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Realistically, how much should a website cost?

Every web development agency is known for either being secretive about their web design prices, or throwing around huge and unrealistic numbers, when in reality the most common modern website design cost can easily fit within the $200-$400 range.

How much does it cost to build a website

How much does it cost to build a websiteNot much! For clarity, let’s only talk about building a simple business-card type website with no custom built CMS (Content Management System) in this article. These types of websites are ideal for small businesses who operate mainly offline. For example restaurants who publish their best meals and prices on their website or a fun canoeing service for your friends and family.

No matter what a web page designer is telling you, in reality such a website can be built within just one or maximum two days. In fact, it will take a professional web designer an hour or two at most! Makes you wonder what the hell are they charging you for, right?

Sometimes web designers try to justify their high fees by using the word responsive over and over again. A responsive web design means that your website will be perfectly viewable in all devices (desktop computers, laptops and mobile phones). A responsive design seemingly adjusts itself to fit every screen size perfectly. It might seem like magic or some type of Artificial Intelligence to anyone who has no idea how web design works, but in reality this too is nothing complicated!

Responsive web design is not rocket science

Responsive web designWhenever I start building a new theme or design, I make it responsive as I build it. I do it by checking my theme with the Firefox plugin called L-Square to identify screen sizes where the design starts to break. I then note the screen size and create a separate CSS style for this particular screen size. Not that hard! If anything, it’s a little more time consuming, but the end result will be a lot better than using a generic responsive template because every theme or design is unique and it’s best to treat them all differently.

I get why web designers might charge a little extra for a responsive design, but mostly they are just trying to make it look like something super hard that will take long hours with a lot of coffee, sweat and tears… and that’s just silly.

Spend most on marketing, not web design!

It should be obvious enough, but people are still getting it wrong. The toughest part of any website development is the actual marketing itself and not coding. Depending on your niche, it can take weeks, if not months to make your website properly visible on the internet. Anyone who claims they can make it happen within a day is either lying to you or using questionable methods that will do more harm than good in the long run.

It’s an ongoing process and shouldn’t be advertised as “set and forget” by the web designers. Proper marketing is something you do consistently, a little bit every day.

Learn internet marketing yourselfAnd it’s best to learn it yourself

Don’t get me wrong, I could be your professional marketing agent, but it’s going to be a pain in the ass! If your website is about car parts or something else extremely boring (for me) it will be hard for me to promote this stuff because I would have to write articles about something I know nothing about and post on relevant communities and forums on topics I barely understand.

So depending on your niche, it’s sometimes advised to do the marketing yourself because you are the only person with the right mindset, attitude and passion. It will make your entire online image more personal and REAL if You are behind it and not some guy who doesn’t even understand your business.

How to learn marketing quickly you ask?

A good place to start is Warrior Forum where people with different businesses all come together and share the latest ideas, tricks and trends in internet marketing!

You can also contact me and we’ll see if I can help you with your website and business as a whole. It’s always a good idea to get some outside feedback.

I’m not going to give you my contact details directly. Be creative and find a way to contact me yourself!


How to find a web designer with great skills at low website design cost to you

Finding a web designer who knows what they’re doing, yet can keep your web design costs low, is like finding a needle in a haystack. The whole industry is saturated with big agencies and corporations who simply mediate between the web designer and the client, taking a huge amount of money in the process. Capitalism at its finest! The trick to finding a low cost web design for your business is to avoid the big guys.

How to find a web designer for a small business web design

Most top web designers work alone

It’s common for a web designer who is just getting started to get a contract from some semi-professional web design agency, but once they have built a decent enough portfolio they are going to look for ways to free themselves from the corporate bull. Web designers are just like any other artists- they are at their best when left alone for long periods of time.

Hire a web designer with a smaller portfolio

It’s fun to look at a massive web design portfolio of someone who has been around for a long time and has already established a solid business, but it’s usually not that fun to look at their price tags, if you know what I mean. Not only that, but these guys probably have a lot on their plate anyway, so the overall client & designer relationship might suffer as a result.

SEO + Web Design

Nowadays these two literally go hand in hand. Don’t make the mistake that my client made by having two different people do two different jobs. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not that hard to learn so the next time you are looking for web designers for hire, ask them about SEO and how they will implement it as they build your website. If they have no idea what you’re talking about then you might reconsider hiring them.

Look for designers who are clear about their web design pricing

I always recommend drawing at least some lousy sketch about what you’re looking for. It doesn’t have to look great! A good web designer can give you a pretty accurate price estimate based on what you have made. If they start to go on and on about different “packages” that include this and that- lose them! That’s usually a clear indication of a capitalist agent after your wallet. And so what if the job ended up being a little more time consuming? A sincere web designer is always willing to go the extra mile without the extra charge.

Individual freelancers, not agencies!

Every agency will tell you that they are the best, but they’re most likely lying. Did you know that the most popular web design agencies are paying up to $10+ USD to Google just to get you to visit them… once? Sadly they continue to get more and more unsuspecting clients this way who make them ever richer just because they happen to have a lot of money to spend on advertising.

If you want to find the worlds top web designers in once place I suggest going to 99 Designs. This is a unique place with the greatest minds competing among each other in a friendly way and the winner gets to do a website design for you, exactly the way you want it!

How 99 Designs works

1. You create a detailed request on what it is that you are looking for in a website design

2. Tens, even hundreds of web designers create a simple sketch based on your request

3. You pick out the ones who did the best job

4. The final round starts where you get to pick the winner and get to work one-on-one until your website goes live and outshines your competition!

Isn’t this great?!


Buy traffic with Bitcoin from Anonymous Ads advertising network

Lately I have noticed a growing number of Google searches coming in about buying traffic for websites with Bitcoin, but up until now I haven’t really provided any relevant information on this. Let’s change that!

If you’re looking to buy website traffic and would like to pay with Bitcoin, then the best place for that is Anonymous Ads advertising network. Let’s have a look at why Anonymous Ads is worth checking out to bring in some cheap traffic for your website:

No tedious signup process

As an internet marketer you are probably a member of way too many networks and agencies already. It’s annoying and not necessary. It takes just 30 seconds to set up your first advertisement on Anonymous Ads without having to register or give your email address to anyone!

They are open minded

Have you ever wanted to buy adult traffic? Then you know how frustrating it can be. There are only a handful of places that approve these types of ads and Anonymous Ads is one of them!

Cheap traffic

If you compare the prices with other CPM and CPC networks then you will see that the prices are very reasonable on Anonymous Ads and unlike most advertising networks, they don’t have a deposit minimum. You can get started with as little as a dollar.

Great for publishers too

With no registration required you can have your unique ad block ready in under 30 seconds. Just paste it onto your website and you’re done. They pay you automatically with an insane minimum of just 0,0001 BTC which at this time is worth $0,03 USD.

You even get to disallow adult ads, gambling ads and other “weird” ads that many of you might want to avoid having on your websites. I have added an ad unit myself on the right side just above the Recent Posts so you can see how it would look like on your website.


Open Source GPT Script – Incentive Platform for your website

VidCoin is a very basic and simple open source GPT script written in php that can help you make money by having your users watch videos (mostly Youtube videos) in exchange for points that they can later redeem into Bitcoin. Of course it doesn’t have to be Bitcoins! It can be whatever you prefer after you modify the script to suit your needs and the topic of your website.

How does this work exactly?

The script uses a platform called an Offer Wall which is basically a wall of various videos. These videos come from a network (in our case Virool) and these are paid videos, meaning that the person who put the video up there is paying you (through Virool) $0,01 USD every time your users or website visitors watch the video for 30 seconds.

That’s how you earn money and the owner of the video is getting his video seen- a win win scenario.

Why Open Source?

Why not? These types of incentive gpt scripts have always been overpriced with half the code encrypted even after you have purchased a full license. And although VidCoin can’t compete with the professionalism of certain high end GPT scripts out there today, I am hoping that in the future enough people contribute to this project and it will become great.

Get paid as your users watch videos

The incentive script, VidCoin, is a great addition to your already existing website because it will keep your users active on your site and hopefully even bring in some free traffic when they use the built in referral system. They earn more points if they invite all their friends!

You could of course use this script to make a standalone incentive gpt platform. It’s up to you. In fact, I encourage you to use this script in unique and creative ways, but make sure you tell me about it- I would love to see it in action!

Available on GitHub

I’ve uploaded the script to GitHub and you can access the page here. If you want to use it- go ahead and use it. If you are a programmer and want to correct some of my mistakes or make it better- feel free to do so!


How a professional SEO company blatantly lied to an unsuspecting client in their seo website analysis

Yesterday an old client of mine decided it’s time to take a more direct approach in getting some serious traffic to their website, so they looked up a local SEO company who apparently is one of the best SEO companies here in Estonia.

Seo company with cheap seo packages and free seo consulting servicesThe so called “professional SEO company“, whose name I would gladly announce to the rest of the world if I knew I wouldn’t get sued, asked for a whopping 700 EUR for 3 months of some vaguely described “SEO services” after just a brief phone call from my client who only wanted to get targeted website traffic.

I must say I was quite shocked when I heard the price so I asked my client to send me their confidential emails and agreements for me to study, just out of curiosity of course. What I discovered was insane!

Incorrect seo website analysis

I have no clue what software, if any, they were using to put together this particular SEO analysis report, but right off the bat I saw that the report stated my client’s website had absolutely no meta description tags on their website. This was the most obvious lie that I detected, because I knew for a fact I had put the meta description tags in his site myself when I designed it. I checked it again just in case and sure enough, the tags were all present!

In those confidential emails the SEO company also mentioned over and over again how poorly ranked the website was, constantly referencing the bad excuse of a SEO analysis report all the time which had strategically placed red X marks all over it to make it look like everything was broken and overall negative. So not only did they lie about his website, they were pumping fear into my client who now believed the SEO company is the only one who can save their website from imminent doom.

AdWords intermediate

From the confidential agreements I found out that they were getting all the actual targeted visitors simply through Google AdWords. And since my clients niche, especially in Estonia, is very small, the clicks bought from Google don’t really cost all that much. So where in the hell was all the 700 EUR going? All they were doing was mediate between my client and Google AdWords, making sure that a huge portion of the money went in their own greedy pockets.

Only 3 fixed ads

For 700 EUR the company offered my client just three fixed AdWords advertisements that my client had to write himself (even though he has absolutely no clue on how to write an ad that actually gets clicked!). Normally if you’re promoting your website through AdWords, you put up at least 10 different ads and analyze how each one is performing through the course of, lets say, 1-2 months, but this particular company decided it’s enough to simply take three ads, put them up and forget about them.

Why did I let this happen?

If I had known my client had a budget this big, I would have immediately gone the same, AdWords route. However, from my previous talks with my client it was obvious they didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I didn’t even mention AdWords to them and simply optimized his website for search engines for free.

This approach doesn’t get targeted visitors immediately, but it will definitely pay off in the long run once the website has naturally grown in the “eyes” of search engines. I guess my client wasn’t patient enough and wanted immediate results, but even so, anyone can promote their own website through AdWords and there is absolutely no need for an intermediate.


If you don’t know a thing about SEO, website optimization or getting targeted traffic to your website, the best advice I can give you is to stay away from big SEO companies who will use fear and lies to sell you things that you either don’t need or could very well do on your own.

Unlike the professional SEO companies, I don’t use fear and lies to make my clients pay insane amounts of money for a few minutes of work so if you need advice on this sort of thing, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will gladly analyze your website for free and provide free SEO consulting as well.


Buying internet traffic from a pay per click ad network – Traffic guide

Picture of hand icons clicking on a website buttonHow to advertise your business

If you’re not social, you don’t exist. This is especially true if you are looking for a free way for getting website traffic. I will not go into details today, but basically you need a lot of followers on your social network for this to work. If you don’t know how to get followers then there is another great solution for you called pay per click advertising (ppc for short).

Buying website traffic

Buying website traffic is one of the oldest advertising techniques in the history of internet marketing, but because the market has grown exponentially over the past few years, finding an affordable ad network that is capable of delivering quality traffic is getting harder by the day! Below I will share my unbiased review and tips and tricks on how to promote your website using pay per click ads.

AdHitz – a pay per click advertising network

AdHitz is a well known ad network within the work at home niche and this is the place to go if you’re looking to buy traffic to the work at home niche. For every other niche, Facebook ads and Google AdWords might be a better solution simply because of their massive reach.

How to promote your business on the AdHitz network:

1. Create an advertiser account and log in

2. Under the advertisers tab click on Browse websites

3. From the “length” filter choose Pay Per Click Ads

You should now see a massive list of all the websites in the AdHitz network that are accepting Pay Per Click Ads which means you will only pay for a valid clicks, not the banner impressions. (Yes! They have text ads as well).

This is good news for us because AdHitz is actually very careful in selecting the right publishers and their security system is decent enough to detect any false clicks which can make you lose money in other networks. AdHitz will not tolerate fake clicks at all!

Buy clicks that have cheap ppc

It’s not always a good idea to pay more in order to get high quality traffic. In AdHitz there are quite a few sites in the network that have lowered their PPC rates down to just $0,01 USD per click. Some even have the minimum spend requirement set to the lowest possible setting which is $2 USD. That means for only two bucks you will get 200 (two hundred) highly targeted visitors to your website (assuming of course you are promoting a work at home related product/service).

This is way better than buying clicks from a paid to click website because the visitors that come to you are only there for their incentive and not because they are interested in your offer. By crafting a good text ad or creating an amazing banner for your business, the AdHitz network can become your only place of buying traffic on the internet.

Tips and Tricks for AdHitz paid traffic

Stay away from their network ads! It may seem tempting at first to have your ad shown all over their vast network of publisher sites for just $2 USD, but in reality you will get up to ten times less clicks this way because their network ads are impression based (you pay for impressions, not clicks).

The “gold mine” lies within small individual sites that aren’t yet charging too much for the clicks. As I previously said there are more than enough smaller websites in the network who are still getting decent amounts of traffic daily where you should promote your site instead of simply buying a network ad.

It’s important to go through every site in the network and I can tell you, it will take a long time, but it’s definitely worth it. To help you get started I have listed a few that are a result of my many hours of research. The below sites are good for buying traffic on AdHitz ppc network (probably outdated by now, this article is a year old!): – $0,01 ppc, $2 min. spend – $0,01 ppc, $2 min. spend – $0,01 ppc, $2 min. spend – $0,02 ppc, $3 min. spend – $0,02 ppc, $10 min. spend

I’m sure you get the point. Remember, always do your research first and find out which high traffic site is selling their ad space more cheaply. There are many paid to click sites on the AdHitz network that can provide you with hundreds of clicks through the network at a fraction of the price that they ask from you directly with their onsite advertising methods.