5 reasons you should play games at Funbrain

Funbrain Games is a fairly new flash games website with a variety of different flash games to choose from including games for the mind, casual fun games, racing games and air games. They have a section dedicated to children as well. Below you will find the five main reasons why you should play games at Funbrain.

Less ads, more games

Funbrain games flash games shooting racingUnlike many other flash game websites that are loaded with annoying ads and popups, we didn’t encounter anything like that upon the initial inspection. There are a couple of neatly placed AdSense ads that don’t interfere with the user experience in any way and it’s totally OK with us because obviously they have to pay for server costs like everyone else.

Many high quality games

Most of the games you can find on Funbrain are pretty well built and not the usual buggy crap you’ll find on various websites. For example submitting your highscores actually works on this site, compared to others where most of the time you will get a 404 not found page after submitting a highscore.

Games load faster

Upon reviewing we immediately noticed how fast the games load compared to other similar websites. It’s possible they have invested in a better server, but another reason why the games load faster is the fact that they use less ads which can also free up a lot of bandwidth.

Easy on the eyes

Nothing “screams” in the face. Being a web developer and designer myself, I always look for the small mistakes in different web designs that show the designers skill and how much effort they put into details. I really dig the flat design with precisely measured sleek corners. That along with well picked fonts and a lovely color palette will make a gaming experience enjoyable.

Section for kids

Apart from having a decent collection of shooting games and racing games available, they have also taken the time to add a junior section where you can find all sorts of fun stuff for your kids. Popular games like Talking Tom, Frog and Worm3D are all available to play and your kids will love it!

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