Best mobile game for kids – Zonkey Escape review

Zonkey Escape is a new mobile game for kids created by Fowler Amusement Co. and rated suitable for all age groups by Pan European Game Information (PEGI). It is available on both android devices and iPhone. The game revolves around two Zonkeys (a mix between a zebra and a donkey) and one bad guy, Dr. Karl Iverson, who apparently was arrested back in 2004 for fraud. The goal of the game is to evade capture and help the Zonkeys to safety.

Zonkey Escape Origins

The antics begin with characters Zeedonk and his wacky sister Deebra. Their mother is a Zeebra and their father is a Donkey – that makes them high kicking zonkeys! They get their beautiful fur and stripes from their mother and their agility and strength from their father. Your goal is to use their abilities in various situations and escape the evil Dr. Karl Iverson who wants to make money by capturing the Zonkeys and showing them off to people in his museum. Have a look at a short video about the history of Zonkeys.

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General gameplay

After downloading and installing the game you can jump right into action by typing in your username and choosing whether you want to play as the boy or the girl Zonkey. Zeedonk, the boy and Deebra, the girl, have evenly matched skills so whichever character you choose, the gameplay remains unaffected. You’ll need both hands to steer your mobile device, tilting left and right while pushing buttons to make the Zonkeys jump, kick, eat, and swim. It’s pretty much a classic platform game (think Super Mario) with cartoon-ish characters and a cute theme overall. Definitely worth having your kid play it!

Additionally there are hidden easter eggs (bonus levels) throughout the game such as scuba diving, outer space and jungle adventures and when a player completes a level with enough points, there is a special reward where the player’s name is shown in lights and the Zonkey singing the “winner” song.

The pros

It’s clear that the developers have put a lot of time and effort into making this game a reality. There are a lot of people behind this from producers to developers and voice actors and it’s really apparent when you play the game too- the atmosphere is just lovely. You can have a look at the various people behind this project on their About Us page.

It’s also one of the few fun games for android and iPhone devices that has no advertisements and it really makes the overall game experience way better than the rest because more often than not, too many ads will lag up the game and ruin the experience, especially for kids who just want to play! I’m confident to say it’s one of the best free mobile games out there.

The cons

I found it slightly annoying that in order to make the character move left and right you have to tilt your entire phone. As an oldschool gamer myself, I would rather have the classic left and right directional buttons instead of having to tilt the screen, but I guess in the grand scheme of things this solution has worked out quite alright.

Another thing that could be improved is the long time it takes to load a new level. For a moment there I thought my phone had actually crashed. Even though the game uses extensive soundtrack with plenty of voiceover effects and animations, I still believe the developers could make it load a lot faster by using various compression techniques.

zonkey escape free games for androidIncluded in top free android games

If you’re looking for free android games for kids then Zonkey Escape is definitely a recommended choice mainly because it doesn’t involve guns and violence like most other traditional android mobile games these days unfortunately do and it’s also free of annoying advertisements which can crash the phone or worse, send your kid to questionable websites.

There are a few optional in game purchases available, but it’s not necessary to buy anything in order to really enjoy playing this game for hours! Zonkey Escape is also one of the best games for iPhone as well.