Build your own robot or remote controlled car using this construction kit

I can still remember that one Christmas morning, I think I was around 7 years old, when Santa had brought a really huge present under the Christmas tree. I had never before seen a gift box so big so naturally I was hyped out of my mind and jumping around with tears of joy in my eyes. I didn’t even know what it was yet, but I was already the happiest kid in the world.

Upon unwrapping the package I was hit by yet another wave of childish delight as I saw the actual gift for the very first time. It was a black, remotely controlled monster pick-up truck with massive wheels and fancy flame stickers on both the hood and the doors. The motor was powerful enough to be easily played with outdoors on a rough terrain. It was the first dream that had actually come true. I’ll never forget it.

Construction toy for kids

Think Gizmos construction kit build your own robotDo you have kids? If you do, you most certainly have to check out this robot toy construction kit that comes with complete instructions, a ready made remote controller, bits and pieces for building the body and of course a small battery powered motor so you can effortlessly build your own robot remote controlled toy vehicle.

Build your own robot or remote controlled car

The different body parts and pieces resemble LEGO’s and although they aren’t compatible with them, you can still enjoy unleashing your imagination and build a remote controlled tank, a sports car, a wheelchair or pretty much anything you can think of really.

If you had fun playing with LEGO’s as a kid, you’ll most definitely get a kick out of this construction kit because not only can you build something completely unique and epic from all of the different pieces, you can now breathe life into your robot toy thanks to the small motor and remote control system.

Construction kit

It’s built for kids ages 6 and up so naturally there’s no difficult wiring or soldering required. It’s a complete remote control car construction kit and it’s cool enough so you shouldn’t feel bad when your excitement levels exceed that of your children’s. Everything is included in this kit, even the batteries unlike with most toys today where you have to buy them elsewhere.

Destruction derby time!

I used to build similar cars with my cousin from LEGO’s and then we’d just ram them together real hard with bits and pieces flying in every direction. We would have given anything in the world for a construction kit such as this!

Take Kevin from Amazon, for example. This guy went ahead and bought 8 kits in total just so he could invite over all of his friends, build whatever came to mind without the help of a user manual and race around a track made out of a cheap carpet and a cut up garden hose. Let me quote his own words:

The cars have enough power to get up to good speeds and really bash each other apart. Fantastic for a destruction derby.

Age is irrelevant

I’m almost 30 years old now, but I still find myself passing through the toy’s section in practically every other supermarket that I visit. It’s just so exciting to look at all the new and cool ideas that people come up with and to imagine what it would feel like if I were still a kid seeing all this stuff.

What’s more, I can now afford all of these things unlike when I was still a kid with absolutely no pocket money. Perhaps that’s the reason I buy a model car or a puzzle every now and again.