8GB Mini USB Flash Drive Tiny Concealable Pendrive

Sometimes smaller can be better. This becomes obviously apparent when you look at this smallest available USB flash drive. Sure, a micro SD card can still beat it when compared in physical size, but if you are after a tiny USB pendrive, this is as small as it gets!

Mini USB flash drive

8gb usb micro mini tiny flash drive pendriveIt’s almost the same size as its male USB connector, but it still manages to store up to 8GB of data.

8GB might not seem like much given the fact that we have a 1TB USB flash drive readily available, but it costs over $700 so thanks, but no thanks. Right?

In the case where you don’t have more than 8GB of data that you need to carry around discretely, this extremely small USB flash drive that, by the way, only costs about $4.99 is probably more than enough for you.

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8GB Mini USB Flash Drive
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