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In my previous post about the latest free to play multiplayer tank game,, I mainly talked about how the game works and what to do if you’re just starting out. I also briefly mentioned the first tier that can be unlocked when reaching level 15, but in case you didn’t know, there’s plenty of more upgrades and tiers to gain so in this article I will explain what you can achieve in the game once you reach the pro gamer levels.

Also note that If you are unable to access directly due to your host’s restrictions which is very common in workplaces and educational institutions, you might want to check out one of the diepio unblocked websites or simply use a free web proxy like ProxySite, although the connection there can be very slow.

diep io invincible tank

Tier 2 and beyond

There are a total of 4 main tiers in the game starting with tier 0 (the starter tier) and each new tier can be unlocked by gaining an additional 15 levels. For example you will unlock tier #1 when you reach level 15, tier 2 at level 30 and tier 3 at level 45 which is currently the final tier that can be reached.

With every new tier that you unlock, you get to choose an upgrade for your tank. Needless to say, those upgrades make you better, faster, stronger and harder to kill.

Since I already explained the first tier in my other article, I will start with Tier 2, but you should know that you are stuck with whichever upgrade you decided choose at level 15 so it’s advised to think it through carefully in the beginning!

You can only choose an upgrade in tier 2 and beyond based on the upgrade you chose at tier 1 (level 15). Tier 2 explained

This tier will become available to you after reaching level 30 and with it come new upgrades to your base tank model taking you this much closer to becoming an invincible killing machine.

Twin shot upgrades

Reach level 30 with the Twin Shot upgrade from tier 1 and you get to choose between either the Triple Shot, which gives you a triple barreled gun, or the Twin Flank, which acts exactly as the flank guard from tier 1, except you now have two barrels.

Machine gun upgrades

If you chose the Machine Gun from tier 1, you now have the option to further advance it by choosing between the Destroyer, which fires slowly, but packs some serious weapons damage, and The Gunner, which is an advanced form of the Triplet and has two long barrels instead of one.

Sniper upgrades

When you reach level 30 with the Sniper upgrade, you can turn it into either an Assassin, Overseer or the Hunter.

The Assassin will improve your weapons range, damage and bullet speed just like the Sniper, but it’s way more powerful than its 1st tier counterpart.

The Overseer is an interesting choice and one of the most dangerous enemies to be around when you’re a newbie because it can summon up to 8 red triangle minions that the player can control with their mouse and kill almost everyone easily. It can also be used as a type of shield by circling the triangles around yourself.

The Hunter shoots projectiles the same way a regular shotgun does by firing out a bunch of small pellets from a single barrel that spread around the area in front of you. Anyone caught in between the blast will find it very difficult to maneuver between the bullets.

The only downside with the Hunter upgrade is the fact that it can’t be further improved when reaching tier 3 at level 45.

Flank guard upgrades

With the flank guard upgrades, you get to choose between 3 ways to advance your tank:

  • Twin Flank – Has two barrels at both sides of the tank.
  • Tri-Angle – Gives you two smaller barrels at the back and one main barrel in the front. With this upgrade your tank will become faster due to the two extra guns that boost you forward which makes it easier to chase down your enemies.
  • Quad Tank – This one has guns on all four sides of your tank and is one of the most impossible monsters to escape, especially if you’re a small beginner tank. With this upgrade you are guaranteed to crush many foes.

This covers all the upgrades available at level 30 with the 2nd tier. If you are interested in reading about Tier 3, you can subscribe to my newsletter and I will let you know once the article is out, or you can simply read the detailed wiki page about Tiers for yourself.


Intro to with basic explanation of different tiers and classes

At first glance might look like just another boring clone, but once you’ve played the game for a few minutes, it becomes clear that there’s way more depth to the game than you’d expect from a simple browser based multi player pixel game.

In Diep io you control a tank with a massive cannon and unlike in, where you are nothing but a cell on a petri dish, you can purchase upgrades to your tank and its cannon for points that you gain by destroying your enemies.

With a total of 4 different tiers, 20 classes and 8 stat upgrades that you can max out by collecting points either by killing other players or randomly spawning static enemies, Diep io is guaranteed to provide hours worth of exciting, competitive and addictive gameplay. user ynef Level 17 Twin cannon barrels

How to move and shoot

Unlike in other similar games where all the movement is controlled by the mouse, there are two ways you can move your tank around the area: either by using the arrow keys on your keyboard or the WASD letters familar to some people from First Person Shooters.

To shoot bullets you need to aim the far end of your cannon towards an enemy using the mouse and then perform either a single shot by clicking the left mouse button once, or shooting continuously by holding it down.

How to gain points

One of the easiest ways to collect points early on is not by shooting other players, but by killing various static enemy shapes that don’t return fire. You will gain a different amount of points for killing the enemies based on their shape and color:

The yellow square is the easiest to destroy taking only two direct shots even with the most basic cannon to kill. You are rewarded with 10 points per kill.

Next comes the red triangle which is slightly harder to break, but rewards the user with 15 points. I recommend upgrading your bullet damage at least a couple of times before going after the red ones.

Finally there is the blue pentagon which is a pretty tough nut to crack for a newbie so it’s advised to stay away at least in the beginning. You can gain a whopping 130 points by killing it though so make sure to try shooting them after you’ve upgraded your weapons! tank tiers and classes explained

There are a total of four different tank tiers in the game, all of which have many classes under them that massively boost your firepower capabilities. Needless to say, you start at Tier 0 which is the Starter Tier. You are stuck with it until reaching level 15 where the first class upgrade becomes available.

Tier 1 (Level 15)

This is a tier that’s relatively easy to reach and, depending on the competition, won’t normally take longer than a few minutes. Once you reach level 15 by destroying your enemies, you get to choose from 4 main classes:

  • Twin – You will receive an additional cannon barrel and effectively double the amount of bullets you shoot.
  • Flank guard – A tier 1 class upgrade that adds a half barrel at the back of your tank so you can shoot in both directions. This can be useful in crowded areas as well as escaping.
  • Machine gun – Another tier 1 class upgrade which gives you a wider barrel for faster shooting, but reduces your overall accuracy.
  • Sniper – By choosing this upgrade your bullets gain speed and do more damage. Good for long range shooting as the bullets don’t slow down.

Other tiers

The next milestone is Tier 2 at level 30 where you can choose from an additional 8 different classes and finally there is Tier 3 that can be unlocked by reaching level 45 with the most powerful class upgrades available in the game. It will take a long time to get here, but it’s definitely worth it as your name will be among the top players for the world to see!

Check out this detailed wiki page to learn more about different tiers and classes.

Share! strategies that help you rule the scoreboards in no time

In, the goal of the game is simple- become the biggest and baddest snake on the block by killing and eating other snakes and randomly spawning food. In this article I will explain the basic strategies and tips that will hopefully help you get ahead in the game faster and rule the scoreboards in no time.

Can’t access directly?

Often times when connecting from a school’s computer or a wireless hotspot, you’ll find that you can’t access the game directly and while you can try using various proxy servers as a workaround, sometimes it’s just easier to play in a private server offered by various Slitherio unblocked websites.

Slither io unblocked

Dashing in the way of bigger snakes

It’s ironic that while the goal of this game is to keep growing in size, being small is the biggest advantage you can have. When you’re a small snake, you’ll be able to maneuver much faster. This helps you get away from bigger snakes and enables you to make them run into you using a move called Dashing.

Dashing is basically a turbo boost that you can use when you click and hold your left mouse button. The trick is to wander around a bigger snake until you find a perfect moment where you can dash in front of them. If successful, they’ll run into you without being able to do anything because the bigger they are, the slower they get.

Keep in mind however, that you’ll lose size every time you dash so you better make it count!

Let others do the dirty work for you

Fancy being a jerk? There is another, safer, yet slower way to grow in size and it’s called leeching. In essence this just means to hang around big snakes at a safe distance until someone else kills them.

Be ready to eat the remains of the huge snake once this happens and make it quick, so you’ll have enough time to escape because you can pretty much count on the fact that everyone will be crawling towards the newly appeared free food shortly.

When leeching, the trick is to be patient, wait for the right moment, eat as much as you can and escape quickly while you’re still in one piece.

When big, stay around the edges

Once you’ve grown gigantic in size, the best course of action is to stay in the corners and edges of the game because you will be moving very slowly at that point and all the other snakes will be out to get you. Take a look at the minimap in the lower right corner of the screen to get your bearings.

Try to surround smaller snakes

The biggest advantage of being a huge ass snake is that you can effectively surround other smaller snakes by circling around them. If done correctly, they will have nowhere to go and will be forced to crash into you sooner or later.

Surrounding other snakes doesn’t mean you’re invincible and there’s a chance that you’ll crash into the snake you’re trying to kill if you’re not careful enough. I have seen many huge snakes die because the snake they were trying to surround was just too clever for them.

Surrounded? Keep fighting!

You’d think that when a big snake has you completely surrounded, there’s nothing left for you to do. Well, actually there is! No matter what, you need to keep fighting, so try to circle around yourself and try to survive as long as you can.

Sometimes the big snake will crash into someone else (ie. your friend) because they’re too busy focusing their attention towards you.


Introduction to and how to play guide

If you loved playing the original Snake game on an old Nokia back in the day or better yet, if you enjoy playing right now, then you will surely get a kick out of this relatively new game called which is more or less a mashup of the two. In this article I will explain a little bit of how the game works and what the main goal is as well as provide you with some ideas for winning the game. Oh and by the way, if your school or workplace is currently blocking the game, try using Slitherio unblocked as a workaround.

The basics of is essentially a modern Snake game that, using the multiplayer functionality inspired by, brings everyone together on a single arena of Snakes ready to destroy each other. But beware, you can’t simply run into other snakes as you’ll die. In order to win this game you have to be able to think ahead and trap your opponent in a way which leaves them incapable of escaping and so they have no choice but to run into you and kill themselves. At this point the game will be over for them and you will reap the reward pebbles dropped by your prey.

The pebbles, food or fabulous glowing lights, whatever you want to call them, are what help you grow in size. Size matters in this game as you will be able to trap more smaller snakes when you’re huge. Additionally, the bigger your size is, the more you can use a feature similar to turbo boost from various racing games. It’s a neat little trick that may very well save your life, but you have to use it with caution because you will decrease in size whenever you enable it.

How to play

Little ynef snake eating pebblesAfter you type in your username and jump in the game, your main goal should be to grow bigger by eating those cute little glowing lights while at the same time avoiding pretty much everyone else. Try dashing ahead by clicking and holding down the left mouse button.

Unlike in, you don’t have to run away when a snake is coming after you head first because they’re the one getting killed should they touch you. The first time I played the game, I tried to eat other snakes. Obviously that didn’t work out well for me…

If you have grown larger and start to notice more and more smaller guys around, you should try to catch your first prey! The longer you are, the easier the task will be because all you have to do is circle them so they can’t run away.

Another clever tactic I’ve seen in the game is to quickly dart in front of a snake in order to get them to run into you. I’ve been killed by very small snakes that use this method so I know how deadly it can be if the other guy isn’t paying attention or is simply too huge to react in time.

Gaining popularity

A lot of people are already playing and their official Youtube channel has over 51k subscribers at the time of writing this. As more and more people keep Tweeting about it in order to gain access to the custom skins section, it looks like it’s going to rival very soon. And it’s not just the clever “tweet to unblock custom skins” feature which is responsible for the rapid growth, the game itself is very playable and highly addictive. That being said, you should get your ass over there right now!

Share! – A simple yet highly addictive MMORPG is a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game designed by Matheus Valadares – a young video game developer from Brazil. In the game each player assumes a role of a cell living on a petri dish whose only goal is to grow bigger by eating other smaller cells around them and at the same time trying to avoid getting eaten by a bigger cell.

The success of

This simple, yet ingeniously clever concept gained highly positive feedback from the gaming community and in 2015 was the most searched online game on Google. Because of its success and its addictive nature many public schools and office workplaces have been forced to restrict access to the game simply because people would play the game instead of working.

Agario unblockedAgario Unblocked

Even though the original game has now been blocked by most public schools you can still enjoy the same concept by playing in various private servers and Agario clones that have been popping up like mushrooms after rain.

Agario unblocked offers a selection of games like Agario and private servers where you can continue wreaking havoc and destroying cells smaller than you like a true evil overlord that you are. Just don’t do it while you’re supposed to be working!

Simple playing guide

In order to be successful in this game you need to eat smaller cells without getting eaten by someone bigger than you. It’s pretty much survival 101 and you can increase your chances, especially if you’re tiny, by hiding under randomly spawning green virus cells so the big boys can’t see you.

Being small offers another great advantage and that’s agility. The smaller your cell is, the faster you will be able to move around bigger cells so if you’re not being cornered and time your movement just right, they don’t stand a chance at capturing you in the first place.

If you like you can use custom skins on your cells to stand for your country or even promote your brand, but be careful not to stand out from the crowd too much as you’ll simply be way more delicious to the big cells.

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