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Meet Oswald The Angry Dwarf Who Never Sleeps

Oswald The Angry Dwarf Clicker is a new android game about a dwarf named Oswald who spends his days cutting down various things from dandelions to cell phone towers and he never sleeps! This free android game, developed by Edenap, is unique in a way that it continues to run even if you don’t play it (sort of like Pou and the likes). As soon as you start it up again, you will get a message telling you exactly how much money the dwarf has made cutting down stuff while you were away.

Upgrade your axe to earn money faster

In the beginning you can only chop down dandelions, because other trees and such are too difficult to chop. But as you earn more money, you will eventually be able to increase your levels such as Luck, Fitness, Forging Skills, etc. All of which are required in order to actually forge a better and faster cutting axe for your character. Obviously the better and stronger your axe is, the more money you can make.

Oswald The Angry Dwarf GamePlay ScreenShot

Earn even more by watching ads

Every now and again a card pops up on the bottom right side of the screen with a money bag drawn on it. That’s an opportunity to earn extra money by watching short advertisements from the game’s sponsors. I love it how Edenap has incorporated a “Paid to Click” feature within the game because that means there are no annoying ads that randomly pop up and ruin your gameplay. Instead, you get to choose if you want to watch ad advertisement or not and by doing so, you earn a little bonus to help you in the game.

More things to chop, more money to make!

As you upgrade your skills and the woodcutting axe, you will eventually be able to change the things Oswald is chopping. For example on the picture above I have just changed dandelions to bamboo trees which give a lot more money and once you have a high enough level, you will cut them down effortlessly too.

Overall it’s a surprisingly addictive Clicker game especially because Oswald keeps chopping down things even when you’re not actively playing the game. It’s just lovely to open the game every now and again when I have some free time on my hands or I just need a break and Oswald greets me with boasting about how good of a job he has done while I was away. It’s definitely a great addition to an otherwise blue and busy day.


Penguin Run is one of the best free android games for kids

Are you ready to help a cute little penguin collect golden fish in the cold Arctic frost? Penguin Run is a simple yet highly addictive android game for both kids and adults to enjoy. Rated suitable for all age groups by the Pan European Game Information (PEGI), this vertical scrolling video game is guaranteed to bring hours of fun and excitement right to your mobile screen.

Cartoon style adventure game

google app store free games download for androidThe goal of this game is to achieve the highest score possible and because it’s connected to the Play Game Services by Google, you can now compete among your friends making the experience that much more fun.

As an addition you can collect golden fish which can be used to unlock differently colored penguin characters and new levels.

The game is over as soon as you hit an iceberg or a gigantic snowball so make sure you do your best to avoid these at all costs!

The pros

The great cartoon like graphics are definitely a good thing. I’m loving the background and the penguin itself is amazingly cute too. If you have kids, I’m sure they are going to love it!

The background music is calm and relaxing while at the same time not too slow. It kind of helps you to “get in the zone” and concentrate on not hitting the obstacles.

The cons

For a game such as this there is just way too many advertisements. The ones at the bottom aren’t all that annoying, but should you die and get a “game over” you’ll immediately be shown an ad. Even the death’s sound effect launches after you have closed the ad.

For a beginner it can be a little bit confusing to understand which way is up. Sure, the vertical scroller can only go one way which is up, but the way this game is laid out- it just takes a couple of minutes of practice to understand it. (or maybe it’s just me).


The overall gameplay is very simple and straightforward and while it can take a new player a little bit of time to really understand the controls and get a feel for the game, it’s a nice gaming experience nonetheless. I have a feeling that this game is targeted a little bit more towards children, but to be honest, I had a great experience playing it too and I will definitely keep it around in my phone.