Lubuntu is a great lightweight Linux distro for any old Netbook

About 4 years ago I purchased this old netbook from a guy who apparently only needed it for a single plane trip to watch some movies. Three years were well spent together with the MSI Wind U100 upgraded with 2GB of RAM, 1.6 GHZ processor and Intel GMA950 graphics chip, but I eventually realized that it wasn’t enough for my needs (FL Studio) and so the little guy was abandoned for an Ultrabook (Series 5). It has been at least a year since I even laid eyes on the netbook, but today I decided to install a very lightweight Linux distro on it and see what happens.

Lubuntu is lightweight and user friendly

I have to admit I’m not really an avid Linux user as I have only used a couple of live systems in the past. All the command line stuff is mostly unknown to me and although I can navigate through the systems with the help of various online guides like Cool Computing for example, I still prefer a good and friendly Desktop user interface.

On top of that Lubuntu is a very energy efficient and lightweight Linux distro with the minimum RAM requirements of as low as 128MB- that’s literally a PC from two decades ago so I figured it would work perfectly for an old netbook that still packs a whopping 2GB of RAM (that’s very good by netbook standards).

Uhh… where’s the hard drive?

When I pressed the power button after more than a year of being idle, the netbook said it was unable to find a bootable media. It almost sounded like it was mad at me for abandoning it after three great years together so I opened it up and found that the hard drive was indeed missing.

Netbook MSI Wind U100 Hard Drive Missing

After more than half an hour of being clueless I finally realized I had removed the hard drive and stuffed it in one of those portable HDD casings found on eBay and not surprisingly the whole 160GB was used up with various photos and videos taken from family get togethers, hiking trips and stuff like that so formatting was out of the question.

Using Lubuntu live system for now

With no free hard drive available for me right now, I am going to postpone this little project of mine, but is that going to stop me from using the Lubuntu? Nope. In case you didn’t know, you can try almost any distro out there without installing it by running the entire OS from your pendrive. Here’s a photo of my MSI Wind U100 running Lubuntu from the USB drive with no HDD whatsoever. Pretty neat, huh?

MSI Wind U100 Running Lubuntu Pendrive