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PM7 ICO Booster: All You Need To Know & Is It Worth Investing In

It’s true that PM7 has their own Ethereum based ERC-20 token that you can buy. However the PM7 platform goes much deeper and isn’t all about buying and hodling some random token. I realized the significance of PM7 only after reading their entire whitepaper and some 25+ pages worth of posts in BitcoinTalk. Here’s what I found out.


What is PM7?

In essence PM7 is a new and innovative platform built to help other ICO-s succeed. Generally speaking PM7 is an affiliate network for ICO projects. When I browsed their website I immediately got the impression that these guys are pretty serious about their goals. However at first glance it’s too easy to miss the actual point of their platform entirely.

What’s the significance?

PM7 combines the power of MLM and affiliate networks with the Blockchain technology. The result is a transparent network of ICO project owners and a bunch of people eager and ready to promote the crap out of each and every one of those new ICO projects.

If you wanted to launch your own ICO then PM7 is the one and only place to go. According to the team more than 50 ICO startups have already shown great interest in their platform. That’s 50 potential ICOs that an affiliate can choose to promote and earn.

The many ways you can earn with PM7

Out of the obvious buy and HODL their token strategy there are three main ways you can earn with PM7.

  • Earn $20 sign up bonus (locked until you earn $200)
  • Earn 7% from all PM7 token purchases your referrals make
  • Referral system goes 7 levels deep
  • Earn $1000 when you refer an ICO owner who wants to promote their ICO on PM7
  • Additionally all users of said ICO are now your level 2 referrals

Token price, minimum investment & restrictions

  • 1 PM7 token costs $0.05 USD and you can purchase it with either BTC, ETH or LTC
  • Minimum tokens you can purchase is 400 (that’s $20 USD)
  • Citizens from USA, China and Singapore can’t participate

How long do I have?

The ICO sale is active until the 4th of March 2018. After that the tokens will go live on various exchangers (Exmo, Hitbtc, Tidex, Liqui). Hopefully we will see moon soon.

There are a total of 9 rounds during the initial sale period. With each new round the bonuses are reduced so the faster you jump in the more PM7 tokens you can acquire.

Should I invest in PM7?

Honestly I can’t say for sure. I wouldn’t want anyone to lose their money on some shady investment scheme. However there is definitely potential for this type of a project. And as of today they don’t even have any competition.

It all boils down to whether or not the team behind PM7 can make it a reality. I for one would love to be a publisher in an affiliate network meant for ICO projects!

Given that their token costs just $0.05 and you can invest as little as $20 the overall risk is minimal. You spend more by shopping for groceries every day. Of course you can invest more in the hopes of bigger returns.

If you do decide to give it a go please do so by using my referral link: http://pm7.pm/ico/904b193b

Go grab some tokens!

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