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Runescape Hardcore Ironman Challenge: Invasion Of Falador

The Invasion of Falador is a two week event launched on the 19th of October, 2015 along with the graphical rework of the city. The main plot revolves around a bunch of Zamorakian Black Knights invading the city of Falador which currently is under the White Knights control. As always, this event offers plenty of rewards and a lot of experience points which is great for every Ironman out there. There’s a whole Wiki page dedicated for this in case you’ve missed out.

Healing the injured soldiers

I personally love healing the injured soldiers because of the Constitution experience which can be AFK-d. Constitution XP is hard enough to gain on its own so this little event is really helping. It’s definitely better than killing Ankous all the time and faster too!

Plenty of XP lamps

Whenever you participate in this event you earn commendation points and once you collect 100 of those you can redeem them for a random reward which very often includes all sorts of different XP lamps. You’ll get the occasional herbs and dragon bones too, but right now the rate at which XP lamps are given out is pretty awesome.

Muchoskill stats

Hardcore Ironman Challenge User Muchoskill 23 October 2015 StatisticsThanks to the event I have already gained a few levels in Woodcutting, Constitution, Mining, Runecrafting and Prayer. I managed to get my mining level up to 60 and gain access to the mining guild by completing a daily task of smithing 210 mithril daggers. As you know the poor Ironman has to do everything on his own so by the time I had mined the necessary resources, I had already gained a mining level.

61 came easy from the event as well as Prayer. I just had to use the one XP lamp received from cutting the overgrown tree in Falador park which gives epic experience points by the way.

The Invasion of Falador is pretty much a godsend for us Ironmen because of the free experience so I really recommend getting your asses there soon in order to get the most out of it!


Meet muchoskill, the Runescape avatar who only has one life

Cursed by the gods

Nobody knows for sure which god is responsible, but people all over the world are starting to speculate that it might have been an agreement of all the gods with the exception of Guthix (being dead and all…) , to curse certain newborn avatars in Gielinor so that they only have a single life. When you die- that’s it. Good night, sayonara etc.


Meet muchoskill

MuchoSkill from Runescape Hardcore Ironman Challenge
Muchoskill is just one of many who have been cursed in such a way. There are so many poor souls currently inhabiting the world that the supreme ruler Jagex has been forced to create separate highscore tables for these people. Every day muchoskill wakes up and the first thought that runs through his thick Rastafarian head is “will I survive this day or will I die and be forgotten?


Every day he sees more and more strangers who share his fate get killed in the most horrific ways one can imagine and if you think THAT should be enough to break the average man, an eerie voice on top of it all will always break the silence and announce the death of another one.


The only thing left for muchoskill is to continue his progress towards enlightenment by gaining experience in the many skills and activities this world has to offer in the hopes to perhaps one day see the mind of God using all of his knowledge and to rival the Gods themselves by claiming immortality and maybe, just maybe even becoming a God himself.


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