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Pokemon go is so popular because it’s fulfilling some of the basic human needs

I think it’s safe to say that this years most popular mobile game is Pokemon Go because within just one month after it’s release, the game has been downloaded more than a hundred million times from Google’s Play Store alone. Why is it so popular? Well for starters, it has a decade worth of marketing behind it. And by that I mean the TV series and the playing cards among other collectibles and some very popular video games as well. Nowadays it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t know what a Pokemon is. It’s a trademark almost as recognizable as Coca Cola.

Pokemon Go and human nature

While I could go on and on about human nature and argue whether there even is such a thing as an actual “human nature” or are we all born as completely blank slates and sculpted some time later by the environment in which we are placed in, I think we can all agree that Pokemon Go fills at least some of the most basic human needs by providing us with a sense of belonging, making us compete against others in a friendly way and of course giving us the chance to socialize by playing a fun and exciting game.

Cat meme let me show you the pokemans

Gotta catch ’em all

For as long as humans have been around, we’ve all collected something. From postcards and coins to cars and bones, pretty much anything that exists in this world can be collected in one form or another. I’m not entirely sure if the creators of Pokemon actually planned ahead and came up with the phrase “Gotta catch ’em all” after collaborating with psychologists in order to really mess with us, but the fact remains that they’ve really hit the spot with it. Show me a person who hasn’t collected anything in their life? You can’t. Yes, even the insides of your piggy bank can be considered a collection of sorts, albeit a small one.

The need to show off and boast to others

Another well known urge for almost all humans (excluding perhaps a holy man) is the need to show off one’s achievements and accomplishments in order to gain recognition from others. It’s just satisfying on so many levels and what better way to exploit this in a game such as Pokemon Go, but to make certain Pokemon scarce and harder to get than others? Found a Rattata? Pffft! It doesn’t stand a chance against my Pikachu.

The need for competition

Speaking of which, people have always wanted to be better than the next guy and while it’s true that sometimes we can go just a little bit over the edge and end up in a blood feud that lasts for decades, it’s more common, in the modern age, to challenge someone in a friendly game instead.

And of course Pokemon Go is perfect for this because unlike in boring games like chess (sorry chess fans) you actually feel the power and rush after beating your opponent because you’ve just worked so hard to get there. (And lost a few pounds in the process).

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Fancy a short Barbie Game to lighten up your day?

Every once in a while there are days where I wake up in the morning, slowly crawl my way to the kitchen, put the kettle on and as it’s drearily whistling away the dream world that’s still lingering at the corners of my mind, I can’t help but feel that irresistible urge to get on the computer and play… well, barbie games. And I’m sure I’m definitely not the only one. Right?

In fact, there’s this one particular game that really gets me going, especially in mornings such as this and the game is called Barbie Stunts. I guess one of the main reasons I’m so fond of this game has to do with the fact that it closely resembles one of my old time favorites, a 2D motorcycle scroller named Elasto Mania.

Barbie Stunts Flash GameBarbie Stunts

Put your fabulous helmet on and hop on Barbie’s pink scooter to rush through the city doing crazy jumps and insane stunts that are guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping in no time!

Well, I might have oversold the game just a little bit, but the goal, nevertheless, is fairly simple: complete the stunts, back flips, front flips and other things this game may or may not make you do and reach the finish line with a high enough score to end the level successfully.

You have to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to accelerate, lean backwards, forwards and to apply the brakes where necessary. Additionally you can do a few other stunts using the NUM keys on your keyboard.

Barbie Memory Match Flash GameBarbie Memory Match

It’s always a good idea to take a break and play a memory game every now and then to keep your brain, especially the bits that deal with memory, in good shape.

I really enjoy these kinds of games because they pretty much teach your brain how to scan for information, like literally. And because I have a pretty good picture memory anyway, I can probably beat you in these kinds of games even on my bad day.

All you have to do in this game is to flip a card, then flip another one and another one until you find a match. Once you do, you need to recall where the matching card was and flip it upside down. If you do it right, you’ll gain a point. In not, well, at least you tried.

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List of all Tier 3 upgrades available at Level 45 (Ultimate)

As many of you already know, is a crazy 2D multiplayer tank shooter game which resembles the classic in many ways. The only big difference between the two games is the fact that in Diepio you, and a bunch of other players on the arena, control tanks instead of a cell on a petri dish and the goal is to shoot your way to the top by destroying all other enemy tanks.

In my previous articles I have already shown you how to get started in if you’re a newbie and listed all the possible upgrades that will become available to you after reaching level 30. But that’s not all! There is a final tier ready and waiting to be unlocked which can only happen if you manage to survive long enough to get to level 45.

It’s a remarkable feat and not many of us can achieve that. If you find it difficult due to numerous high tier tanks constantly killing you, you might want to try your luck in a Diepio private server where there aren’t that many players around and gain more experience that way.

Diep IO Octotank Upgrade at Tier 3 Level 45

List of Tier 3 upgrades

Tier 3 is the final frontier in and not many of us can say they’ve been there. Even if you somehow manage to achieve level 45 and upgrade your tank, you can quickly fall victim to the hundreds of envy rival tanks who are now targeting you because of your high rank. It’s glorious to be on top, but dangerous at the same time. Here’s a list of the ultimate upgrades from the final tier.


The Octotank can be upgraded from either the Quad Tank or Twin Flank upon reaching level 45 and is the most widely used tank for farming points.

There’s not a lot you can do against a tank so powerful because it can fire in all eight directions and the mere sight of this monster is usually enough to send everyone running in fear.

The only reasonable way to try and attack this beast is by using level 45 Triplets, Destroyers and Overseers with their Penetration ability maxed out. It is also vulnerable against anything with a high Reload speed.

TripletTriplet can be upgraded from Triple Shot and with its massive frontal cannon sided with two smaller guns, it will arguably provide the highest Damage Per Second in the entire game.

You can use the massive firepower to help you escape enemies because as you shoot, you get propelled backwards. The same feature can be a pain in the ass in case you are chasing an enemy and shooting at it at the same time because your cannons will noticeably reduce your speed.

This tank has no further upgrades.

PentashotPentashot is an upgrade from Triple Shot and has a total of five cannons stacked closely against one another.

With its high penetration ability, nothing can reach you and it is considered one of the most powerful tank classes available.

However because it doesn’t have cannons in the back, a smaller tank with higher maneuverability can easily strike you from behind.

OverlordOverlord is an upgrade to the Overseer and just like its predecessor, it can spawn the same amount of minions, only faster.

The minions produced are relative to your Reload ability and if you do not command them, they’ll passively surround you as a form of a shield.

The main weakness of the Overlord are most rapid fire tanks such as the Octo and Triangle tanks.

NecromancerNecromancer can be upgraded from the Overseer as well and like the name suggests, it can summon the dead, in this case, yellow squares, as its minions to aid in battle.

When you touch or kill a yellow square it will become your minion and you can have an army of up to 30 of these which makes the Necromancer one of the most powerful foes in the field.

As a Necromancer, your best bet is to target the Snipers and Destroyers.

ManagerThe Manager is the third upgrade available at level 45 from the Overseer. Just like the Overseer, it controls its minions to inflict damage.

Simply hold down the left click to have your minions follow the mouse and hold the right click to have them repel it.

The Manager has a slightly slower minion spawn rate due to its single cannon. Stand still for 3-4 seconds and you’ll become invisible!

Triple TwinTriple Twin is a Twin Flank upgrade that has three double barrels on all sides.

It is mainly used for crowd control just like the more powerful Octotank. With Triple Twin you can simply sit around the pentagon spawn area and spam for more points.

Nobody will want to get in your way because you can shoot at almost all the angles. Each of the three double barrels are as powerful as one Twin Shot.

StalkerStalker is a rather awkward looking tank, upgradable from the Assassin, with a long and narrowing cannon pointing in only one direction.

If you stand still, you’ll become invisible just like the Manager, but you will forfeit the invisibility cloak as soon as you either move or shoot.

Like the name suggests, this tank is great for sneaking up to your enemy and performing a surprise attack or recovering hit points by staying idle.

RangerRanger is another upgrade possible from the Assassin class and it will increase your vision as well as field of view further.

You will be able to see more of the map and nearby enemies. It has even more range than the Stalker, but unfortunately the extraordinary ability to see the farthest is the only thing the Ranger is really good at.

The best strategy with the Ranger is to keep your distance and shoot long range so your enemy never knew who hit them.

FighterThe Fighter is an upgrade from Tri-Angle and was fully released into the game just a few days ago on June 4’th, 2016.

It has a total of five barrels and kind of resembles an Octotank although it isn’t that powerful.

Not a lot of information about this other than the fact that it has a fan-made name.

BoosterBooster is another upgrade possible from advancing the Tri-Angle class and as of today, it’s the fastest tank in the game.

The Booster, just like the Fighter, has a fan-made name and was released on the 4th of June.

Not a lot is known about this tank other than its Boosting ability in which you no longer need to use the WASD keys in order to move because the force from firing all those cannons at the back is enough to push you forward at a high speed.

HybridHybrid can be upgraded from the Destroyer and adds an additional cannon at the back of your tank.

The Hybrid has the ability to summon up to two minions, but unlike the Overseer and Overlord, you can’t control your minions directly. They will simply destroy anything that’s nearby.

The bullets are very powerful, but you’ll find it difficult to aim so the best strategy is try and retake enemy turrets as the target is stationary and big.

Share! higher tiers and upgrades explained (advanced)

In my previous post about the latest free to play multiplayer tank game,, I mainly talked about how the game works and what to do if you’re just starting out. I also briefly mentioned the first tier that can be unlocked when reaching level 15, but in case you didn’t know, there’s plenty of more upgrades and tiers to gain so in this article I will explain what you can achieve in the game once you reach the pro gamer levels.

Also note that If you are unable to access directly due to your host’s restrictions which is very common in workplaces and educational institutions, you might want to check out one of the diepio unblocked websites or simply use a free web proxy like ProxySite, although the connection there can be very slow.

diep io invincible tank

Tier 2 and beyond

There are a total of 4 main tiers in the game starting with tier 0 (the starter tier) and each new tier can be unlocked by gaining an additional 15 levels. For example you will unlock tier #1 when you reach level 15, tier 2 at level 30 and tier 3 at level 45 which is currently the final tier that can be reached.

With every new tier that you unlock, you get to choose an upgrade for your tank. Needless to say, those upgrades make you better, faster, stronger and harder to kill.

Since I already explained the first tier in my other article, I will start with Tier 2, but you should know that you are stuck with whichever upgrade you decided choose at level 15 so it’s advised to think it through carefully in the beginning!

You can only choose an upgrade in tier 2 and beyond based on the upgrade you chose at tier 1 (level 15). Tier 2 explained

This tier will become available to you after reaching level 30 and with it come new upgrades to your base tank model taking you this much closer to becoming an invincible killing machine.

Twin shot upgrades

Reach level 30 with the Twin Shot upgrade from tier 1 and you get to choose between either the Triple Shot, which gives you a triple barreled gun, or the Twin Flank, which acts exactly as the flank guard from tier 1, except you now have two barrels.

Machine gun upgrades

If you chose the Machine Gun from tier 1, you now have the option to further advance it by choosing between the Destroyer, which fires slowly, but packs some serious weapons damage, and The Gunner, which is an advanced form of the Triplet and has two long barrels instead of one.

Sniper upgrades

When you reach level 30 with the Sniper upgrade, you can turn it into either an Assassin, Overseer or the Hunter.

The Assassin will improve your weapons range, damage and bullet speed just like the Sniper, but it’s way more powerful than its 1st tier counterpart.

The Overseer is an interesting choice and one of the most dangerous enemies to be around when you’re a newbie because it can summon up to 8 red triangle minions that the player can control with their mouse and kill almost everyone easily. It can also be used as a type of shield by circling the triangles around yourself.

The Hunter shoots projectiles the same way a regular shotgun does by firing out a bunch of small pellets from a single barrel that spread around the area in front of you. Anyone caught in between the blast will find it very difficult to maneuver between the bullets.

The only downside with the Hunter upgrade is the fact that it can’t be further improved when reaching tier 3 at level 45.

Flank guard upgrades

With the flank guard upgrades, you get to choose between 3 ways to advance your tank:

  • Twin Flank – Has two barrels at both sides of the tank.
  • Tri-Angle – Gives you two smaller barrels at the back and one main barrel in the front. With this upgrade your tank will become faster due to the two extra guns that boost you forward which makes it easier to chase down your enemies.
  • Quad Tank – This one has guns on all four sides of your tank and is one of the most impossible monsters to escape, especially if you’re a small beginner tank. With this upgrade you are guaranteed to crush many foes.

This covers all the upgrades available at level 30 with the 2nd tier. If you are interested in reading about Tier 3, you can subscribe to my newsletter and I will let you know once the article is out, or you can simply read the detailed wiki page about Tiers for yourself.


CS:GO Boosting – A shortcut to glory or a shameful venture?

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular First Person Shooters that offers a very exciting and competitive gameplay for both newbies and professional gamers thanks to their modified Elo rating system which matches players with a similar skill level for a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.

Because of the highly competitive nature of this game, a player can easily be tempted to use cs go rank boosting services in order to shine on the leaderboards or simply to show off to their friends. If you are thinking about getting a cs go boost for your own account, you should first read this article in which I will explain the pros and cons of using boosting services for Counter Strike and any other game for that matter.

counter strike global offensive rank boosting

Is boosting fair towards other players?

I’ve seen numerous heated arguments on the subject and for some reason a lot of people claim that by buying a booster pack, you somehow gain an unfair advantage over other players when in reality all that you’re gaining is a better rank and a chance to battle against more experienced players- nothing more.

If anything, you have just made your life harder because you can now play against professional gamers whose skill levels are far beyond anything you can deal with. In this case it wouldn’t take long for you to lose your rank and get shamed out of the community.

You’ll ruin teamwork

Highly ranked gamers rely heavily on teamwork and while being boosted and going solo against an enemy is mostly going to be your problem alone, joining a team of experienced players as a beginner with a fake rank and no real skills is downright insulting.

You have to realize that these people have worked hard to get to where they’re at, therefore you will only stand in the way and bring down their overall score while running around like an idiot, missing all of your targets and getting yourself killed.

Boosting can still be a good thing

While booster packs in all shapes and sizes are generally frowned upon by the gaming community, there is still a perfectly valid reason to use them- in the event you lose your main account.

Just imagine the frustration you will feel when the unfortunate happens and someone either hacks your main account or you lose it in another way. The mere thought of spending hours upon hours of working your way to the top for nothing is enough to get most people to quit the game altogether.

This is why I believe game boosting services can be a good thing- they will help you get back on track without having to go through the unnecessary beginner stages all over again.

Learn to play alongside professionals

Boosting your rank higher is a shortcut that makes sense in certain situations, but you have to agree with me when I tell you that it’s way more satisfying to be among the top ranked players because you actually belong there and have the skills to prove it.

Learning the ropes on your own by trial and error can be time consuming and frustrating because the game, despite being an FPS, is still fairly comprehensive so if you are looking for a way to speed up your progress, I’m happy to let you know that the guys over at Imbaboost are doing a very good job at coaching new players by getting familiar with your playing style and offering friendly advice by pointing out flaws in your strategies that may prevent you from achieving your goals.


Creating the Ultimate Gaming Room

Did you just level up your best player, score that legendary item, and beat the baddest boss of the game? We feel your victory. Here at Modernize, we’re gamers, too, and we know how awesome it is to level up your gaming room. Here are a few tips to turn your dungeon into a castle.

Colorful gaming controllers

Organize Your Investments

Let’s face it; gaming isn’t a cheap hobby. Game consoles, new releases, controllers, and chargers can all add up. You’ve invested time and money into your gaming gear, so display it with pride.

Protect your consoles by setting them on shelves that allow proper ventilation while you play. You’ll want to void overcrowding and overheating. Most of the newer systems have features that reduce heat output, but some of the more vintage consoles may not be as effective. If you’re a collector, set a console on each shelf to show off your expansive collection. Have fun with it! You can even install lights to shine on each system.

When it comes to controllers, cords can tangle incessantly. Wind up your controllers and place them in a bin or storage ottoman. Hiding these wires will clean up your entertainment center and make it easier to find what you need.

Finally, make sure you have enough storage for your games. Either search for an entertainment center with built-in shelving, or go for a separate media cabinet or tower. Organize your games by platform, and alphabetize them for even easier access.

Guy playing games

Invest in Comfortable Seating

Gaming requires a time investment, too, so make sure you spring for comfortable seating. Gaming chairs now have advanced features like Bluetooth sound systems, rocking ability and even vibration. You don’t have to go for something that fancy, though. A simple chair or sofa will do. Make sure you have enough space for your friends, too.

An easy way to accommodate for guests is to purchase ottomans that can double as chairs. These can easily be tucked against the wall when not in use and moved around when it’s time to party. You may want to set up a mini fridge in your space for beverages. Keep a few snacks in a cabinet or pantry, and you’ll never want to leave!

Retro pacman console

Have Fun With Decor

You can probably name your top-five favorite games on demand, so channel that passion into your decor. If you can’t get enough RPG games, display some awesome swords and shields. If you’re a vintage gamer, Mario question box cubes, Pacman memorabilia, and Tetris blocks can give your gaming room a nostalgic—and wow— factor.

You can also go a high-tech route with grey and neutral color schemes, sleek lines, stainless steel, and exposed technology. If you’re into sporting games, display your favorite team’s jerseys and gear. Most of all, have fun! That’s what gaming is all about.

You really can’t go wrong with decor, so let your imagination run wild. Level up your experience and achieve new milestones in your ultimate gaming space!

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Finding new challenges by playing in Agario private servers

Over the recent months has become so popular and addictive among its users that many educational institutions and workplaces have been forced to block access to the game from their computers altogether because it was hindering the overall productivity of students and workers alike. Even public wireless hot-spots and libraries have been increasingly blocking as the players are eating up valuable bandwidth and sometimes getting a little too noisy as tension increases in the game.

If you’re currently unable to access the game from your location, you should try playing in an Agario private server which is most commonly used to bypass filters and firewalls that otherwise block the game.

Private servers offer a new challenge

Agario Private Server

In addition to being able to bypass blocking software, there is another benefit in playing the game on a private server that’s often overlooked- more challenging opponents.

Just think about it. Who are the people that look for unblocked private servers? They are mostly gamers already familiar with the game, looking for a way to play from a location where the game is blocked. Therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that by playing in private servers, you are effectively playing against highly professional teams.

Moderate gaming is good for you

In case you didn’t know, a recently conducted study by shows that if you take short breaks from your work and play games, you’re likely to be more productive in your tasks later when your brain activates the working mode again. Interestingly the test showed that playing games increases the overall productivity even more so than getting a bigger paycheck or leaving on an extended vacation.

So the next time you find yourself working together in a team, remember to advise the team to take short breaks and play a game or two as it’s shown to improve memory and motivation individually as well as improve the social bonds between team members as a whole.