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Youtube Gaming vs. Twitch – which is better and why?

Twitch, the Amazon owned live streaming service, has been the go to place for gamers to either stream their own gameplay, or watch someone else play since about 5 years ago, when it single handedly owned Ustream and ruled the web as leading livestream service. Today, however, Twitch is facing a formidable opponent- Youtube Gaming. Does Twitch really even stand a change against someone as big as this Google owned video service?

Video player

Youtube is well known for its lightweight HTML5 video player whereas Twitch only recently updated from the long dead and buried browser plugin, Flash. Kudos for Twitch for finally making the change, but Youtube still stands out with an overall user friendliness.

Lag problems

Twitch is known for having problems with outages and other server issues from time to time. To make servers run more smoothly, Twitch introduced stream delay back in 2014 which means that there is now a significant delay between what the gamer sees and what the audience sees. For Youtube Gaming, this isn’t an issue and the experience is therefore a lot more interactive.

History and content

Twitch is just a live streaming service, but Youtube has been the go to place for gaming related videos for a very long time. All those general gaming, video card performance and tutorial videos are a solid reminder that Youtube is not a newcomer into the gaming industry. Besides, most of us are always logged in to our Google accounts anyway, so accessing this service is generally more seamless.


I think we can safely say that Youtube Gaming is going to take away a huge portion of Twitch users unless they do something really unique and cool. Youtube is simply more capable of providing a better service in terms of lag issues, video player and stream quality. Along with a very user friendly interface and the fact that everyone has an account there already makes Youtube Gaming a great livestream service that simply does its job more efficiently than Twitch for now.


How to kill the King Black Dragon in Runescape Evolution of Combat (EOC)

The King Black Dragon

The King Black Dragon (KBD) is one of the easiest bosses in Runescape, but it can still be a formidable opponent for a low level player like myself.

King black dragon from RunescapeTo successfully kill the KBD at least 2-3 times before going to the bank for supplies you will need at least level 80+ in both Defence and Magic, assuming of course you are using magic to slay this monster.

Items to bring:

  • Either anti-fire shield or dragonfire shield
  • Antifire potion or a flask
  • The best armor you can wear
  • Monkfish or better for food
  • A panic teleport tab will be useful!
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