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Price of Bitcoin pulls back from yesterday’s high of $452+

The price of Bitcoin retraced from yesterday’s high of $452 to $443 today on the 22nd of April, 2016 declining -1,99%. It has currently formed a nice hammer on the BitstampUSD chart and while there is still more room to go down on the Slow Stochastic oscillator along with MACD and RSI, the overall feel is very bullish and looks like we’re currently around a good place to go long once again.

Bullish Bitcoin getting everyone excited

Bitcoin price pollGiven that the price of BTC has been moving rather slowly for the past couple of months, it’s no wonder that there’s an increased activity on Bitcoin related forums and message boards now when the bulls have returned and people are eagerly looking forward to the $500 per coin in the short term.

When a poll was opened today on Bitcointalk, the majority of voters believed that Bitcoin will reach above $480 by May 1’st which is only 8 days from now.

A beautiful swing

When you look at the chart below you’ll see that we are currently at around a very good level for buying some more right after we get a confirmation candle along with a solid crossing on the Slow Stochastic oscillator in the oversold area.

BitstampUSD 22 April 2016 Stochastic slow fast Bitcoin price swing trading

Bitcoin payments coming to Steam

Furthermore, a popular gaming platform, Steam, just came out with more bullish news for Bitcoin by announcing yesterday that Bitcoin is coming soon to Steam as a means for gamers to pay for various games.

Bitcoin payments coming to steam

News like this, like we’ve seen numerous times before, tend to work out really well for the Bitcoin bulls as price is likely to increase soon after.

So, what are you still waiting for?


Bitcoin bullish, rising for two days from $433 to $445+

It looks like the three mysterious flash crash/recoveries on the BitstampUSD chart had absolutely no effect on the overall market as BTC is yet again strongly bullish with a slight hint of a small retracement on the horizon as the stochastic oscillator (both fast and slow) are crossing in the overbought area at the time of writing this post. Check it out:

BTC USD price on April 21 2016 445 usd

Will Bitcoin reach $500?

By lurking on the Bitcointalk forums it has become apparent that a lot of people are expecting it to reach at least $500 by the time block halving happens, but after that the opinions about the future of Bitcoin get mixed.

On one hand there are people who believe it will continue to rise and eventually reach a new all time high and on the other hand there are speculators who say that Bitcoin will not survive after the halving has occurred.

Now, I don’t believe that Bitcoin will simply die just like that, but hoping for a Bitcoin that’s worth thousands of dollars is a little unrealistic even after the halving because halving doesn’t actually decrease the overall supply, but merely slows it down.

In reality nobody knows for sure, but I personally believe that it’s worth betting on a new all time high price instead of being overly pessimistic about it. Okay sure, there are a few competitors on the horizon like Etherum, but at the end of the day Bitcoin will be worth exactly how much other people are willing to pay for it and since the hype is still strong and we’ve only recently gotten our feet wet in the mainstream trading world, I don’t see why we can’t rise higher.

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Bitcoin just flash crashed -10.93% and then recovered again… twice in 3 hours

Something strange just happened to the price of Bitcoin where it rapidly fell from $430 to $383 in just an hour and then recovered again only to go on round two just an hour of standing relatively still. At least that’s what the Bitstamp charts are saying. Have a look:

Bitcoin just crashed but recovered shortly... twice

What’s happening on Bitstamp?

Well, something had to cause this and I have to admit I jumped a little when I saw this just now, but it appears it only happened on Bitstamp as Bitfinex, Kraken, CoinBase and BTC-E seem to be completely oblivious about it.

Still, knowing that there are a lot of traders out there who only rely on Bitstamp data, I can’t help but wonder if this incident can fuel a significant panic dump very shortly?

It certainly doesn’t look natural/unintentional, but right now all we can do is wait and see if anyone can shed some light on the matter. I guess it’s time to lurk on the speculators forum again…

21 hours later

This is an update 21 hours later and looks like it happened again a third time:

Another flash crash and flash recovery from Bitcoin on Bitstamp Sunday

More and more bears are showing up as we speak so I don’t think this is going to hold for much longer.

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Is 420 the new floor for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin sure likes to blaze it or so it would seem. The price is back around the 420 area where it reached in November 2015. Ever since the Mike Hearn news, Bitcoin has been struggling to break the $400 resistance, but it finally managed to do so just in time for Valentine’s day and while most speculators on BitcoinTalk tend to agree that this is the new floor for the crypto, I’m a little worried about the head and shoulders pattern that’s forming on the hourly charts.

Head and shoulders on 1H

As I’ve stated before I’m a Bitcoin permabull and would love to see the cryptocurrency rise to an all time high this year. I was super excited to see the breakout on Valentine’s day, but it’s possible that this is about to turn south real quick due to the formation of a very popular chart pattern known as the head and shoulders. Have a look at the chart below to see what I mean.

head and shoulders pattern on bitcoin

A great source for learning, Investopedia, explains it pretty well. Basically if the neckline is broken, we can expect a more serious downward movement to take place. Right now it doesn’t look like the neckline is broken just yet, but it’s definitely getting closer due to the selling power increase as indicated by the red bars at the bottom of the chart.

Fundamentals bearing more weight

There’s been plenty of good news on the media surrounding Bitcoin lately and it’s the main reason the cryptocurrency is rising right now. I’ve also noticed that the technical traders are getting burned more often than before with not just trading Bitcoin but pretty much everything else.

For example the popular forex pair EUR/USD surprised many seasoned technical traders this year with a massive surge upward and while I’m not qualified to really speculate on the matter, I saw a very influential trader post on the Forex Factory forums that technical trading is getting more and more difficult to the point where it no longer makes sense to be involved at all. So perhaps the 2016 financial crisis will remove most technical traders out of the equation for Bitcoin as well?


Bitcoin slowly recovering after Mike Hearn news in January

In the first weeks of January 2016 a leading Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn announced to the world that Bitcoin is dead and broken. In his article he talks about how the community has failed and how the Blockchain technology can’t reliably handle too many transactions at once. He also mentions that the market is controlled by Chinese miners and just two miners control more than half of the entire hash power. Naturally this announcement caused a network wide panic as people were worried Bitcoin is done for good this time.

BitcoinsBitcoin’s death greatly exaggerated

After the usual media shitstorm and Bitcoin selling marathon came along the CNBC and announced to the world that Bitcoin’s death was mostly just exaggeration and even though Bitcoin has been officially declared dead more than 90 times in its relatively short lifespan, the cryptocurrency will rise and continue moving forward just like it has always done.

Moreover, various conspiracy theorists claimed Mike Hearn to be a shill working for MI6 or some other major corporation, perhaps even the central banks. While unlikely, we can’t really rule anything out at this point because one can’t help but wonder whether Mike Hearn profited from the Bitcoin selling that he himself initiated. It’s quite possible that the first wave was in fact from his own Bitcoin stack which he dumped on the market.

Price stabile below 400 USD

After the Mike Hearn news Bitcoin’s value on most markets started to rapidly fall as traders were trying to get rid of a “broken” currency as fast as possible. Eventually the price found stability a little above $360 USD per Bitcoin and has since then been hovering in the sub 400 area for a month.

From the 2nd half of January until mid February 2016 the price of Bitcoin fluctuated systematically between $390-$365 indicating that the speculators were still around and hadn’t abandoned ship completely. The past month has been a very profitable time for the technical traders because of the market’s rather predictable movement.

Testing $400 on Valentine’s day?

It’s Valentine’s day today and interestingly the price of Bitcoin has just increased from $380+ all the way up to $399 within just a few hours. There’s just one more dollar to go before we test the $400 mark and things are looking very good right now. In fact at the time of writing this post the price has already risen to $399,7 quite rapidly so I believe we will see 400 in just a few moments.


Looking for sites like Fiverr for doing micro jobs?

Fiverr can be a very profitable marketplace for freelancers who are looking to sell their products and services quickly and securely online, however due to the increasing competition, high fees as well as listing price limitations for merchants who are just getting started on Fiverr, it might not be the first place to look for micro jobs. In this article I will cover some of the main benefits of selling your Freelance services through eBay instead which is the biggest marketplace on the internet.

ebay as fiverr alternative

eBay as a Fiverr alternative

When you’re a freelancer on a quest for finding online micro jobs, eBay is probably not the first marketplace on your list because eBay, as everyone knows, is mostly the go-to place for physical goods like clothes, jewelry and gadgets- things that require shipping and handling. Therefore it’s easy for a freelancer to miss this lucrative global marketplace at first glance or worse, rule it out altogether when looking for good Fiverr alternatives online.

In fact, one of the biggest advantage of providing your services through eBay instead of Fiverr is the fact that not a lot of freelancers know about it and therefore the competition tends to be lower than on Fiverr which, depending on your niche, can be a very overpopulated marketplace for various microjobs.

Save money on fees

When you list your service on eBay, not only do you save money on fees that would otherwise be taken from you elsewhere, you can optionally donate a portion of your revenue to a charity that you want to support.

Donate to non-profits

eBay for charity is a program that optionally sends a small percentage of your revenue directly to verified non-profits and charities around the world. For example I have an active listing on eBay right now that sends 10% of all the income I generate to help blind cats at the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc so I can make a difference in someone’s life and at the same time earn money from home doing what I do best.

Remember, donations are completely optional, but in some cases may help you generate even more sales as people can see that your listing is helping others which can trigger the natural instinct in humans to do good. A not-so-dirty trick to cash in more sales and earn money online.


eSports betting is a thing now, here’s how to get started

As time goes on, eSports are becoming more and more like physical sports. There are eSports tournaments, players get sponsor deals, audiences tune in faithfully, and now, some fans can even make eSports bets!

Intro to eSports Betting

Just like with sports betting, eSports betting can be accessed online, through a variety of websites. Bets can be made on the outcomes of matches (which is probably what you’ll want to stick to at first, until you become adept at betting) as well as on more specific aspects of the eSports tournaments.

The sites will also give odds for each match, and the odds determine how much money you win—as long as your predicted outcome is true, of course. This is gambling, after all. However, there’s more to it than just luck. If you plan to try eSports betting, you’ll want to keep many things in mind.

A Quick Guide to Successful eSports Betting

As you should have learned from watching the above video, there are a lot of things you should keep in mind if you want to be good at eSports betting—and win money instead of losing it. While many things, from the odds to the style of game, are important, the most vital part of successful eSports betting is researching the teams before you make a bet. You shouldn’t place bets just based on your gut feeling, or even solely by a team’s record of wins and losses. After all, not all teams play alike. Players who could beat one team easily might struggle against a different team.

If you can analyze the teams well enough to accurately predict who will be the winner in most cases, you’ll get a lot from eSports betting. You still won’t be able to account for everything, but you’ll greatly increase your chances.

A Helpful Site

Rather than dive headlong into eSports betting, why not visit a website that has many of the resources you’ll need to get started? From Odds Camper, you’ll be able to watch live eSports matches, gather information about and odds for upcoming games, and read more eSports betting advice. You can also use the site’s social features to connect with other likeminded fans, both through voting on match outcomes and chatting. What do you say? Are you ready to do the research and place your first eSports bet? And if you’ve already bet on eSports matches in the past, how did it go?


Get an explainer video for businesses to boost your sales

Animated explainer videos, which I’m sure you’ve all seen before, are short one to two minute animations which briefly explain to the visitor what you’re offering or what your website is all about. While it’s been repeated over and over again among internet marketers that video is the next step in modern marketing, there are still some people out there who just don’t understand the significance or worse, understand how important it is, but don’t do anything about it and therefore end up losing thousands of potential leads and sales promoting their boring sales page.

The importance of animated explainer videos

When you’ve been in the industry for even just a little while you will know that the average internet surfer doesn’t actually read your entire content, but instead scans through your website looking for high impact titles, subtitles and strategically placed catch phrases. If done right it can truly work wonders, but nowadays even that isn’t going to be good enough.

Why? Because there’s just too much information available for your visitor to dig through! Think about it- the average user types in search query, clicks on the first result that catches their attention and if your website is a boring wall of text, they’ll just hit the browser’s back button and BAM you just lost a potential client. That’s the reason animated explainer videos work so good. They catch your visitors attention the second they land on your website and make sure they’ll stay there and hear what you have to say. For example, take a look at the following short video:

Save money by using explainer videos

Most internet marketers use Pay Per Click or in some cases Pay Per Impression advertising to promote their landing pages. If you’re familiar with the topic, you know that managing your budget is very important in this field. You have to constantly keep track on the performance of your ad campaigns and weed out the “losers” that don’t convert well, but cost you a lot of money.

By using a professionally crafted explainer video on your landing pages instead of the old cliche sales pitch, you are going to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars of ad revenue that would otherwise get burnt on clicks that leave your website without even bothering to hear you out.


Bitcoin breaks the 400 resistance as identity of its founders is revealed

Bitcoin just broke the 400 usd barrier shortly after rumors about the revealed identity of the Bitcoin protocol founder were released on the internet. According to Wired and Gizmodo, the mysterious man behind Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is in fact an Australian  entrepreneur Craig S Wright.

bitcoin 420 usd blaze itBitcoin stable around 420

The sudden $16,50 USD jump in Bitcoin price quickly found stability around the 420 USD per coin area today where it has been hovering for pretty much the entire day showing signs of further upward momentum.

Is Craig S Wright really Satoshi?

The evidence provided so far can’t be used to conclude that Craig S Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto and in Wired’s case, the evidence was presented with extreme caution. There is still a very high chance that the claim is simply false.

The raid at Wright’s house

Shortly after the news release Craig S Wright’s home was raided by the Australian police showing that they aren’t taking any chances. The Guardian reported that a total of 10 agents were seen searching for evidence on cupboards and areas of the garage. The police entered Wright’s home on Wednesday afternoon merely hours after the release of previously mentioned news articles and even though officially the raid isn’t related to the revelation, you can’t help but wonder if they are trying to cover something up.

Let’s wait and see

Only time will tell if Craig S Wright really is the mastermind behind Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology, but the market has already reacted very strongly despite the fact that for now we are dealing with nothing more but speculation at this point. Given the fact that such rumors can move the price up so fast, I would be wary of trading the cryptocurrency for a few days or at least until we figure out what’s really going on.


Bitcoin just tested the $400 USD area again

Ever since my last post about Bitcoin more than two weeks ago, I have been keeping a close eye on the price movement and the news as well. Judging from the chart alone, it’s highly possible that Bitcoin will soon break the $400 resistance level, because it has tested it twice already in the last two days and today’s hourly candle closed a lot closer to this level than the previous. The technical analysis is definitely showing an increasing pressure from the bulls, but that’s not all! The news have been very favorable as well.

bitcoin testing 400 usd area twice in two days

Visa is Testing Remittances on the Bitcoin Blockchain

Visa Europe became the latest enterprise financial institution to announce a blockchain proof-of-concept this month, when it revealed it was working to leverage the emerging technology for remittances.

Report: Barbados Central Bank should hold Bitcoin

Two Barbadian economists have concluded that the country’s central bank may want to consider holding a small amount of bitcoin as part of its portfolio of foreign reserves.

Former assistant of President Obama joins Bitcoin Miner Bitfury

I believe in the blockchain and the transformation power of this technology. And you should too. In fact, I believe in the blockchain so much that I just left my fantastic job working for Edelman … to take on the role of global chief of communications at BitFury.” Source:

Bitcoin bulls just getting started

The above three news were just a few examples how seriously people are starting to take Bitcoin and its underlying technology, the Blockchain. Deutsche Bank, for instance, has claimed that the Blockchain technology will become mainstream within just the next decade.

I’m a Bitcoin permabull myself and I strongly believe that we can break the $400 barrier this year. Perhaps there’s not enough power to test $500 within just two weeks, but we should be getting there in the first part of 2016 as well. See you on the moon!