Who is behind /ynef.net?

Frank PetserHi, my name is Frank and I’m a 28 year old freelance web developer from Estonia who has been working with HTML, PHP, CSS, JS and SEO for the past 12 years. I still remember when I created my first “web application” if you can call it that. It consisted of a button which displayed a “Keylogger installed” javascript alert box message. Trust me- It used to freak out all of my friends back in 2003 because the whole internet thing was still kind of new in this part of the world.

I started creating websites by first learning Macromedia Flash MX and actionscript when I was just 15 years old and by the time I graduated Highschool I had created a handful of Flash based websites and games, all of which are now obsolete in the HTML5 era. I still have some of them…somewhere… if you’re interested.

Growing up

I think it was around 2011 when I realized that Flash websites were slowly dying so I started learning HTML and CSS to create even better and more user friendly UI’s. I was somewhat familiar with the basics of HTML and CSS already, but at this point in time I took a deep breath and dove in head first into the world of modern web design and development, so to speak.

After a few years and a few more serious web projects I discovered WordPress. I remember hearing about it a lot here and there, but I was too stuck up in my “own world” so I kept ignoring it and kept creating websites from scratch every time because I figured I was doing a pretty good job.

It wasn’t until early 2014 when I discovered what WordPress truly was and how incredibly easy it is to create a website using it. With all the back end work being done by programmers I now had all the free time to commit myself to becoming a true front end developer which is what I have always been passionate about ever since my first “Hello World”.

Web developing isn’t the only thing I do!

I also love to paint, make music and hike in the forest a lot. I’m fascinated about Bitcoin, cool gadgets and biotechnology. In fact, I am secretly hoping to become the world’s first true human 2.0 one day.

I know it’s a long shot, but if you happen to be a billionaire I would very much appreciate if you’d pay for my cryopreservation. You can pick the company yourself, but hopefully it will be close by so they can get to me in time.

I really hate the thought of dying and would prefer to explore the universe in an artificial body that’s a bit more resilient than the one I’m currently occupying.

Help out

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… Actually if you’d just like and share my website that would be great! (And mention me in your next illegal underground biohackers meeting and what you could do for me).