A remotely controlled self balancing robot toy for kids

Ever since General Motors installed the first industrial robot back in 1962 in one of their automobile factories in New Jersey, automated machines have been gradually replacing humans in various fields of work. Tasks that require high precision, repetitive movement, heavy lifting and anything else you can imagine that’s either simply boring, unhealthy or downright dangerous for a human being, are all performed by robots nowadays.

But it doesn’t stop there! Sure, most of these robots are still working in factories far away from the general population, but more and more intelligent machines are slowly starting to make their way into our everyday lives.

From highly popular household appliances like the washing machine, self navigating vacuum cleaner and automated lawnmowers to advanced robot butlers, self driving cars and even children’s toys, I think we can all agree that the robot takeover is only just beginning.

Remote Control Balancing Robot

Self balancing robot that dancesSpeaking of children’s toys, did you know that you can now purchase a fun robot for kids off Amazon for a measly 80 bucks?

Why bother to encourage your children to interact with other human beings when you can shut them in a room together with a self balancing robot that can dance and have the rest of the day free to do whatever you like?

All jokes aside, this self balancing robot can be a real eye opener for both you and your child and may be considered a gateway into the wonderful world of robotics especially because in the future we are going to see many more advanced machines seamlessly merge with our lives (and with our bodies as well, but that’s topic for another article).

It just makes sense to have your young ones get familiar with robots sooner rather than later not just for the hours of fun and entertainment a toy robot can bring to you and your family, but also because in the future the only available jobs for the average folk are going to be various supervisor/overseer positions for robots and intelligent machines.

So what can this toy robot do?

Well, apart from being the perfect sidekick for a mission to take over the living room and steal the remote control for your television set, this fun robot can drive wherever you want it to, play music and dance at the same time, carry small objects for you on its detachable tray and even respond to your hand gestures. Thanks to the powerful 2.4 Ghz remote controller you can control your robot from up to 80 ft. away.

Oh and by the way, if your friend happens to have the same model, you can invite them over and organize a boxing match between the two.