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How to launch DarkScape from Desktop

Accessing and playing DarkScape can be somewhat annoying for new players because there is no official client for DarkScape available. Instead, DarkScape uses the same Runescape desktop client that you use to play the original game. So how exactly do you run DarkScape directly from your desktop?

1. Install the official client first

In case you haven’t done so already, the first step is to install the official client from Jagex here. After you have downloaded and installed the client, the next step involves creating a new shortcut for DarkScape. There are two ways to do this and if you’re using Google Chrome, then things are a little bit easier for you.

2. Drag and drop the shortcut (Chrome only)

If you are using Google Chrome, the easiest way to create a new shortcut on your desktop is to simply drag and drop it from your browser directly on the desktop. Visit the DarkScape page and simply drag and drop the red “Play Now” button onto your desktop.

3. Create a new shortcut

If you’re using some other browser (haven’t tested on Edge) then the drag and drop will probably not work. But don’t worry, creating a shortcut is easy! Right click anywhere on your desktop and choose New > Shortcut as seen on the picture below:

right click on desktop new shortcut

Windows will now ask you to type the target location of your new shortcut. In this field you should put the following line: jagex-jav://www.runescape.com/jav_config_beta.ws

new shortcut target url

After clicking next you’re allowed to give a fancy name for your new shortcut. I simply used DarkScape, but it can be anything you like. Now click finish.

When you double click the shortcut it should now launch the official client with DarkScape parameters. Now you can easily access DarkScape from desktop without having to open the internet browser all the time.

4. Adding an icon

It’s not really necessary, but it will look a lot better if you add an icon for your shortcut. I personally like this one: darkscapeicon.ico

Download the icon and place it somewhere safe where you won’t delete it accidentally. Inside the C:\Windows folder is great, for example.

Right click the shortcut again, go to properties and click the “Change Icon” button as shown below:

right click shortcut change icon

Click OK twice.

You now have a pretty DarkScape shortcut on your Desktop.


Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt crashes on cutscenes and crashing to desktop when swimming

Witcher 3 – The Wild Hunt

The long waited and delayed game has finally been launched to the public and while we were expecting to finally enjoy a smooth gameplay after all the waiting, instead, we got a game seemingly full of bugs and crashes! It seems that way too many players are experiencing all sorts of problems with the game as mentioned in this Reddit post.

Crash to Desktop

The most common issue appears to be the game crashing to desktop without any warning. For me personally the game kept crashing while I was watching one of the first cutscenes with the peasant and his killed horse. As soon as the monster attacked, the game crashed to desktop.

To fix this I simply skipped the cutscene altogether by pressing the space key.

Update of June 28, 2015 – If you have an ATI card, try optimizing game graphics settings through the updated Gaming Evolved Client. This seems to have fixed the crashing issues for me.

Crashing when surfacing from under water

I was disappointed by having to skip the cutscenes, but it was OK because I was able to watch them all on Youtube. The real problem started when the game kept crashing simply by trying to swim to the surface from under water. After a few Google searches I was able to fix my crashing issues for the time being, but I am still unsure whether or not the game will run smoothly in the future.

Solutions to Witcher 3 crashing

It seems that different computers and video cards need different settings so the best option would be to simply try everything by trial and error. It’s tedious work, but eventually you should be able to fix the game for your system. Here are a few pretty good things to try:

1. Change the display mode

Changing the display mode From Full screen to Borderless window seemed to do the trick for me.

2. Add GOG Galaxy to your firewall whitelist

Not sure if this actually helped, but it was suggested elsewhere so I tried it just in case.

3. Update your graphics drivers

I’m starting to think this was the most important step! Simply download the latest drivers for your video card. Nvidia has already updated their drivers for Witcher 3. Not sure about ATI, but it worked for me.

4. Delete the galaxy.dll file

Delete the galaxy.dll file from the game’s bin\x64\ folder. By default it should be located here: C:\GOG Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\x64

5. Make sure the game uses your gaming card

It might seem obvious, but I forgot to change this at first. If you happen to have two graphics cards, make sure to change witcher3.exe to use the better card by default.

The above steps helped me solve my Witcher 3 crashing problems. If you are still having issues it might be worth looking at the official GOG thread here.