Android racing game with a multitasking twist

Are you getting tired of the same old racing games for android phones and tablets in which you drive your vehicle in a straight line trying to avoid different obstacles? I don’t know about you, but these types of games are getting way too generic and boring, yet the developers don’t seem to realize that. Well, thanks to a company called Universal Games, these “follow a straight line” android racing games could change for good because they have just developed a game with very similar concept, but a whole new twist- controlling two cars at the same time!

Neon 2 Cars Racing

The objective of the game is to achieve the highest score possible by controlling two cars at the same time and collecting triangle and circle shaped objects while avoiding the square shaped object. The circles give 1 point each and the triangles give 2 points each and you need to avoid the square because crashing into that will end the game (game over).

Overall it’s a very basic and simple racing game for android devices, but what really make it stand out from the rest are perhaps the neon colors which remind me a little bit of the 90’s disco theme (don’t ask) and of course the fact that you’re not controlling one, but two cars at the same time.

neon 2 cars android racing game review

How good of a multitasker are you?

Neon 2 Cars Racing really puts your multitasking abilities to the test. It’s hard enough to avoid the square with just one car, it’s pretty much a nightmare trying to avoid them while controlling two cars at the same time, but damn it’s addictive! The moment you fail, you just want to go for another round and beat your old score.

The pros

I’m not so sure if it’s a good thing, but this game is very addictive. I find myself constantly opening the game just to try and beat my old score every time I have to wait for someone or simply have a little bit free time on my hands. The game really seems to have a hold on me.

The neon colors are really cool and they actually make it a lot easier to play the game. I would imagine this game to be pretty awful with some basic and dull colors. The neon really helps to see the different shapes you have to collect a lot better as well, especially if you’re only seeing them from the corner of you eye.

The cons

Immediately when the game starts you’ll hear this weird and calm music in the background. It’s not really annoying, but in my opinion it could be a lot more upbeat. Their current soundtrack just doesn’t make sense in a racing game as it would be more fitting for a relaxing screensaver or something.

The ads are pretty annoying. Don’t get me wrong, it’s alright for a developer to earn money from people who enjoy the game, but popping up ads in the middle of a race? Nope.


Neon 2 Racing is a great android racing game with a new and refreshing twist added to it which really makes it stand out from the other free racing games for android devices. The developers could turn down the advertisement display rate a notch just to make the gameplay a little bit smoother, but overall it’s still a great game to test your reflexes and especially your ability to multitask. Do you think you are up for the challenge?