List of Girl Games from Looif that are worth playing

I remember when my little sister was 8 years old and she had found a bunch of girl games and dress up games on the internet all by herself. I was surprised that she could do it because when I was 8, I hadn’t even seen a computer let alone have any idea what the internet was. Sometimes I forget that the younger generation has no experience of a world without the internet or little computers inside our pockets. If you have a little sister, a daughter or if you’re a kid yourself, I have listed a couple of cool games for you to try below!

Girl Games from LooiF

hijab salon girl game screenshotHijab Salon

Hijab Salon is a special kind of dress up game for girls that revolves around a young girl wearing the Hijab head gear and your mission is to give the Hijab the best looking style possible.

Once it’s ready, you can save it, share it and even print it out and hang on your wall. It’s a great game for Muslim girls or any other girls for that matter.

my aztec style girl game screenshotMy Aztec Style

My Aztec Style is yet another awesome game from the Girl Games category in LooiF where your goal is to choose from a variety of hairstyles, dresses and other fashion accessories and mix together the perfect new style using an Aztec theme as a base.

Another cute game with guaranteed fun for hours at a time!

papa louie cupcakes game girl screenshotPapa’s Cupcakeria

The game Papa’s Cupcakeria is a slightly different game for girls that doesn’t involve dressing up, but instead your mission is to bake ridiculous amounts of Papa Louie cupcakes for your customers who continue to come in with crazy demands for their cupcakes. It will take a while to completely master the game, but it’s highly addictive and competitive so again, a great game to play for hours!

Android games are available

Like most people today, you probably don’t use your computer that often any more so instead of playing these games on your computer, you might be more inclined to play the many android games also available on LooiF. Don’t worry, they’re completely free!