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Finding new challenges by playing in Agario private servers

Over the recent months has become so popular and addictive among its users that many educational institutions and workplaces have been forced to block access to the game from their computers altogether because it was hindering the overall productivity of students and workers alike. Even public wireless hot-spots and libraries have been increasingly blocking as the players are eating up valuable bandwidth and sometimes getting a little too noisy as tension increases in the game.

If you’re currently unable to access the game from your location, you should try playing in an Agario private server which is most commonly used to bypass filters and firewalls that otherwise block the game.

Private servers offer a new challenge

Agario Private Server

In addition to being able to bypass blocking software, there is another benefit in playing the game on a private server that’s often overlooked- more challenging opponents.

Just think about it. Who are the people that look for unblocked private servers? They are mostly gamers already familiar with the game, looking for a way to play from a location where the game is blocked. Therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that by playing in private servers, you are effectively playing against highly professional teams.

Moderate gaming is good for you

In case you didn’t know, a recently conducted study by shows that if you take short breaks from your work and play games, you’re likely to be more productive in your tasks later when your brain activates the working mode again. Interestingly the test showed that playing games increases the overall productivity even more so than getting a bigger paycheck or leaving on an extended vacation.

So the next time you find yourself working together in a team, remember to advise the team to take short breaks and play a game or two as it’s shown to improve memory and motivation individually as well as improve the social bonds between team members as a whole.


How to check which game boosting company is worth your time

The online gaming industry is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative business models of the modern age with game developers earning as much as five million dollars per day in some extreme cases. Given the high popularity of online gaming, it’s no surprise then, that companies providing power leveling services, in-game gold and other game boosting features are showing up everywhere like crazy.

However with such a huge variety of said services available today, it’s very easy to get distracted and confused when looking for a professional game boosting company who actually knows what they’re doing. After all, I’m sure nobody wants to get their account permanently banned because of an incompetent service provider or hijacked by hackers and later sold to the highest bidder. Sadly these are both very real possible outcomes when conducting business with power leveling services and in-game gold merchants so just to be on the safe side, it’s advised to do your own research beforehand. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Check out reviews of previous customers

It’s common for game boosting companies to have some sort of a built in feedback system in place. Whether it’s a dedicated online community or a plain shoutbox style message board, you can easily see what other people are saying about them and if they’re good or not.

I always try to find similarities between feedback from different customers in the form of grammatical mistakes, repetitive use of words, etc. All of these things combined can give you hints whether or not the company has been posting fake reviews on their own website.

It’s also a good idea to check out all of the negative feedback because a truly professional company will try their best to take care of every customer so someone who is unsatisfied with the service could shed some light on what’s really going on. Keep in mind, however, that more often than not a negative feedback is posted by another competing service provider!

Never use the same password anywhere

Whatever you do, don’t use the same password that you use to log in your online game on the website where you buy power leveling services or gold. This is one of the most common ways to have your account hijacked because if you use the same password everywhere, chances are your email account also uses the same password which means anyone could simply reset your game password using your email account.

Compare game boosting services is a free online service which lets you easily compare the ratings and reviews of the most popular game boosting companies available today. They have experience with many different suppliers and merchants and give you a straightforward and unbiased overview on which provider can be taken seriously and who isn’t worth your time and money.


The top 3 browser based car driving games you should play

Even though Adobe has officially pulled the plug on Flash, the Flash player is still used as the most popular medium for bringing browser based gaming on the computer screens of millions of gamers worldwide. Back in the day where flash games were one of the most popular ways of spending your free time at the office, we didn’t really see a lot of 3D browser based games around. This has gradually been changing over the past years and 3D gaming is no longer exclusive to just professional gaming consoles.

3D browser based racing games

I’ve taken the liberty of choosing the top three car driving games from which is a collection of some of the best flash racing games in the industry.

Formula Racer ScreenshotFormula Racer

After just a couple of minutes of playing Formula Racer I was engulfed in the overall atmosphere of the game. Who came up with the soundtrack? I could listen to these tracks all day and not grow tired of it. It’s brilliant!

The handling is relatively easy compared to more professional console games, but it was a lot better than I would have expected from a browser based flash game. The gameplay is rather fast paced and I guess the small hills and valleys are what truly give the 3D effect an excellent finishing touch.

Dusk Drive ScreenshotDusk Drive

Dusk Drive is a tribute to the popular arcade games of the 80’s and now you can relive the thrills of retro gaming in your browser. I love it how the developers have brought a retro-kinda feel to the game in the form of “old” and slightly pixelated graphics and once again the music plays a very important role in providing a rather immersive effect. It’s calm enough to let you enjoy the countryside scenery without falling asleep. I can’t really put my finger on it, but there’s some mystical aura to the overall game that really takes my mind back to the 80’s. You have to play it in order to feel it!

American Racing ScreenshotAmerican Racing

Compete against reinforced muscle cars, take out your fellow racers by pushing them out of the tracks and use a turbo boost to cheat your way to the top- this is what American Racing is all about! What makes this game stand out is the ability to purchase more horse power and additional rewards using the money you earn as you make your way to the top.

And while it’s not nearly as fast paced as Formula Racer, it has its pros that make it a little bit more realistic. For example when you drive out of the track and onto the grass, your car actually slows down unlike in Formula Racer where your vehicle just keeps going like a jeep.

What the future holds…

The fact that these 3D browser based racing games look and feel pretty much like the most popular racing games for gaming consoles 10 years ago still manages to amaze me and makes me wonder what the gaming industry is like 10 years from today in 2026. It’s gotta be some advanced Virtual Reality, right? I can’t wait to experience this first hand!


Clash of Clans makes over 5 million dollars each day

The most popular strategy game for mobile devices, Clash Of Clans, just raked in a whopping $2,11 billion in revenues last year. When you spread that number across 365 calendar days, you’ll realise that Supercell, the company behind this infamous freemium mobile app, earns just a little over $5 million from this game alone every single day. And it’s not the only game on their shelves!

Clash of Clans

The marketing behind Clash of Clans

If I remember correctly, the first time I heard about the game was a couple of years ago when I saw a plain old banner advertisement on another gaming website and because I personally didn’t enjoy the game that much, I can’t help but wonder what it is that makes the game so popular among people around the world.

It’s true that Supercell spent $9 million for a 1 minute commercial during the SuperBowl in 2015 and reached more than 118 million people, but according to the company’s financial advisor they only saw a marginal increase in downloads. Upon reading a couple of articles it’s becoming more and more evident that the success of Clash of Clans lies mostly in simple word of mouth advertising where a friend tells a friend who tells another friend etc. If you think about it, it sort of spreads like a “social” virus.

The ethics of freemium apps

A freemium app is a piece of software that is free to use, but in order to take advantage of its full potential you are required to make a voluntary payment of some sort. For example in the game Clash of Clans it usually takes a very long time to build your town and gather more resources so you can choose to optionally buy green gems which make your life a lot easier and you can progress in the game a lot faster.

It’s all fun and games… until you see the receipt

It’s easy to sort of lose yourself in almost any game if you truly enjoy playing it and that’s exactly what happened to a Reddit user magiderp who, upon summing up the totals of his Google Play receipts, realised that he had spent more than four thousand dollars on in-game purchases. That’s a pretty insane amount of money if you think about it and what’s worse, he seemed to be completely oblivious to how much money he was actually spending.

According to Business Insider it costs around $12,000 to max out your base in the game and when you take a look at the scoreboard you’ll see that the top players are all maxed out. What’s interesting is that the majority of these players seem to be from Saudi Arabia with some players spending more than $16,000 on in-game purchases in order to beat other players and climb to the top.

A hunger for power?

So what is it that makes it so irresistible to spend large sums of money in a virtual game environment? Is it hunger for power? A clever marketing scheme followed by strategically developed game to play on the human emotions? I guess it’s a little bit of both because in the end I bet the top players feel pretty good about themselves for beating others and being the best.

Trouble is, the higher you climb, the more enemies you make and the more fragile your position becomes so you end up paying more and more just to stay afloat. In the end you have to ask yourself: is your 15 minutes of fame really worth it?


How to stream on twitch with OBS: A quick Twitch streaming guide

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software which is a completely free and open source program used to stream your gaming sessions through’s online service. The innovative OBS platform has eliminated the need for expensive livestreaming software and has allowed anyone to start streaming on Twitch fast, easy and most importantly- at no cost. This short tutorial will help you get Twitch streaming in the next 5 minutes or less. So let’s get started!

How to broadcast on twitch

Now is the time to download obs software if you haven’t done so already and once you have it installed follow these simple steps:

  • Go to and log in to your account (1)
  • Click on your username and then Dashboard from the drop down menu (2,3)
  • Click on Stream Key inside your Dashboard (4)
  • Choose Show Key and confirm by selecting I Understand to reveal your key (5,6)

I have visualised the steps on the screenshot below on how to gain access to your Stream Key. This key is very important so you should copy it to your clipboard and proceed to the next step which explains how to setup obs for Twitch.

How to get Stream Key from Twitch.TV and stream on Twitch using obs

Benefits of using obs

We use Open Broadcaster Software to stream on Twitch because:

  • It’s lightweight so your system can spend most of the resources on the actual streaming and gameplay instead of eating away a ton of useful processing speed.
  • It’s completely open source so you can rest assured knowing that there’s no funny business happening in the background (like someone stealing your Twitch username or worse!)
  • It’s free. I’m sure this doesn’t require further explanation.

OBS Settings for Twitch

  • Launch the Open Source Broadcaster software
  • Choose File and then Settings (1,2)
  • Click on Stream and fill in the fields as shown below (3)

Make sure to choose Twitch as your service and select a Server closest to your location for faster and less laggy livestream. Paste your copied Stream Key into the appropriate field and hit OK.

File settings and paste stream key

How to start streaming on Twitch

So far so good. There’s only one small thing left to do in order to start streaming on Twitch. We need to tell OBS which application (your game) it’s going to livestream to Twitch. Here’s how to set it up:

  • In the Scenes pane click on the green + sign (1)
  • Type the name for your scene and hit OK (2)
  • Keep your scene selected and hit the green + sign in Sources pane (3)
  • Choose Game Capture (4)
  • Create new game capture and hit OK. Rename it if you like (5)
  • Click OK on the next prompt as the default settings are okay (6)

Setting up scenes and sources in obs for livestreaming to twitch

You’re ready to start streaming!

The above settings for obs will allow you to stream to Twitch any fullscreen game or application you run. The only thing left to do is to hit the Start streaming button on the lower-right area in your OBS interface.

Setting up Window capture

Some games like Runescape don’t run in fullscreen mode by default so you will need to create an additional Source for your Scene by again clicking the little green + sign in your Sources pane and choosing Window capture instead.

You will be asked which window you want to stream so choose your game window from the drop down list as shown below. Your game should already be running in the background for it to appear in the list!

Window capture and start streaming options

How to get viewers on twitch

Getting more viewers to watch your livestream can be very hard at first because the market is already saturated with high impact competitors like PewDiePie who everyone already loves so if you’re new to streaming and just getting started you will most likely be struggling in getting more viewers to your Twitch stream. In order to become popular on Twitch you should keep in mind the following:

  • Don’t expect to be famous immediately, but start from the bottom up and just play the game that you enjoy.
  • Keep your audience entertained by actively talking to them. You can go one step further and give them a creative way to control your gameplay.
  • Be persistent and stream every day at the same time. Your viewers will get used to the routine and remember the time you’re online.
  • Once you’re actively communicating with your audience you can try to ask them to like and share your profile, but do it in a casual and subtle way.

The above tips for getting more Twitch followers is just a tip of the iceberg for what’s actually out there! In order to really understand all the tricks behind being a popular streamer you should take the time and read through the various twitch stream guides available on TwitchStarter.


Why playing in a Ragnarok private server makes sense

Ragnarok Online is one of the oldest Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games that was launched more than a decade ago on the 31st of August 2002 making it one of the most popular online MMORPG’s in the world. Ragnarok Online (RO) used to be Pay to Play for a very long time, but ever since the game was introduced to the world it has had to compete against various private servers that offer Free to Play access as well as other benefits and features over the original game which forced Gravity Interactive, the company behind Ragnarok Online, to finally make the game Free to Play in the fear of losing out on potential new players.

Ragnarok Private Server Benefits

While the official Ragnarok servers are still by far the most popular amongst players, many of the Ragnarok Online private servers that have emerged offer a better, more adventurous alternative to the very grind intensive and somewhat dull original game with an emphasis on friendly close knit communities.

Ragnarok Online Private Server Nova Ro

Private servers are less grind intensive

Most MMO games tend to be very grind intensive, meaning you have to spend hours at a time doing repetitive tasks to increase your experience points before you can proceed with the main storyline of the game. I can see how this isn’t really an issue for the hardcore gamers boasting about who can grind the longest, but it can be a real deal breaker for the average gamer like me who has better things to do than to click on one spot whole day just to increase a rank or two on the leaderboards.

Ragnarok private servers on the other hand focus more on the adventures and quests which you are able to take a lot earlier because most private servers have their experience rate boosted so you’ll earn the requirements a lot faster than on the original game. This of course doesn’t mean there’s no challenge at all! On the contrary, you’ll enjoy playing the game way more without thinking about giving up all the time.

Friendly and close knit communities

Since most MMORPG games online are so massive and have so many players roam around their servers all the time, it can be frustrating, especially for the new player, to have their voice heard in an endless sea of people. It’s sort of like trying to meet new friends in Times Square at rush hour where everyone is minding their own business and you are feeling completely left out and abandoned.

Because most Ragnarok private servers are way smaller than the official servers, you have a much higher chance of being seen by the helpful moderator or a friendly experienced player who will help you get started in no time. In fact the smaller the Ragnarok private server is, the bigger your chances of getting help and making new friends early on because they’re working hard on expanding their user base and inviting new players in who in turn help spread the word.


eSports betting is a thing now, here’s how to get started

As time goes on, eSports are becoming more and more like physical sports. There are eSports tournaments, players get sponsor deals, audiences tune in faithfully, and now, some fans can even make eSports bets!

Intro to eSports Betting

Just like with sports betting, eSports betting can be accessed online, through a variety of websites. Bets can be made on the outcomes of matches (which is probably what you’ll want to stick to at first, until you become adept at betting) as well as on more specific aspects of the eSports tournaments.

The sites will also give odds for each match, and the odds determine how much money you win—as long as your predicted outcome is true, of course. This is gambling, after all. However, there’s more to it than just luck. If you plan to try eSports betting, you’ll want to keep many things in mind.

A Quick Guide to Successful eSports Betting

As you should have learned from watching the above video, there are a lot of things you should keep in mind if you want to be good at eSports betting—and win money instead of losing it. While many things, from the odds to the style of game, are important, the most vital part of successful eSports betting is researching the teams before you make a bet. You shouldn’t place bets just based on your gut feeling, or even solely by a team’s record of wins and losses. After all, not all teams play alike. Players who could beat one team easily might struggle against a different team.

If you can analyze the teams well enough to accurately predict who will be the winner in most cases, you’ll get a lot from eSports betting. You still won’t be able to account for everything, but you’ll greatly increase your chances.

A Helpful Site

Rather than dive headlong into eSports betting, why not visit a website that has many of the resources you’ll need to get started? From Odds Camper, you’ll be able to watch live eSports matches, gather information about and odds for upcoming games, and read more eSports betting advice. You can also use the site’s social features to connect with other likeminded fans, both through voting on match outcomes and chatting. What do you say? Are you ready to do the research and place your first eSports bet? And if you’ve already bet on eSports matches in the past, how did it go?


Unreal Tournament 4 is a free, crowdsourced first person shooter game

For the last couple of years a new trend in software development has been gaining popularity where a huge company, instead of marketing their product directly to the consumers like in the old days, gives away all the necessary tools to create epic content to everyone for free instead. That’s exactly what’s happened with Unreal Tournament and the latest Unreal Game Engine from Epic Games.

unreal tournament 4 soldier

A free game built by the community

Unreal Tournament 4 is indeed free to play, but you still need to get an Unreal Engine 4 subscription to develop new content for it. However that doesn’t mean you don’t have any say in what’s going to be built. On the contrary, Epic Games has a very transparent community where everyone has a chance to voice their ideas and concerns and whichever idea gains enough juice will be implemented in the game. Design questions are constantly being addressed in their forums and Twitch streams where all the fans can contribute in a meaningful and inclusive way.

Make mods and earn cash

Epic Games has stated that the community will eventually have a huge marketplace full of fan created content and since the source code for the game is freely available on GitHub, literally anyone who has the technical know-how can create epic mods and new content for the game which they can then sell on the marketplace or give away for free.

In case you’re going for the money, Epic Games will take a small portion of your profits as well. Steve Polge, the main coder behind Unreal Engine, has officially stated that this new form of profiting is way more attractive to them than the old “ship and pray” method where you can’t really be sure whether your game will make it in the real world or not. By letting your fans create content for you, you pretty much guarantee that someone somewhere will come up with something that sells.

Major changes in the latest build

There’s a huge list of changes for the latest release of the Unreal Engine that was released today on the 2nd of January, 2016. While most of the changes are simply bug fixes and modifications to existing features like improvements to showdown and team showdown, weapon balance tweaks, improved skill ranking calculation and networking issues, there are also some new additions like the DM-Sand which is a new playable deathmatch shell.


Meet Oswald The Angry Dwarf Who Never Sleeps

Oswald The Angry Dwarf Clicker is a new android game about a dwarf named Oswald who spends his days cutting down various things from dandelions to cell phone towers and he never sleeps! This free android game, developed by Edenap, is unique in a way that it continues to run even if you don’t play it (sort of like Pou and the likes). As soon as you start it up again, you will get a message telling you exactly how much money the dwarf has made cutting down stuff while you were away.

Upgrade your axe to earn money faster

In the beginning you can only chop down dandelions, because other trees and such are too difficult to chop. But as you earn more money, you will eventually be able to increase your levels such as Luck, Fitness, Forging Skills, etc. All of which are required in order to actually forge a better and faster cutting axe for your character. Obviously the better and stronger your axe is, the more money you can make.

Oswald The Angry Dwarf GamePlay ScreenShot

Earn even more by watching ads

Every now and again a card pops up on the bottom right side of the screen with a money bag drawn on it. That’s an opportunity to earn extra money by watching short advertisements from the game’s sponsors. I love it how Edenap has incorporated a “Paid to Click” feature within the game because that means there are no annoying ads that randomly pop up and ruin your gameplay. Instead, you get to choose if you want to watch ad advertisement or not and by doing so, you earn a little bonus to help you in the game.

More things to chop, more money to make!

As you upgrade your skills and the woodcutting axe, you will eventually be able to change the things Oswald is chopping. For example on the picture above I have just changed dandelions to bamboo trees which give a lot more money and once you have a high enough level, you will cut them down effortlessly too.

Overall it’s a surprisingly addictive Clicker game especially because Oswald keeps chopping down things even when you’re not actively playing the game. It’s just lovely to open the game every now and again when I have some free time on my hands or I just need a break and Oswald greets me with boasting about how good of a job he has done while I was away. It’s definitely a great addition to an otherwise blue and busy day.