Skins: More than Regular Skins

As I guess you’ve already heard about the game in this article I’m going to tell you more about the different skins and the meaning of most of them. Not as superficial as they may look, the skins in this game have a whole story behind which most players don’t know about.

National Flags skinsSome of the most played skins at are Doge, Earth, Origin and mostly popular nation flags like the USA flag and the Poland flag. Most players don’t even know that have created over 100 different skins to give players the chance to identify themselves.

Most of those skins that players rarely use can be found at where you can also browse different categories of skins. As I go deep into this article you can use the Skins website to see how these skins look.

The Reddit Skin

The main reason why the developers added the reddit skin in is because of the game creator which was an avid user of reddit. There are also rumors that many reddit users have helped the creator get useful ideas while he was developing the game.

The Doge Skin

The Doge skin is an inspiration from KnowYourMeme website where the design for Doge was originally published. It seemed that the developer of have been watching this website very closely since most of the other skin characters are from KnowYourMeme. In my opinion the creator of has also submitted his own designs for a character on and by doing this he got the chance to look over the winners at some of the recent KnowYourMeme competitions.

The 9gag Skin

The 9gag skin represents the 9gag website which is also a platform that the game developer was using himself. Most people playing Agar don’t even realize that most of the skin names are website brands. Many of those websites are gaming platforms which also depicts that game developer character and his addiction for gaming. A lot of players may think that this fact is driving by the desire to monetize the game by advertising these brands. Fortunately, that’s not the case.

People and country leaders skins

The people skins have been added very recently and a lot of people don’t know that the first person skin added in was Chaplin. It seems that the game creator had a huge affection for Chaplin movies and sense of humor. Talking about people skins at I cannot mention that Blatter skin which has nothing to do with politics. The Blatter skin was added soon after Blatter’s resignation from FIFA. Blatter’s background in crime may have also a lot to do with this skin being added in the game.

A revolution is coming

We would like to see new skins at picturing trending brands and that’s exactly what the developers are trying to do. This kind of movement have been rarely seen in a game originally developed for underage kids and it may symbolize the evolution of gaming as we know it.

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