Boost your kid’s cognitive development with the help of this RC excavator

I recently read an article online about the positive impact of playing with sand on young children. The article covered a total of eight reasons why encouraging your kids to go out and play with sand was a good idea. These reasons included the obvious like how they can let their imagination run free and how playing in a sandbox helps to develop social skills for young kids, but the article also pointed out some of the not-so-obvious aspects of sand play. For example it’s proven that the activity promotes cognitive development.

While the sand, especially wet sand, alone can provide a day’s worth of fun and excitement for kids of all ages, it can get even more entertaining with the help of various toys meant for sand play. In this article I will talk more about a realistic 1:45 toy excavator model that can be operated using a remote control.

remote control excavator for kids cool toy digger

Remote control excavator for kids

Setting you back a measly $50 dollars, this 1:45 scale remotely controlled excavator toy for kids is a great gift idea for anyone, regardless of their gender, ages 3 and up although the manufacturer has advised consumers to keep a close eye on children younger than 6 years old due to various smaller parts.

It’s suitable to be used in both indoors and outdoors, but it’s not waterproof so make sure you don’t accidentally leave it in the rain or drop it in a pool or in the sea. It will probably work again after it has thoroughly dried, but eventually rust and corrosion will surely start to mess things up so it’s best to avoid water altogether like with most electronic devices and toys.

remote control excavator for kids cool toy digger remote controllerToy Digger for Kids: Features and Specs

It’s ready for action right out of the box as it comes with all of the batteries already included. Additionally there’s a detailed user’s manual written in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian languages.

The remote control is very comfortable to hold in hand and can be used to turn the excavator’s cab for up to 680 degrees.

You can also move the digger toy in every direction and raise or lower the arm which can be used to dig in sand, for example.

The full length of this excavator toy is about 14 inches or about 35 centimeters and it’s made out of a non-toxic recyclable ABS plastic material.

This excavator toy is great for kids

Almost every other kid out there will stop to look at a tractor or some other type of heavy machinery’s work in action so why not get them a great toy such as this? Not to mention that in these modern times, it’s now more important than ever to encourage your kid to go outside and play with other children instead of staring at the smartphone screen all day long.

And when you go out to the beach or in your backyard to play with your kid in the sandbox, be sure to remind them the awe inspiring fact that there are more stars in our universe than there are grains of sand in all of the beaches in the whole world combined.

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