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Dora is back with new fun games for girls

In case you didn’t know, Dora is a fun loving fictional 8 year old girl who is also the main character in various exciting and educational Dora games for girls. Your young ones can have fun together with Dora and learn a skill or two with the help of games like Dora Cake, where she’ll teach your kid the basics of baking a delicious cake or Dora Hand Injuries which was developed to show children how to heal a minor hand injury in a more playful way.

Dora rescue squad game screenshotDora Rescue Squad

The main goal of Dora Rescue Squad is to help a monkey who has had an accident and is in need of urgent medical attention. Exit the medical tent and run to rescue a poor little monkey by first collecting all the medicine kits scattered around the area. The gameplay is not overly complicated, but can definitely provide a challenge for a child because sometimes a med-kit isn’t accessible by simply jumping to it so your kid has to do a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking.

Injection Learning With Dora ScreenshotInjection Learning With Dora

There is literally no better way to make your kid get used to receiving injections from doctors than to have them play through this hilarious injection learning game where you need to slap your patients butt before giving an injection in order locally numb the pain. It’s a game that tests your reflexes as well as your ability to multitask because as the level progresses, you are required to do injections faster while at the same time keeping an eye on the syringe as it keeps running out of medicine. If that happens simply refill your needle and continue until the time runs out.

Dora Vegetable Planting Game ScreenshotDora Vegetable Planting

Since it’s spring time and a lot of us are getting our hands dirty again in the garden, I decided to include Dora Vegetable Planting in this review as well. It’s a perfect game to teach your child the basics of gardening without having to worry about the mess that would otherwise result by letting them run amok in the garden and greenhouse. This game teaches the proper use of gardening tools and how to apply fertilizer before putting seeds in the dirt. Make sure to let your kid have a go at this the next time you want to go out gardening- it’s guaranteed to keep them busy the entire time!


The top 3 browser based car driving games you should play

Even though Adobe has officially pulled the plug on Flash, the Flash player is still used as the most popular medium for bringing browser based gaming on the computer screens of millions of gamers worldwide. Back in the day where flash games were one of the most popular ways of spending your free time at the office, we didn’t really see a lot of 3D browser based games around. This has gradually been changing over the past years and 3D gaming is no longer exclusive to just professional gaming consoles.

3D browser based racing games

I’ve taken the liberty of choosing the top three car driving games from which is a collection of some of the best flash racing games in the industry.

Formula Racer ScreenshotFormula Racer

After just a couple of minutes of playing Formula Racer I was engulfed in the overall atmosphere of the game. Who came up with the soundtrack? I could listen to these tracks all day and not grow tired of it. It’s brilliant!

The handling is relatively easy compared to more professional console games, but it was a lot better than I would have expected from a browser based flash game. The gameplay is rather fast paced and I guess the small hills and valleys are what truly give the 3D effect an excellent finishing touch.

Dusk Drive ScreenshotDusk Drive

Dusk Drive is a tribute to the popular arcade games of the 80’s and now you can relive the thrills of retro gaming in your browser. I love it how the developers have brought a retro-kinda feel to the game in the form of “old” and slightly pixelated graphics and once again the music plays a very important role in providing a rather immersive effect. It’s calm enough to let you enjoy the countryside scenery without falling asleep. I can’t really put my finger on it, but there’s some mystical aura to the overall game that really takes my mind back to the 80’s. You have to play it in order to feel it!

American Racing ScreenshotAmerican Racing

Compete against reinforced muscle cars, take out your fellow racers by pushing them out of the tracks and use a turbo boost to cheat your way to the top- this is what American Racing is all about! What makes this game stand out is the ability to purchase more horse power and additional rewards using the money you earn as you make your way to the top.

And while it’s not nearly as fast paced as Formula Racer, it has its pros that make it a little bit more realistic. For example when you drive out of the track and onto the grass, your car actually slows down unlike in Formula Racer where your vehicle just keeps going like a jeep.

What the future holds…

The fact that these 3D browser based racing games look and feel pretty much like the most popular racing games for gaming consoles 10 years ago still manages to amaze me and makes me wonder what the gaming industry is like 10 years from today in 2026. It’s gotta be some advanced Virtual Reality, right? I can’t wait to experience this first hand!


Three Angry Birds Games You Can Play In Your Desktop Browser

Everyone has heard about Angry Birds, a million dollar mobile game franchise built by a Finnish software and game development company- Rovio Entertainment. With millions of people playing the game on their mobile phones every day, it’s no wonder other game developers are after that piece of the pie by creating spin-off versions of the original game that are even more fun to play. It also turns out that Angry Birds game isn’t limited to only your mobile screen any more because you can now enjoy throwing the same birds at one another right here on your laptop and desktop computers.

Angry Birds Space Wormhole ScreenshotAngry Birds Space Wormhole

I love everything that’s even remotely related to outer space and Space Wormhole, from its epic spacey sound effects to the warping of spacetime and FTL travel, is the perfect example of a game that can have me hooked for hours at a time.

The game hud will inform you on the color of the next angry bird, which wave you’re currently playing on and how many birds you have left to clear. You have to match three birds of the same color and send them towards the wormhole to warp to the next level.

Angry Birds - GO ScreenshotAngry Birds GO

If you love horizontal scrolling platform games like the original Super Mario Bros then you’ll enjoy playing Angry Birds spin off game “Go” where you control a red angry bird on its quest for finding all the golden eggs in a world crawling with vicious green pigs who would love to chew you up for breakfast.

The gameplay is rather straightforward and the controls limited to the usual left, right, up and down keys. You can kill your enemies by jumping on their heads just like in many other similar games.

Angry Birds Unblock ScreenshotAngry Birds Unblock

While the two games above only use the same characters from the original game but place them in many different scenarios, the Unblock features everything you are already familiar with from the famous mobile game.

Using nothing but your slingshot, the goal of the game is to shoot the hilariously sounding angry birds towards a wooden plank pig fortress in an attempt to destroy the building and make it crash in on the pigs. Even the funny sound effects alone are worth the play!

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A simple and highly addictive pixel game you should definitely play

Yesterday I had some free time so naturally I decided to browse the Play Store once more and find some interesting games for mobile phones to add to my ever growing collection. Since I’m an 80’s kid, I’m a really big fan of retro games that have pixel graphics and groovy 8-bit music.

These kinds of games are quite rare nowadays, but they have the ability to instantly take me aboard the nostalgia spaceship and fly me through the endless field of epic memories from my childhood days that were mostly spent behind a NES console. You can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this simple yet highly addicting game which had some really positive reviews so I decided to download and install it and see for myself whether it was as good as people claimed it to be.

Addicting game of pixel robots

Pixel Robot Jump Saga Addictive Game For Mobile PhonesUpon first launching the game you are greeted by a serious looking pixel robot in the middle of a red circle that has a hole on top of it which should give you some clues as to where this game is headed. The graphics are very simple and I think the whole game has just two different moving parts or sprites along with a couple of buttons for checking the highscores and whatnot.

While this pixel game in itself isn’t really doing “the thing” for me, it’s the music that eventually sets the entire mood and atmosphere so be warned when I say you can really lose yourself in it if you play even for a couple of minutes.

Gameplay overview

In the game you are controlling a pixel robot who is unfortunately bound by the same laws of physics as us, humans. It too is in a constant free fall towards the bottom of the screen and to make matters worse for the poor fellow, there’s a deadly red circle around it with a small enough hole on one side to get your character through just barely. Without touching the circle you need to time your movement precisely and jump through the hoop as it passes. The whole endeavour is rather complex because you need to keep the pixel robot from not touching the circle while the whole thing rotates around you at the same time.

Finally got through… but no score?

Pixel robot jump game screenshotAfter countless times of desperately trying to time my jump right so that I would get through the narrow crack on the side of the red “enemy” circle, I finally managed to jump through only to see that my score was still a big fat zero.

It turns out that not only do you have to get out of the circle, you also need to get back in from outside in order for the game to give you a measly +1 as a reward for your accomplishment. Ugh. I have a feeling that the trance inducing music is solely responsible for keeping me at the edge of rage quitting yet needing to continue on for a higher score making it by far one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played on a mobile phone and I love it!

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Candy Crush Soda Saga Game Review

Candy Crush Soda Saga is a sequel to the original game Candy Crush Saga by King Digital Entertainment PLC, a multi billion dollar company founded in 2003 with its headquarters located in Dublin and Stockholm. Soda Saga is a second installment of one of the most popular mobile game ever created and while the main game mechanics remain the same, there are quite a few differences between the original game and Soda Saga.

Candy Crush Soda Saga Game Screenshot

Two different games

Unlike most game sequels where the storyline continues throughout the series, Candy Crush Soda Saga is an altogether different and standalone game so you’re not really required to have played the first one in order for Soda Saga to make sense to you. You will still notice many similarities in the game, but most of the characters have changed as well as the environment and level maps so if you got bored with the first version, make sure to try out Soda Saga for a completely new and fresh experience.

The basics of Soda Saga

The game engine and other technical aspects of Soda Saga are similar to many popular puzzle games where the main goal is to match three items, in this case candies, in order to gain points. Like many other similar games Soda Saga also has a timer that you need to beat in order to win so there’s very little room for you to search for color combinations. Luckily the correct combination starts to flash on the screen if it takes too long for you to find it so it’s not really one of those impossibly difficult games where you have to figure out everything on your own.

Soda Saga Gameplay

Candy Crush Soda Saga consists of many different levels with the difficulty of each puzzle getting more and more complex as the player progresses. Fortunately the developers have made the progression towards more complex levels easy and seamless so you shouldn’t really have too much difficulty in beating the game if you start from level one and move your way up from there. If you get stuck and have no clue what to do next, you’ll find that a yeti monster (as seen on the above screenshot) will come and provide helpful tips and tricks that help you move on to the next level.

Awesome sound effects

One of the main differences I found while playing Candy Crush Soda Saga game online were the sound effects and especially the rather deep male voice shouting out different words like Juicy, Soda, etc. whenever you go on a candy crushing frenzy or do other spectacular stuff. I haven’t really noticed these kinds of sound effects in order similar games and it really does make a huge difference in terms of the overall feel and setting of the game.


Your kid can learn the basics of Taido by playing a video game

I was recently contacted by a guy whose life passion is Taido, a Japanese martial art which resembles Karate in many ways, but has been adapted to the changing world with an emphasis on the more flexible and universal form of personal development. The guy who contacted me feels like people don’t really understand or know what Taido really is and since it’s his life passion, he has made a free mobile game for kids in an attempt to get the younger generation more excited with this majestic martial art.

Learning Taido moves

Taido Warrior is a free game where all the moves and fighting techniques at your disposal are taken straight from Taido and made as authentic and real as possible.

Taido Warrior Game Android Windows Apple

The developers have been working hard in making the game, especially the moves themselves, very life like in a way that you can in fact learn the basic moves simply by playing the game.

The platform support is great too as you can download it on your Android, Apple or Windows device.

Five types of body movement

From the game screenshot above you can see various words like Un, Sen, Hen, etc. Nope, these aren’t just random gibberish, but in fact represent the five types of body movement common for Taido. Here’s what they mean:

Sen – Vertical spinning movement
Un – Ascending and descending wave-like movement
Hen – Falling movement characterized by changing the body’s axis
Nen – Horizontal spinning movement
Ten – Rolling and tumbling movement

The moves above are categories that consist of different moves and combinations of punches and kicks. The last category, Ten, consist of stunning acrobating movements, jumps and back-flips which make it a pretty awesome thing to watch especially if a professional is performing.


3 best games from the Power Rangers Game website

Like any average boy, I too used to be a serious power rangers fan in my early teen years. I remember watching the show on our old television set while at the same time arguing with my best friend whose special abilities were the best and who sucked. If you’re up for some of that nostalgia every now and again, why not play the flash games that were inspired by the iconic TV show, Power Rangers? I’ve hand picked three of the best games that you should definitely try out in your spare time!

Rangers Together Samurai Forever

Rangers Together Samurai Forever Power Rangers Game Screenshot

My top pick has to be this awesome fighting game. It sort of looks like an old Mortal Kombat and while it’s true that being a flash game it does indeed have certain flaws graphics wise, it’s still a great game to play especially if you love retro fighting games. It even has a multiplayer option so you can fight against your friend.

Flip Out

Power Rangers Game Flip Out Screenshot

In Flip Out your character is constantly running forward while your enemies keep running towards you. The goal here is to avoid collision by either jumping over the enemy when they’re running on the ground or by sliding under them if they are flying. Occasionally you can pick up a sort of energy weapon that kills everything it comes in contact with for a couple of seconds which is really hardcore.

Dino Charge Keepers Escape

Dino Charge Keepers Escape Screenshot

Dino Charge Keepers Escape is a space battle game very similar to the classic Space Invaders game. The main difference is that this game, unlike the analogue, is horizontal and enemies (space rocks and rockets) are moving towards you from right to left. The goal is to shoot the obstacles and gain points by doing so and every once in a while you’ll encounter a boss that must be defeated in order to proceed.


The above three games are the best that Power Rangers Games has to offer, but there are plenty of more similarly themed games available from their website. I love it how they have gone through the trouble of collecting a bunch of best performing games and published them on their website for everyone to access without the need of creating accounts anywhere. Just clean and simple gaming experience!


Fallen Earth is a free post apocalyptic game similar to Fallout 4

It’s year 2156 and the world as we know it has been destroyed by nuclear and bio-chemical weapons. Thanks to a company named LifeNet, which holds samples of human DNA, your body has just been regenerated using the bio signature left in the LifeNet databases. If the unfortunate happens and you get killed, it will simply repeat the process. All the players, like you, are essentially clones built by LifeNet which is an automated (and abandoned) system ran by artificial intelligence. It’s up to the players to survive in this free open world MMO called Fallen Earth.

Massive 1000 square kilometers of open world

fallen earth game post apocalyptic mmo game

While most of the earth is an inhabitable wasteland filled with lethal radiation, you still have a massive 1000 square kilometers of mysterious open world to explore. The action takes place in the Grand Canyon which is probably the only habitable place left on the entire planet. Looters and scavengers as well as horribly mutated animals are roaming the lands and it’s especially dangerous outside the villages. If you’re not careful and don’t plan your route well, you might end up stumbling on a bandit’s camp which will most likely end badly for you.

Craft your own weapons, ammunition and tools

fallen earth craftingFound a piece of scrap metal or a broken gadget? You might need it later to craft your own supplies including weapons, ammunition and other tools you need to survive. If you’re extra lucky, you might even stumble upon a fruit that’s not poisonous due to radiation. The game has a ton of skills and abilities which help you progress further. For example, by advancing your cooking skill, you can cook better food that heals you faster. Or you can concentrate more on crafting weapons and ammunition which you can either use yourself to loot villages and camps, or you can simply sell the stuff you craft and become a traveling merchant instead. Over 95% of the items found in-game are player crafted and since the game is completely classless, you can play it exactly as you like- there are no limitations whatsoever.

The best free post apocalyptic game

While many players are continuously arguing that the game isn’t as great as, for example, the infamous Fallout 4, it still beats every similar game out there simply because it’s free. In fact it’s probably the only free to play post apocalyptic MMO currently available! It’s true that the game has a few bugs here and there and the developers team isn’t really working that hard on making this game better, but it has grown exponentially over the last few years which in turn has made it a lot harder to manage for the guys who are pretty much working on the game out of the goodness of their hearts. There is of course an expansion pack available, but I’m not really seeing a lot of demand for it right now.

In conclusion I can say that if you aren’t ready to purchase Fallout 4, then the next best thing in line is definitely Fallen Earth, but before you jump in and start playing, you might want to check out other games like Fallout 4 on Games Like Zone.


Meet Oswald The Angry Dwarf Who Never Sleeps

Oswald The Angry Dwarf Clicker is a new android game about a dwarf named Oswald who spends his days cutting down various things from dandelions to cell phone towers and he never sleeps! This free android game, developed by Edenap, is unique in a way that it continues to run even if you don’t play it (sort of like Pou and the likes). As soon as you start it up again, you will get a message telling you exactly how much money the dwarf has made cutting down stuff while you were away.

Upgrade your axe to earn money faster

In the beginning you can only chop down dandelions, because other trees and such are too difficult to chop. But as you earn more money, you will eventually be able to increase your levels such as Luck, Fitness, Forging Skills, etc. All of which are required in order to actually forge a better and faster cutting axe for your character. Obviously the better and stronger your axe is, the more money you can make.

Oswald The Angry Dwarf GamePlay ScreenShot

Earn even more by watching ads

Every now and again a card pops up on the bottom right side of the screen with a money bag drawn on it. That’s an opportunity to earn extra money by watching short advertisements from the game’s sponsors. I love it how Edenap has incorporated a “Paid to Click” feature within the game because that means there are no annoying ads that randomly pop up and ruin your gameplay. Instead, you get to choose if you want to watch ad advertisement or not and by doing so, you earn a little bonus to help you in the game.

More things to chop, more money to make!

As you upgrade your skills and the woodcutting axe, you will eventually be able to change the things Oswald is chopping. For example on the picture above I have just changed dandelions to bamboo trees which give a lot more money and once you have a high enough level, you will cut them down effortlessly too.

Overall it’s a surprisingly addictive Clicker game especially because Oswald keeps chopping down things even when you’re not actively playing the game. It’s just lovely to open the game every now and again when I have some free time on my hands or I just need a break and Oswald greets me with boasting about how good of a job he has done while I was away. It’s definitely a great addition to an otherwise blue and busy day.


Hurtworld is a brand new open-world survival game

Hurtworld is a new Australian game, released on December 4th, 2015 on Steam for Early Access. It is a brand new open world survival game in which you start off in the middle of a deserted wasteland with nothing on you except for a pair on underwear. You’re almost immediately hungry and cold so your first goal is to find a way to get a fire going and if you’re lucky, roast some beef on the fire for nourishment.

Basic needs first

Butt naked hurtworld in the middle of nowhereYour character will let you know that he’s hungry occasionally by literally whispering in your ear with an incredibly eerie voice. I must admit, it scared the crap out of me the first couple of times, especially at night.

Your first and foremost goal is to start a campfire and build some basic tools in order to survive. Thankfully the game developers have been kind enough to scatter around plenty of resources with a relatively fast respawn rate for the beginner. You’ll need to gather the basic sticks and stones in order to build a stone axe which you can then use to chop some wood and kill your first rabbit.

Knowing all of the controls beforehand is a great way to reduce the time it takes to familiarize yourself with the gameplay and concentrate more on gathering resources from the start. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to build yourself a basic stone axe and get a campfire going.

Gathering food and leather

Hurtworld inventory crafting table bow and arrowsYou’ll notice a lot of rabbits running around at the distance and it might be hard to chase them with a stone axe, so you will be a lot better off if you build yourself a bow and arrows for hunting as soon as possible. You will need a crafting table for that.

Once you have your bow and arrows, it’s time to go hunting! The rabbits like to stand at one spot for a lot of the time so it makes shooting them that much easier. You can take them down with a single shot and when they die, they leave a hilarious nicely sealed wooden box behind containing some meat and a piece of leather.

Furthermore, if you look closely, you’ll notice a dick drawn on the side of the box. I have no idea what the developers are trying to say with it. A dick box, really?

Getting civilized

Once you have looted enough leather from all those poor rabbits, it’s time to craft some clothes so you wouldn’t run around butt naked in the desert like a neanderthal. Using your crafting table, you’ll find it pretty easy to craft your most basic shirt and pants very soon. To equip them, simply drag the item into the correct slot in your inventory. To be honest, it really resembles a Minecraft inventory screen and the hotbar at the bottom of the screen is very similar also.

Now you’re ready to explore

Hurtworld charlie wielding pickaxe exploring open worldEquipped with a bow and arrows, a backpack and some decent looking clothes, you are now ready to start an epic journey through the open world wilderness where you will meet a lot of people, some good guys, but mostly scavengers and looters, a couple of stronger enemies and even some strange radioactive ruins which you can’t really enter without proper protective gear. I wonder what’s inside?

The game will really start to take off once you claim a piece of land for yourself and build a house, a cool looking car and a bunch of different weapons. Unfortunately I haven’t yet gotten that far, but from what I have heard, it looks very promising and could be compared with the Fallout series even though the graphics are very cartoon like and not realistic at all. But then again, that wasn’t the intention in the first place so it’s cool.

According to the game developers they have made it so there’s always a server available in which you can have a really fun multiplayer experience. There’s also the chance of hosting your own Hurtworld server and you can compare Hurtworld server hosting packages here.