the rent and maybe, just maybe afford a nice meal every once in a while.

It sure feels like working for Negan from The Walking Dead. Only in real life Negan is the landlord, the government, the tax man. Heck, we’re all Negan now.


Run games comparison: Which Run game is better and why?

The Run game series hasn’t changed much since the first game came out back in 2008. When compared to Run 3, you can notice only slight changes in the physics engine. The alien creature has remained virtually untouched over the years. The biggest difference between the first Run game and the games that follow is the setup of the levels themselves. All levels in the original game were essentially simple tunnels with 4 walls while the newer versions feature more complex shapes. Word is out that the 5th Run game comes out soon so make sure to bookmark the Run 5 Unblocked website for future reference!

Run games comparison

Run 1 gameplay review ynef.net pictureWhile all of the Run games are essentially 3D infinite runners, there are certain aspects that make each game unique. I already mentioned the original Run game or Run 1 which was released way back. To be fair, it opened the door for a whole new game series, but it really lacks that professional touch.

Run 1 gameplay isn’t all that intuitive and smooth. And while it won’t be a problem for the most part, you’ll feel it immediately when you rotate the level around by jumping on the walls. The game essentially stops for a brief moment and it can become an annoyance when you’re after a more continuous experience.

When compared to Run 2, the music in Run 1 is way better. What the hell were they thinking when they came up with soundtrack for the 2nd game anyway?

Run 2 overview

Run 2 gameplay review ynef.net pictureWhen you play Run 2 you will notice that a lot of the levels don’t have walls around them. Instead you are to navigate the floating platforms and move upside down occasionally in order to progress.

Run 2 can be quite confusing at first because there is no clear path for you. You have to figure out where to jump off in order to rotate the level and land on the ceiling. If you have ever played Kula World on PS1 then you’ll know what to expect from Run 2.

Oh and what’s up with the music? It almost sounds like the developers tried to create 8-bit retro music and failed. Miserably.

Run 3 overview

Run 3 gameplay review ynef.net pictureWith the release of Run 3, however, you can clearly see progress in terms of game development. Right off the bat you have the more user friendly and beautiful menu screen waiting for you.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll find various other perks not present in the previous games.

For example your alien creature moves much more elegantly. The arrow keys as well as the jump key seem to respond a lot better. The overall gameplay feels “cleaner” than in the previous games and I will probably never grow tired of the music present in Run 3.

There are only 3 music tracks available (to my knowledge) but they’re really, really good. One of them seems to use the Cube preset from the Sytrus synth. Which is one of my personal favorites. I used a slightly modified Cube for my latest music track, the Wandering around the 3:12 mark. Go ahead, listen to it!


Run 3 is hands down the best Run game out there. Run 2 tried to be a little different, but in my opinion failed to deliver. And finally Run 1, while mostly suitable for the nostalgia, is still a better choice than the 2nd game.


Lurk around the forest as a cute animal in yet another .io game the Mope.io

Mope.io is a very unique and cute IO game. It’s a browser based MMO where players can assume the role of various wild animals. Unlike most io games, you can also chat! Initially you start out as a tiny mouse. Then, as you eat more food, you will evolve into bigger and stronger creatures. You can transform all the way up to a cheetah, a rhino and even a dragon. Yep, you heard it right. You can evolve into a dragon in mopeio!

In the following article I will explain a little bit about the first couple of animals and what their special abilities are. The fox is currently the highest animal I have ever reached. Lame, I know. But as I keep playing this wonderful game, I will surely expand the article to cover more and more creatures.

Here’s a screenshot of me being the fox. Bonus points for you if you recognize the username reference!

ynef.net mopeio review i am the danger as fox


Mope.io animals and their abilities

ynef.net mopeio review mouseAs I already mentioned earlier, you start out as a tiny mouse. As a mouse you can only eat berries. It took me a while to get it, but berries are actually all of those red circle shapes. Go figure. So just eat those when you’re but a small mouse and soon enough you will transform into…

ynef.net mopeio review rabbit…A rabbit!

When you are a rabbit you can eat berries as well as mice. You’ll need to gather 50+ points to transform into one and it shouldn’t provide that much of a challenge.

ynef.net mopeio review pigIt takes 230 XP to turn into a filthy, fat pig. Not only can pigs eat berries, rabbits and mice, they can also eat mushrooms. Which means that you no longer get stuck behind those weird looking things. Great! Time to move onto the next animal…

ynef.net review the fox mopeioThe fox! I think one of the biggest advantages a fox can have in this game is the fact that it can hide inside redberry bushes. Hiding there really helped me out on numerous occasions and you can slowly eat berries at the same time without being harmed.

After a while though I got killed by a mole so I guess hiding inside a bush isn’t safe from all enemies. The fox is the farthest I’ve climbed on the “evolutionary ladder”.

ynef.net mopeio review deerDeer lord! At 1400 XP you can turn into a deer. While I haven’t personally reached so far due to being killed all the time by annoying little ****, I’ve seen these guys around quite often. So it shouldn’t be that hard to reach, right? I don’t know about that…

Other animals in mope.io

After the deer there are other, more powerful animals (see full list here). For example you can turn into a mole right after being a deer when you gather 3200 XP. It can burrow underground and hide in holes.

Or how about something more exotic like a zebra or a cheetah? You can also become a bear, a lion, a crocodile, a rhino, a hippo and eventually, if you are good enough, you get to be the dragon.

Although you won’t look as cool as you’d hope, you’ll still be able to fly over everyone and eat almost any other creature on the ground.

There’s also a theoretical animal after the dragon, but nobody has ever reached it. Why? Because it would take a whopping 100 million XP to turn into one of these.

Unknown “Black Dragon”

The theoretical creature is called the “Unknown” and the only clue of its existence can be found when dissecting the game’s source code.

Apparently on line 355 there’s a function called drawAnimal() which lists the color codes for all animals in the game. We can see that for an animal labeled simply as “???” the HTML color code is 000000 or the blackest black.



Epic List of cool electronics to buy for Christmas in 2016

Christmas is creeping closer and closer every day. Haven’t panicked yet? Now is the time! If you are thinking what are some cool things to get for Christmas this year, then this blog post exactly is for you. And no. I won’t be writing about some random, boring gifts here. I’m going to write about genuinely cool, cheap gadgets and weird, unusual gifts that will leave your friends speechless. Get them one of the following gifts if you wish to be remembered for years to come!

Cool stuff to buy this christmas

Cool electronics to buy this Christmas

There are a lot of boring gifts out there. Just visit any supermarket during the holiday season to understand what I mean.

According to statista.com some of the most popular gifts in 2013 where gift cards, clothing, electronics, books and money.

And while you too could get your friends something really generic like a pair of socks or maybe a new blanket, wouldn’t it be more fun to come up with something completely unique?

Here’s a list of the coolest stuff I found while browsing NeverTooMuchStuff.com.


Mr. Tea Tea Infuser ynef.net reviewMr. Tea, the Tea Infuser

Meet Mr. Tea, the Tea Infuser. Overall he’s a pretty cool guy. Eh hangs back, infuses your tea and doesn’t afraid of anything!

Mr. Tea is a great gift for tea lovers. From now on they can drink their tea in style with Mr. Tea comfortably leaning back in the tea cup as if it were a hot tub.

Mr. Tea will put you back a measly £3.75 and is quite possibly the cheapest practical gift you can get. Hell, why not get one for everyone?

The man comb giftBehold, the Man Comb

The man comb is perfect for both the beard as well as the hair. As a gift priced under £20, this unique accessory is a must have in every gentleman’s pocket.

But it’s not just a simple comb. It’s also a bottle cap opener! The man comb is a symbol of superiority as well as elegance.

It will be clear to everyone that he means business whenever he whips out this sacred tool.

Salvador Dali Melting Clock ynef.net review cool electronics to buySalvador Dali’s Melting Clock

I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.” – those were once the words of Salvador Dali. A man known by his weird, yet stylish mustache and of course by The Persistence Of Memory.

The painting, according to Dawn Ades, symbolizes the relativity of space and time. “A surrealist meditation on the collapse of our notions of a fixed cosmic order“.

If your friend is into surrealism and modern art then you can’t go wrong with the melting clock gift for both home and office. For a mere £7.83 It’s an affordable masterpiece that sits gracefully at the corner of any desk.

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker ynef.net review cool electronics to buyLevitating Bluetooth Speaker

Whoa! If you’re looking for cool electronics to buy then consider this levitating speaker that looks like it’s pulled straight out of a sci-fi movie.

With no dirty tricks or gimmicks, this levitating speaker orb floats in mid air and plays all of your favorite tunes thanks to powerful magnets.  (insert “magnets, how do they work” meme here).

And just in case you don’t believe me, here’s a video demonstrating exactly how this geek merchandise works.

Starting from just £72, you can get your friend (or you) a futuristic looking gadget that’s practical and actually useful for something. I can guarantee that it will be the centerpiece of the evening.

NB! This device needs a US to UK power adapter.

DreamWave Ocean Wave Projector ynef.net review cool electronics to buyDreamWave Ocean Wave Projector

Yet another example of epic and cool electronics to buy this Christmas is of course the DreamWave Projector in the unique and cool tech sub-category.

The device projects stunningly beautiful waves on both the ceiling and the walls in a darkened room.

It’s an ideal gift idea for that special stoner friend or anyone else who would enjoy having cool psychedelic light shows right in their living-room.

Starting from £105, it’s definitely not the cheapest of gadgets in my list. However if you truly want to give them something extraordinary then the price should be meaningless.

Be sure to check out this video presentation to see the projector in action.

Levitating Desk Lamp ynef.net review cool electronics to buyLevitating Desk Lamp

What? Another levitating gadget? For sure! This levitating desk lamp is the light source of the 21’st century.

The lamp works by floating a magnetic disk that supports the shade on a magnetic field. Both the disk as well as the base contain powerful, opposing magnets.

And thanks to the electromagnetic coils in the base all minor bumps and disturbances are corrected so the lamp doesn’t lose its balance. (Check this video for more info).

Starting at £65.95 plus shipping, the levitating desk lamp is another great example of cool electronics to buy this Christmas. It’s so awesome that you simply can’t go wrong with this. Everyone will fall in love with it. Instantly.

Polaroid instant printer for smartphone iphone ynef.net review cool electronics to buyPolaroid Mobile Printer

Does your friend enjoy taking photos? If yes, you could get them this amazing Polaroid printer compatible with most smartphones. Let me explain how it works:

Without any dirty ink cartridges this portable Polaroid printer is capable of printing up to 25 photos before needing a recharge.

It prints your photos on a special kind of zinc photo paper. The printer heats the paper and activates its unique color-forming molecules embedded in the paper’s layers. Voila!

The result is an instant 2×3 inch Polaroid photo the size of about a credit card.

Going for around £100 it’s not the cheapest of gifts in my list (again). However when you consider the sentimental value of a single Polaroid photo, you’ll realize it’s definitely worth it.

It’s essentially a gift for making more gifts! Just think about how your friend will photograph cool stuff and share the physical photos with people closest to them.


Happy Wheels: A game featuring ragdoll physics and flying body parts

Do you like weird games? How about a game with crazy, death defying stunts done by a crippled man in a wheelchair? Or how about a ride through a meat grinder as a father with his son in the back of a bicycle? If this got your attention, you will probably enjoy spending the rest of your afternoon playing Happy Wheels Unblocked. It’s a game that features hilarious ragdoll physics and lots of flying body parts. Indeed, the game is very gore-y when you consider the fact that even the smallest bump or crash has the potential to rip you apart. Literally.

Happy Wheels Main Logo Screen ynef.net Review

Happy Wheels Overview

Happy Wheels stuck in grinder ynef.net reviewHappy Wheels, originally created by Jim Bonacci in 2010, is a simple and minimalistic browser based single-player game.

Your goal as a player is to traverse the various levels using different, often atypical vehicles including a SegWay and a Wheelchair, just to name a few.

If you remember the motorcycle stunts game, Elasto Mania, then Happy Wheels should feel very familiar. The game has a similar concept with the added gore element.

Whenever you fall, hit your head or crash in some other horrible way, you can be sure to lose a limb or two.

There’s lots and lots of blood and guts flying around in Happy Wheels which makes the game’s title even more comical. In a dark humor kind-of way. I love it!

How to play Happy Wheels

The main controls are the arrow keys which control your movement. Press UP to accelerate, DOWN to decelerate, LEFT and RIGHT to lean in that direction.

Additionally every character has a special move depending on their vehicle. You can trigger that using the SPACE key.

For example the crippled bum in a wheelchair will activate its nitro boost when you press SPACE. Or if you’re playing with the SegWay guy, it will make him jump in the air.

Furthermore, the CTRL key will allow you rotate the nitrous oxide tank on the wheelchair and will eject the kid off the bicycle when you ride with the father and son character.

Happy Wheels Controls

Here’s the tldr; version of what I just said:

  • UP – Accelerate
  • DOWN – Decelerate
  • LEFT – Lean left
  • RIGHT – Lean right
  • SPACE – Special move (or grab when ejected)
  • CTRL – Rotate nitro, eject kid, etc.
  • Z – Eject

How to grab stuff

You can also eject yourself from the vehicle completely using the Z key. If you then press the SPACE key, your character will perform the grab move.

If you pay close attention, you will see how his fingers move as you press the SPACE key. Make sure to keep holding the key down otherwise you will release and fall.

Happy Wheels SegWay Guy Grabbing Ledge Ski Lift

Grabbing is useful in the Snowy Mountain level, for example, where the only way to continue from the start is to grab the ski lift.

Video of me trying to finish the “It keeps happening” level

To finish off the article here’s a video of me playing one of my favorite levels in Happy Wheels. I think it’s a decent representation of what the game is all about.

Sure, it can be annoying at times, especially when you keep failing over and over again like me. But it’s fun at the same time. I love it how certain levels have clever traps for you. Or the landmine that rockets you straight into deadly spikes.

The game is full of surprises and plenty of “wat moments”. And that’s what makes it so epic.


Limax.io is a new IO game with slugs. Lots and lots of slugs!

Surprise surprise! There’s yet another new .IO game out in the wild. And it’s pretty darn good too. So good, in fact, that it has the potential to kick its competitors like Slither.io and Wormax.io right in the nuts. Ouch! The game’s called Limax.io and it is essentially just like any other snake type IO game. The only difference is that instead of snakes, you’re crawling around as a slugLimaxIO has been around for about 4 months and has since then gained 600 Twitter followers, and around 7,000 likes on Facebook.

Limax.io GamePlay Screenshot ynef.net Review

What is Limax.io?

Limax.io is a browser based multi-player game similar to Slither.io. Except instead of growing your snake, you get to crawl around the arena as a slug and destroy your enemies.

How to move in Limax.io?

In order to move around the area all you have to do is point your mouse cursor towards the direction you want to go. Your slug will then move towards that direction.

Because the slugs are moving around considerably faster than in other similar games, you have to be ready for everything at all times. It’s a fast-paced game in which you will need to have good reflexes.

Main difference between Slither.io

Another major difference between these two games has to do with the way you can kill your foes. In Slither.io you have to get the other snake to crash into you. However in Limax.io you can kill other players by having them crash into the leftover mass that gets released as you accelerate forward (left mouse button).

How to kill other players effectively?

To kill other slugs in the game, all you have to do is make them crash into your leftover mass. In other words you need to:

  • Pick your unsuspecting target
  • Wait for the right moment…
  • Quickly dart in front of them, cutting off their path using the turbo boost

When you do this right you can kill pretty much anyone. And it doesn’t matter how much mass the other guy has either!

Limax.io Food Screenshot ynef.net ReviewEat food to accelerate

In order to actually perform the trick I just mentioned, you need to have some mass to begin with.

You can easily gain more mass when you eat bits of glowing food scattered around the world.

The biggest piece of food will add 7 points to your overall score.

Watch out for the little ones!

As you gain more mass and kills your slug will grow bigger. But like in many other .IO games, the bigger you are, the slower you become.

And this, of course, will make you vulnerable to an attack. Especially when the puniest of all the slugs comes near and turbo boosts all over you.

Be careful out there. It’s a cruel world.


WormaxIO Artifacts & Essence Points Explained

In my previous article on Wormax IO I briefly explained how the Booster system works. In this article I want to cover another important topic in the game which is The Shop. The Shop is a very useful part of WormaxIO where you can buy WormaxIO Artifacts that can do various things for you. For example you can decrease the cooldown time of the STOP and GHOST skills. Or if you prefer, you can increase the duration of Boosters.

How to access The Shop?

WormaxIO Artifacts How To Access The Shop Ynef.Net ReviewIn order to be able to buy stuff from The Shop, you must first register a free account on the WormaxIO website. You can then access the Shop by clicking on its respective button on the main log-in screen.

After you set up your account, you will start to gain essence points as you play the game. The amount of essence you earn is relative to how well you perform in each gaming session.

What are Essence Points?

Essence Points are your in-game currency that you can use to buy WormaxIO Artifacts from The Shop.

After the first death a part of your snake’s length is converted into essence with a ratio of 1000:1. All deaths afterwards convert essence at a rate of 3000:1.

This basically means that you will be rewarded with 1 essence point for every 3000’th length point you gain in the game.

Naturally you can buy more essence using real world currency at a rate of 500 essence points for $1,99 USD.

WormaxIO Artifacts Overview

WormaxIO Shop Artifacts Review Ynef.NetAfter you have bought or earned enough Essence Points you can start to buy various Wormaxio Artifacts from The Shop in order to maximize your chance of beating the game.

At first glance it might seem that even the most cheapest Artifacts cost way too much. For example the lowest tier (blue) Artifacts cost 100 Essence each.

However you shouldn’t let the seemingly high price of Artifacts bother you because compared to Slither.io, this game is much easier to master! Thanks to the various Boosters available throughout the world, you can grow your snake larger pretty quickly.

Tier 1 Artifacts

Tier 1 is the lowest and cheapest of them all. These Artifacts cost 100 Essence Points each. You can easily recognize the Artifacts in tier 1 by their Blue color. They also appear on the top of all other Artifacts.

You can decrease the STOP and GHOST cooldown time periods by 5% with Tier 1 Artifacts. Additionally you can increase your starting length by 100%, increase the Magnet Booster range by 5% and increase the field of vision by 2%. Additionally the worm receives -50% of the toxic mass consumed.

Other Artifact tiers

As the cost of the higher tier Artifacts increases, so does their overall power.

For example the tier 2 Artifacts which you will recognize by their Green color increase your starting length by 200%, increase the Magnet Booster for 10% and field of vision by 5%. Additionally the worm receives 0% of the toxic mass consumed.

Each Tier 2 Artifact will cost you 500 Essence Points which is the equivalent of about $2 USD in real world currency.