Kids love big machines so why not get them this friction powered dump truck?

When I was around 5 years old, my uncle, who used to own a farmhouse and a huge piece of land far away from the city, invited me along one beautiful late summer morning on a ride in his harvester to gather the crops. Because I had never actually been inside one of these things before, I was naturally fascinated and excited to learn just how that piece of heavy machinery worked.

He showed me what each lever, switch and pedal were used for and even though it felt somewhat uncomfortable sitting on top of his metal toolbox (there was no passenger seat), it didn’t really bother me that much because being on board of a beast like this made me feel extremely “big” and powerful as we continued to ride into the horizon.

Kids love huge trucks

If you’ve got kids, you’re probably already aware that almost every one of them will want to stop and take a look at how a huge machine is doing its business. Perhaps you’ve seen your kid stare at a dump truck as it beeps its way behind the dumpster or maybe you’ve seen them standing and looking at a tractor or an excavator with that deep and thoughtful look in their eyes?

Kids love these kinds of machines because when they’re younger, they can’t really comprehend the fact that there’s a regular human being inside each and every one of these and so they genuinely believe that the machine is working on its own somehow like an intelligent being.

Speaking of which, automated machines are becoming more and more popular nowadays and there’s already a completely autonomous tractor in the making so in the future when a kid looks at a dump truck, for example, it will probably be operating without a human driver. How cool is that?!

ThinkGizmos friction powered toy dump truck

Friction powered trucks for kids

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your child this Christmas, you can’t really go wrong with a construction or other type of heavy machinery kind of toy such as this friction powered truck that’s for sale on Amazon at a relatively low price of just around $40 bucks.

Push and go trucks are actually nothing new

“Friction powered” is such a fancy word for a regular old toy that you push a couple of times and then let go to watch it drive on its own for a little while. I used to play with toys like this all the time when growing up, but I can say that there’s definitely been some improvement in push and go toys in general.

Trucks for kids have been getting better

Over the years friction powered toys, like pretty much everything else, have been improving as more and more features are being added to make playing with toys as awesome as possible for young children.

My mother always used to tell me just how lucky I was to have a wide selection of toys available and how she had to play with wooden sticks all day long. And while it’s true that I had the privilege to play with some rather fancy toys, they are still becoming more advanced as time progresses.

Toy dump truck for kids that makes realistic sounds and has working headlights that are battery powered

For one, I never had a toy that could make realistic sounds or had working headlights. These kinds of small details, while not significant for us, grown ups, will make all the difference in the world for a young kid who sees the awesome toy for the very first time. Trust me.

So if you’re still not sure what to get for your kid this Christmas, perhaps a toy truck such as this is exactly what they are hoping for? Have you already asked them to send a letter to Santa Claus? ;)