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Join the Raze squad and fight off aliens trying to conquer earth in Raze 3

Raze 3 is the third installment of the popular Raze game series which started off with the launch of Raze 1, followed by Raze 2 and on July 10, 2014 Raze 3 was released. It was under development for a mere three months which is quite an achievement for a game of this magnitude. It has a decent storyline which, not surprisingly, takes off where Raze 2 ended, it’s addictive and has a ton of hidden treats that only a serious gamer can unlock. If you are looking to play Raze 3 unblocked, you should visit – these guys are dedicated in bringing the game to you hassle free.

raze 3 quickmatch

Raze 3 storyline (spoilers)

Like the previous Raze games, the plot of this game forks into two different stories as well. One being about the humans trying to save Earth and one of the Aliens trying to conquer it.

After the events that took place in Raze 2, a squad of Raze soldiers discover that the aliens weren’t wiped out completely. What’s more, the aliens are now hell bent of activating a doomsday device called The Harvester.

The Raze squad follows one of the aliens to an underground facility where they uncover a mysterious device that they decide to bring into the lab for further studying. Unfortunately the machine causes many of the specimens in the laboratory to go berserk and kill the scientist studying the device.

It later turns out that the device, also known as The Harvester, is capable of converting various species on Earth into alien life forms. Do you have what it takes to stop this?

Raze 3 game modes

You can either choose to play the main storyline and progress through the various levels for both human and alien* chapters or, if you prefer, you can do a simple quickmatch by choosing your fighting arena, which weapons or abilities to use and the difficulty of the upcoming match.

*It’s worth noting that you need to complete the game as a human first in order to unlock the alien chapters.

Pros and cons of Raze 3

I really love the storyline and as a small time game developer myself, I can also appreciate the fact that a tiny team of just four people can develop something like this in such a short amount of time- it’s just wonderful!

However I happened to be one of the many players who encounter massive lag in the game, especially when playing the main plot, so I couldn’t really enjoy the game as much as I wanted to.

The quickmatch game mode was noticeably less laggy so I ended up playing that for a good three hours. It’s a fun and addictive game and once you get used to playing it, you’ll definitely enjoy it!

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Run 4 is a forward running game featuring a cute little alien creature in space

Run 4 is a game similar to Temple Run and the likes where your character will automatically run forward and you have to either jump or move using the arrow keys to avoid obstacles. I first heard about Run 4 upon visiting the Run 4 Unblocked website which is set up to help players who are unable to access the game directly due to network restrictions or other types of censorship. Good work guys!

In Run 4 you control a gray alien creature who has two cute antennas on its head and the goal is to get him safely at the end of the level without falling off the platforms.

One of the interesting things about this game is that there doesn’t seem to be a “game over” and you can fail hundreds of times without it negatively affecting your gameplay whatsoever.

Run 4 Game review by

First impression

I immediately noticed the rather upbeat and positive background music, which kind of resembles a strange mixture of my own experimental music and electronic music from the 90’s, but with a more happier dream/techno kind of touch.

On top of that I was fairly quickly engulfed into the fast paced gameplay and since the first few levels were incredibly easy, I found myself on level 40 in just under 15 minutes which is where things get a little more complex.


As I previously mentioned, your character is a little gray alien creature that you control with your arrow keys (for movement) and the space key (for jumping).

The alien will start running forward immediately once the game starts, but because the first couple of levels are very simple and straightforward, you shouldn’t find it difficult to get your bearings and an overall feel for the game’s physics.

I was a little surprised at how far the creature can actually jump and thought that the game was way too easy at first, but this all changed after I reached around level 40 where things get more… interesting.

Further into the game

Not only do you have to avoid falling into the void by jumping over huge gaps in the platforms at high speed, you must also take note of the walls and the ceiling because these too can be used to run forward.

If you jump towards any wall, the room will rotate and the wall becomes the floor under your feet. Because of this multi-dimensional approach, the game can get quite challenging as the levels increase because you have to consider all the angles and at the same time keep yourself from falling off into nothingness.

Watch out for the falling floor

Just when you think it couldn’t get any more difficult, a new type of floor appears that can only be jumped on once and then it will slowly fall away. It’s nothing serious at first, but at higher levels the falling floor tiles are interconnected which means that half of the floor can simply vanish from under your feet just by touching one tile.

The only advice I can give you is that you should try to avoid jumping on those falling tiles until there’s nowhere left to jump and hope that the level ends before all of the floor is gone!


Overall Run 4 is a great game to play at work when you’re on a break because it will help your brain to relax while still keeping you awake thanks to the fast paced gameplay and upbeat music. It doesn’t require long periods of thinking, but fast reaction towards the changes in the environment.

Oh and by the way, if you’re an oldschool gamer, you might find it very similar to an old DOS game called Skyroads which I enjoyed playing on my first personal computer way back in the day.

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Intro to with basic explanation of different tiers and classes

At first glance might look like just another boring clone, but once you’ve played the game for a few minutes, it becomes clear that there’s way more depth to the game than you’d expect from a simple browser based multi player pixel game.

In Diep io you control a tank with a massive cannon and unlike in, where you are nothing but a cell on a petri dish, you can purchase upgrades to your tank and its cannon for points that you gain by destroying your enemies.

With a total of 4 different tiers, 20 classes and 8 stat upgrades that you can max out by collecting points either by killing other players or randomly spawning static enemies, Diep io is guaranteed to provide hours worth of exciting, competitive and addictive gameplay. user ynef Level 17 Twin cannon barrels

How to move and shoot

Unlike in other similar games where all the movement is controlled by the mouse, there are two ways you can move your tank around the area: either by using the arrow keys on your keyboard or the WASD letters familar to some people from First Person Shooters.

To shoot bullets you need to aim the far end of your cannon towards an enemy using the mouse and then perform either a single shot by clicking the left mouse button once, or shooting continuously by holding it down.

How to gain points

One of the easiest ways to collect points early on is not by shooting other players, but by killing various static enemy shapes that don’t return fire. You will gain a different amount of points for killing the enemies based on their shape and color:

The yellow square is the easiest to destroy taking only two direct shots even with the most basic cannon to kill. You are rewarded with 10 points per kill.

Next comes the red triangle which is slightly harder to break, but rewards the user with 15 points. I recommend upgrading your bullet damage at least a couple of times before going after the red ones.

Finally there is the blue pentagon which is a pretty tough nut to crack for a newbie so it’s advised to stay away at least in the beginning. You can gain a whopping 130 points by killing it though so make sure to try shooting them after you’ve upgraded your weapons! tank tiers and classes explained

There are a total of four different tank tiers in the game, all of which have many classes under them that massively boost your firepower capabilities. Needless to say, you start at Tier 0 which is the Starter Tier. You are stuck with it until reaching level 15 where the first class upgrade becomes available.

Tier 1 (Level 15)

This is a tier that’s relatively easy to reach and, depending on the competition, won’t normally take longer than a few minutes. Once you reach level 15 by destroying your enemies, you get to choose from 4 main classes:

  • Twin – You will receive an additional cannon barrel and effectively double the amount of bullets you shoot.
  • Flank guard – A tier 1 class upgrade that adds a half barrel at the back of your tank so you can shoot in both directions. This can be useful in crowded areas as well as escaping.
  • Machine gun – Another tier 1 class upgrade which gives you a wider barrel for faster shooting, but reduces your overall accuracy.
  • Sniper – By choosing this upgrade your bullets gain speed and do more damage. Good for long range shooting as the bullets don’t slow down.

Other tiers

The next milestone is Tier 2 at level 30 where you can choose from an additional 8 different classes and finally there is Tier 3 that can be unlocked by reaching level 45 with the most powerful class upgrades available in the game. It will take a long time to get here, but it’s definitely worth it as your name will be among the top players for the world to see!

Check out this detailed wiki page to learn more about different tiers and classes.


Wonder Dragons: A match-the-fruits puzzle game with a twist

Wonder Dragons by Silence World is a new and promising “match 3 game” type puzzle arcade with, you guessed it, a whole new twist in the form of an original plot which makes it stand out from other similar candy and gem matching games out there. Long story short, you take on the role of a hero set out on a quest to help young dragons hatch from their eggs and save the world from evil humans and orcs who are now controlling the sacred lands. Are you up for an adventure?

First impression

Wonder Dragons Game On Play StoreWhen I first found the game on Play Store, I immediately noticed that the installer package was way bigger than other similar games weighing a total of 80.97MB.

At first I thought it was just a poorly compressed file, but after I downloaded and played the game for a while, I realized that there is simply a lot more content in the game than I had previously anticipated.

It’s not just your everyday gem matching game either. It has a very unique storyline that sets it apart from other similar games, it’s free and to my surprise I didn’t notice a single advertisement.

There are of course in-game purchases which are totally optional, meaning you can have a blast playing the entire game without having to whip out your wallet.


Wonder Dragons

When you first launch the game you are seamlessly taken through a short tutorial that explains all of the basics to you immediately.

After you complete the first level, the hint messages pop up again to explain the rest of the gameplay and how you can save your progress if you link the game with your Facebook account which, by the way, is seriously a feature that more games should be using already.

Not your regular fruit matching game

You’d think that it’s the same old “match 3” game, but you’ll be surprised at how different it actually is. For starters, you are limited to only a certain number of moves and using your finite moves, you have to help hatch a dragon’s egg (complete the level).

Just like in other similar games, you have to match fruits that share the same color, but unlike it’s competitors, you aren’t constrained by matching only vertically, horizontally and diagonally. You can also do this, for example:

Matching up green fruits

Game progression

I have only completed a couple of levels, but I can already feel the overall fast paced progression of this game.

I have to admit, It’s a bit easier than others because you have simply more options to match the fruits, but because of this you also get to unlock different baby dragons faster and move on with the game’s main plot which is to save the world!

It’s definitely a game I would recommend to anyone who loves the classic analogs as well as younger players who tend to be less patient with old puzzle games. You don’t get bored easily when playing Wonder Dragons!


Best free Google Cardboard games for low end smartphones

The world of Virtual Reality really took off earlier this year when Oculus finally released a consumer ready version of the Rift- a standalone VR headset used with high end gaming computers running the Windows operating system. However not everyone can (yet) afford this new technology and according to Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, we are still years away from a Rift for everyone. But does it stop us from experiencing Virtual Reality right now? Of course not.

Poor man’s Virtual Reality headset

Google cardboard

Back in 2014 Google realized that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to trick the brain into believing it’s actually inside a virtual environment and by combining a regular smartphone with a magnet, a couple of lenses and a recycled cardboard casing held together by a rubber band, the Google Cardboard was born.

And even though the Do It Yourself head mount is not intended to be 100% immersive, it will give you a first hand VR experience for less than the price of a Happy Meal and it’s definitely worth it. Just slide your phone between the cardboard case and you’re off to explore the wonders of a completely different, virtual realm.

Best cardboard games to get you started

In the last two years since Google Cardboard was first introduced to the public, game developers have been eagerly working on creating the next best Virtual Reality game for your smartphone and to be honest not all of them get it right.

For example the most common issues I’ve faced when testing numerous VR games for android phones with a Google Cardboard are double vision due to the screen not being split exactly right and excessive lag in the head tracking technology which can induce motion sickness rather easily. It’s basically when you move your head to the left and the camera keeps going left even after your head has stopped. It’s confusing to the brain and sort of feels like being way too drunk.

Of course I’m not blaming the developers for everything since I have a low end smartphone myself with poor processing power by today’s Virtual Reality standards to begin with, but still there are certain things you can do a lot better by simply writing better code.

Anyway, I’ve been testing various VR games from the Play Store using my Samsung Galaxy S2 and a regular Google Cardboard I bought off eBay a while back and here’s a list of games that I actually enjoyed playing and didn’t uninstall immediately.

On a side note, if you’re like me and get motion sickness easily, you should probably take breaks between gaming sessions to avoid feeling sick for up to an hour after removing the headgear because Virtual Reality Sickness is a real thing.

The Dark Forest VR

The Dark Forest VR

From the few Virtual Reality horror games that my smartphone can actually handle flawlessly, the Dark Forest VR really surprised me as it didn’t make me feel sick at all. I guess it has to do with how natural your movement feels when playing the game and there’s absolutely no double vision or any other crap that will make the overall experience awful to say the least. I really recommend it if you’re a fan of horror games as the atmosphere in the game is guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

VR Fantasy

VR Fantasy

If you like fantasy adventure type games then you will enjoy VR Fantasy– a first person fantasy game where you are taken on a quest to explore a mysterious fortress filled with cute, but dangerous enemies. The graphics in this game are a lot more detailed than in Dark Forest and the scenery is really enjoyable to just stare at for a while. It’s almost as if you were inside a childhood dream.

As with a lot of other VR games for android devices, you can move around simply by looking down at your feet where you can find an icon which, when focused on, will make your character move forward. You can fight enemies and break treasure chests using the magnet button at the side of your Cardboard headset and if you happen to have a Bluetooth controller, you’re in luck because the game supports that as well.

Deep Space Battle VR

Deep Space Battle VR

Even if you’re not a true fan of space shooters, you’ll definitely get a kick out of protecting Earth from a bunch of alien attack vessels that fly out of a mothership parked in orbit around our planet. The Deep Space Battle VR is basically a modern version of Space Invaders, but this time around You are in the center of action- literally. All in all it’s another immersive VR experience well done by Archiact Interactive Ltd. With a 4.1 rating on the Play Store, it’s a must have in any mobile VR game collection.

VR Silent Home

Silent Home creepy woman

Ohh man… so Silent Home is officially the first Virtual Reality horror game that managed to spook me so much I had to take off my headset just to make sure I was still in one piece. It happened when I was walking through a corridor very similar to what I’ve previously seen in Konami’s Silent Hill series with a lot of doors leading to various messed up rooms.

There I was just minding my own business, taking a look at some notes on the floor, and as I was about to leave the room, I lifted my head up and saw a woman standing in the doorway (yup, that’s her on the screenshot).

For a moment I thought she was a friend, but then she turned her head… you know, slowly and all the way back 180 degrees… she stared at me for a moment just to make sure my brain registered her horrific blood shot eyes and unleashed a bone chilling scream right before dashing at me. Then… everything went black…

What’s more, after removing the headset to make sure I was still alive, I realized that I had completely lost all sense of “reality” because I was standing in front of a wall in my room and I had no idea how I got there. Talk about immersive virtual reality… and that all happened using a plain old cardboard. I’m impressed!

Where to go from here

After you have experienced these new and exciting virtual worlds on your cardboard, you will probably want to try out even more fun games, right? Well, you’re in luck because VR has really started to grow exponentially. I remember just last year when the best game, called Tuscany Dive, was a big hit. You could only walk around a virtual house and there were no objects to interact with, but it was considered mind blowing by most.

Now, just a year later, the entire Play Store is filled with epic content. And while some developers are definitely doing a better job than others, it’s important to realize that we are only at the beginning of a very interesting journey into the virtual realms and the most immersive and epic experiences haven’t even come out yet.

Upgrade to a more advanced headset

Over time you will no doubt realize that your cardboard isn’t very effective in taking you into the virtual world. For instance, I can only enjoy playing mobile VR games in complete darkness because of that annoying ambient light that otherwise shines through the cracks.

Additionally the cardboard doesn’t really align with my face that well, isn’t very durable and has a nasty sweat collector right between the eyes. Ugh. This is why it will make sense to eventually upgrade to a better, more advanced headset built by Samsung and meant for mobile virtual reality gaming.

In some ways it’s actually a better solution than Oculus Rift to a lot of people, mainly because it’s portable and since our smartphones are getting faster and faster chips all the time, we can soon experience “Rift class” virtual reality on the go.


Introduction to and how to play guide

If you loved playing the original Snake game on an old Nokia back in the day or better yet, if you enjoy playing right now, then you will surely get a kick out of this relatively new game called which is more or less a mashup of the two. In this article I will explain a little bit of how the game works and what the main goal is as well as provide you with some ideas for winning the game. Oh and by the way, if your school or workplace is currently blocking the game, try using Slitherio unblocked as a workaround.

The basics of is essentially a modern Snake game that, using the multiplayer functionality inspired by, brings everyone together on a single arena of Snakes ready to destroy each other. But beware, you can’t simply run into other snakes as you’ll die. In order to win this game you have to be able to think ahead and trap your opponent in a way which leaves them incapable of escaping and so they have no choice but to run into you and kill themselves. At this point the game will be over for them and you will reap the reward pebbles dropped by your prey.

The pebbles, food or fabulous glowing lights, whatever you want to call them, are what help you grow in size. Size matters in this game as you will be able to trap more smaller snakes when you’re huge. Additionally, the bigger your size is, the more you can use a feature similar to turbo boost from various racing games. It’s a neat little trick that may very well save your life, but you have to use it with caution because you will decrease in size whenever you enable it.

How to play

Little ynef snake eating pebblesAfter you type in your username and jump in the game, your main goal should be to grow bigger by eating those cute little glowing lights while at the same time avoiding pretty much everyone else. Try dashing ahead by clicking and holding down the left mouse button.

Unlike in, you don’t have to run away when a snake is coming after you head first because they’re the one getting killed should they touch you. The first time I played the game, I tried to eat other snakes. Obviously that didn’t work out well for me…

If you have grown larger and start to notice more and more smaller guys around, you should try to catch your first prey! The longer you are, the easier the task will be because all you have to do is circle them so they can’t run away.

Another clever tactic I’ve seen in the game is to quickly dart in front of a snake in order to get them to run into you. I’ve been killed by very small snakes that use this method so I know how deadly it can be if the other guy isn’t paying attention or is simply too huge to react in time.

Gaining popularity

A lot of people are already playing and their official Youtube channel has over 51k subscribers at the time of writing this. As more and more people keep Tweeting about it in order to gain access to the custom skins section, it looks like it’s going to rival very soon. And it’s not just the clever “tweet to unblock custom skins” feature which is responsible for the rapid growth, the game itself is very playable and highly addictive. That being said, you should get your ass over there right now!


Dora is back with new fun games for girls

In case you didn’t know, Dora is a fun loving fictional 8 year old girl who is also the main character in various exciting and educational Dora games for girls. Your young ones can have fun together with Dora and learn a skill or two with the help of games like Dora Cake, where she’ll teach your kid the basics of baking a delicious cake or Dora Hand Injuries which was developed to show children how to heal a minor hand injury in a more playful way.

Dora rescue squad game screenshotDora Rescue Squad

The main goal of Dora Rescue Squad is to help a monkey who has had an accident and is in need of urgent medical attention. Exit the medical tent and run to rescue a poor little monkey by first collecting all the medicine kits scattered around the area. The gameplay is not overly complicated, but can definitely provide a challenge for a child because sometimes a med-kit isn’t accessible by simply jumping to it so your kid has to do a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking.

Injection Learning With Dora ScreenshotInjection Learning With Dora

There is literally no better way to make your kid get used to receiving injections from doctors than to have them play through this hilarious injection learning game where you need to slap your patients butt before giving an injection in order locally numb the pain. It’s a game that tests your reflexes as well as your ability to multitask because as the level progresses, you are required to do injections faster while at the same time keeping an eye on the syringe as it keeps running out of medicine. If that happens simply refill your needle and continue until the time runs out.

Dora Vegetable Planting Game ScreenshotDora Vegetable Planting

Since it’s spring time and a lot of us are getting our hands dirty again in the garden, I decided to include Dora Vegetable Planting in this review as well. It’s a perfect game to teach your child the basics of gardening without having to worry about the mess that would otherwise result by letting them run amok in the garden and greenhouse. This game teaches the proper use of gardening tools and how to apply fertilizer before putting seeds in the dirt. Make sure to let your kid have a go at this the next time you want to go out gardening- it’s guaranteed to keep them busy the entire time!