Convert VHS to Digital and Transfer Videos from VHS to PC

If you happened to watch a lot of movies in the 90’s or simply used your VCR to record some of your favorite tv shows on tape, you might be wondering what to do with old VHS tapes now in the digital age. Maybe you even have a couple of VHS tapes containing some long forgotten family videos? Wouldn’t it be nice to watch these tapes all over again?

VHS to PC and VHS to Computer Adapter and ConverterVHS to PC

If you’re looking for the easiest way to transfer vhs to digital format (vhs to computer), then you’re going to need three separate items:

First and foremost you’ll need the EasyCAP vhs to PC adapter which will cost you about $8.68. It’s the most important device that will convert the signal coming from your old VCR into something that a modern computer can understand (the digital format).

Secondly, depending on your VCR it’s highly probable that you will also need a SCART to RCA adapter. In fact, I don’t even know for sure whether or not there are VCR systems out there that have it any other way.

Finally you are going to need a cable to connect the previous two items. You’re probably thinking that this is stupid and I don’t blame you. It’s stupid, but it’s also the cheapest setup! Luckily the Male to Male RCA cable isn’t really that expensive (less than two bucks).

Converting VHS to Digital

The process is pretty straight forward and EasyCAP comes with its own drivers so you don’t have to spend time searching for those. I haven’t taken the time to write a proper guide yet on how to convert VHS to digital, but I’m sure you’ll find plenty of great videos on Youtube.