Master the search engines with this easy to use search tool

Search engines have quickly become the most important tools in our daily lives which help us out in various situations throughout the day. I’m sure most of you use search engines multiple times a day whenever you need to find information quickly (ie. how to boil eggs, etc.) It’s actually pretty hard to imagine a world without a search engine nowadays and while they help us get to information very fast, sometimes it might be difficult to find exactly what we need especially because the world wide web is constantly growing and the overwhelming amounts of data out there is just too much to take.

Simple search is no longer enough

Some years ago it was fairly easy to find what you were looking for on the internet simply by writing queries like “how to boil eggs“, but as we move forward in time and the internet keeps growing at an exponential rate, the relevant information simply gets buried under a heap of junk. Fortunately there are simple ways you can improve your search query by, for example, telling the search engine to exclude certain keywords or only search for .PDF documents, etc.

Here’s an example of an advanced Google search query which tells the search engine to seek out only .PDF documents that include the term “Albert Einstein” and exclude the term “science”:

Albert Einstein filetype:pdf -"science"

A free tool to help you out

Memorizing all the different “search engine hacks” can take a long time, especially if you’re not really used to this sort of thing. It’s not rocket science, but it really helps to have a professional search engine searching tool at your disposal to quickly conduct your internet searches without having to look at your notepad all the time for various tricks and hacks.

Search Tricks Search Engine Searching Tool Hacks

Thankfully you’re in luck because there is a completely free to use search engine tool ready for you at and it’s not just meant for Google either. You can use Search Engine Tricks to find relevant information from your favorite search engine including Google, Bing, Yahoo and even everyone’s favorite video portal, Youtube.