Creating the Ultimate Gaming Room

Did you just level up your best player, score that legendary item, and beat the baddest boss of the game? We feel your victory. Here at Modernize, we’re gamers, too, and we know how awesome it is to level up your gaming room. Here are a few tips to turn your dungeon into a castle.

Colorful gaming controllers

Organize Your Investments

Let’s face it; gaming isn’t a cheap hobby. Game consoles, new releases, controllers, and chargers can all add up. You’ve invested time and money into your gaming gear, so display it with pride.

Protect your consoles by setting them on shelves that allow proper ventilation while you play. You’ll want to void overcrowding and overheating. Most of the newer systems have features that reduce heat output, but some of the more vintage consoles may not be as effective. If you’re a collector, set a console on each shelf to show off your expansive collection. Have fun with it! You can even install lights to shine on each system.

When it comes to controllers, cords can tangle incessantly. Wind up your controllers and place them in a bin or storage ottoman. Hiding these wires will clean up your entertainment center and make it easier to find what you need.

Finally, make sure you have enough storage for your games. Either search for an entertainment center with built-in shelving, or go for a separate media cabinet or tower. Organize your games by platform, and alphabetize them for even easier access.

Guy playing games

Invest in Comfortable Seating

Gaming requires a time investment, too, so make sure you spring for comfortable seating. Gaming chairs now have advanced features like Bluetooth sound systems, rocking ability and even vibration. You don’t have to go for something that fancy, though. A simple chair or sofa will do. Make sure you have enough space for your friends, too.

An easy way to accommodate for guests is to purchase ottomans that can double as chairs. These can easily be tucked against the wall when not in use and moved around when it’s time to party. You may want to set up a mini fridge in your space for beverages. Keep a few snacks in a cabinet or pantry, and you’ll never want to leave!

Retro pacman console

Have Fun With Decor

You can probably name your top-five favorite games on demand, so channel that passion into your decor. If you can’t get enough RPG games, display some awesome swords and shields. If you’re a vintage gamer, Mario question box cubes, Pacman memorabilia, and Tetris blocks can give your gaming room a nostalgic—and wow— factor.

You can also go a high-tech route with grey and neutral color schemes, sleek lines, stainless steel, and exposed technology. If you’re into sporting games, display your favorite team’s jerseys and gear. Most of all, have fun! That’s what gaming is all about.

You really can’t go wrong with decor, so let your imagination run wild. Level up your experience and achieve new milestones in your ultimate gaming space!

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