– A simple yet highly addictive MMORPG is a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game designed by Matheus Valadares – a young video game developer from Brazil. In the game each player assumes a role of a cell living on a petri dish whose only goal is to grow bigger by eating other smaller cells around them and at the same time trying to avoid getting eaten by a bigger cell.

The success of

This simple, yet ingeniously clever concept gained highly positive feedback from the gaming community and in 2015 was the most searched online game on Google. Because of its success and its addictive nature many public schools and office workplaces have been forced to restrict access to the game simply because people would play the game instead of working.

Agario unblockedAgario Unblocked

Even though the original game has now been blocked by most public schools you can still enjoy the same concept by playing in various private servers and Agario clones that have been popping up like mushrooms after rain.

Agario unblocked offers a selection of games like Agario and private servers where you can continue wreaking havoc and destroying cells smaller than you like a true evil overlord that you are. Just don’t do it while you’re supposed to be working!

Simple playing guide

In order to be successful in this game you need to eat smaller cells without getting eaten by someone bigger than you. It’s pretty much survival 101 and you can increase your chances, especially if you’re tiny, by hiding under randomly spawning green virus cells so the big boys can’t see you.

Being small offers another great advantage and that’s agility. The smaller your cell is, the faster you will be able to move around bigger cells so if you’re not being cornered and time your movement just right, they don’t stand a chance at capturing you in the first place.

If you like you can use custom skins on your cells to stand for your country or even promote your brand, but be careful not to stand out from the crowd too much as you’ll simply be way more delicious to the big cells.

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