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Runescape Classic is back! Log in now to gain access forever.

Runescape just turned 15 years old and with their anniversary they decided to open up Runescape Classic servers to new players one last time just for a few months. What this means is that if you log in to any of the official Runescape Classic servers during the open period, you’ll gain access to the classic servers with that account even after the open period ends. This is a great opportunity for old players to get a piece of nostalgia and for new players to experience what the game was like more than a decade ago.

Runescape classic 3839 days ago last logged inIt’s been a while

Man… has it really been that long? I just logged in with my oldest account and it turns out it has been idle for more than 10 years! I still remember when I started the account in my highschool computer class. Because we had no internet at home and our school was very strict, I had to sneak in after hours to play the game because it wasn’t allowed and what’s worse, the computer was so old and crappy that I had to reduce the graphics settings for the game to lag a little less.

Will RSC gain popularity?

The hype is pretty strong right now, but I am already seeing less and less people in the game. The first few days were really great and new players who had never even seen this ancient version of Runescape were interested in finding out how things used to be. However, since the newfags have been corrupted by simple things such as the Grand Exchange, Lodestone network, Task systems, free xp and all that, they found it really hard and troublesome to train skills even higher than 5 or 10. I believe that’s the main reason why Runescape Classic will not become popular amongst the younger generation. It’s just too damn difficult for them!

The ones who can really make Runescape Classic great again are us- the old timers and veterans of the original Runescape. Let the newbies continue playing the easy version of this game with protean bars, portable forges and free xp lamps/stars while the true gamers enjoy things like piling some noob in the wilderness and “helping” low level players cut their gems for them because that’s what RSC is all about!

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Runescape Hardcore Ironman Challenge: Invasion Of Falador

The Invasion of Falador is a two week event launched on the 19th of October, 2015 along with the graphical rework of the city. The main plot revolves around a bunch of Zamorakian Black Knights invading the city of Falador which currently is under the White Knights control. As always, this event offers plenty of rewards and a lot of experience points which is great for every Ironman out there. There’s a whole Wiki page dedicated for this in case you’ve missed out.

Healing the injured soldiers

I personally love healing the injured soldiers because of the Constitution experience which can be AFK-d. Constitution XP is hard enough to gain on its own so this little event is really helping. It’s definitely better than killing Ankous all the time and faster too!

Plenty of XP lamps

Whenever you participate in this event you earn commendation points and once you collect 100 of those you can redeem them for a random reward which very often includes all sorts of different XP lamps. You’ll get the occasional herbs and dragon bones too, but right now the rate at which XP lamps are given out is pretty awesome.

Muchoskill stats

Hardcore Ironman Challenge User Muchoskill 23 October 2015 StatisticsThanks to the event I have already gained a few levels in Woodcutting, Constitution, Mining, Runecrafting and Prayer. I managed to get my mining level up to 60 and gain access to the mining guild by completing a daily task of smithing 210 mithril daggers. As you know the poor Ironman has to do everything on his own so by the time I had mined the necessary resources, I had already gained a mining level.

61 came easy from the event as well as Prayer. I just had to use the one XP lamp received from cutting the overgrown tree in Falador park which gives epic experience points by the way.

The Invasion of Falador is pretty much a godsend for us Ironmen because of the free experience so I really recommend getting your asses there soon in order to get the most out of it!


Runescape Hardcore Ironman Challenge Update

Yesterday, when fighting Ankous, I was almost killed by an elite version of Ankou– the Notorious Ankou of Suffering. I had just consumed my last lobster moments before it appeared and I was kind of hoping to be strong enough to kill it without much effort, however the enemy was far too difficult for my level so I had to take refuge by stepping through the portal of death and teleporting to Burthorpe lodestone.

When I returned a few minutes later there was no sign of the Notorious Ankou of Suffering anywhere, only regular Ankous and a couple of ghosts. I’m not sure when I will get another chance at defeating the beast, because these elite type monsters seem to be quite rare. In fact, it’s the first time this has ever happened on my Hardcore Ironman account.

Muchoskill hardcore ironman statsMy current stats

I have gathered over half a million GP only from monster drops and the occasional junk selling to general stores around the world. I know it’s not much, but considering how difficult it actually is to make money in Hardcore mode, I think it’s a fine achievement in itself. At this rate I might even be able to afford a bond some day!

Unfortunately due to work and other responsibilities I only have about an hour of free time to play every day so skilling and money making is going to take a very long time. Because of this I haven’t really set any goals for myself and I simply enjoy playing for the sake of playing.

I’ve also enabled Legacy mode so the overall feel of the game is now even more oldschool than before.

Hardcore Ironman Challenge?

It’s a hidden game mode in Runescape that encourages players to be entirely self sufficient. Once active, you will be unable to trade with other players, use the Grand Exchange or participate in most group minigames and boss battles. You also have only one life so when you die your account will be permanently locked.


Flipping items for profit on the Runescape Grand Exchange (Tutorial)

There is an endless sea of Runescape money making guides available on the internet, but most of them either tell you to gather an expensive item so you run around like an idiot, or worse, require you to have a high level skill and spend an entire afternoon crafting or smithing something. Creating something of value can be fun in real life, but in a game it’s all just mindless clicking so wouldn’t you rather grow your cashpile the easy way? Flipping items for profit is the answer and in this article I will try to explain exactly how it’s done.

Runescape flipping guide

Flipping items is a process where you buy an item at a lower market value and later sell the item at a higher market value, thus making a profit.

For example you buy iron ore at 196 GP each and later sell iron ore at 203 GP each. This way you will earn 7 GP for every iron ore you flip.

If you are having trouble figuring out a good price to choose when buying and selling then I have another great tutorial on how to target what I like to call the “Desperate Buyer”. You can read more about it here: How to flip items on the Grand Exchange

How to find good items to flip on Runescape

Screenshot of a price graphic for iron ore in a bearish marketFlipping iron ore was just an example and I wouldn’t advise anyone, especially a beginner, to try and flip this item! That’s because the overall trend for this particular item is bearish (price keeps falling) as seen on the 6 month price graph on the left.

So, how do you know which item to flip? More importantly, how do you know whether or not the value of an item is going to increase in the future so you can sell it for profit? The Grand Exchange Market Watch has made this incredibly easy for us!

The Grand Exchange Market Watch

Jagex has been kind enough to launch the official market watch for all the tradable items on Runescape and because we now know how price has behaved in the past, it’s easy to predict a possible future scenario just by looking “into the past”. This is how you do it:

1. Open the Grand Exchange Market Watch

2. Click on the Market Movers tab

You are now looking at the flipping items list or the top 100 most traded items and this is obviously where the money is. But hold on! We can’t just start flipping any random item from this list. What if the item we pick is losing value over time just like iron ore?

How to spot an item that is likely to increase in value over time?

Basically you will need to find a graph that is showing clear signs of a bull market (a market condition where the overall price is moving up).

Beautiful clear bullish market price movement for frost dragon bonesFrost Dragon bones are the perfect example of a good bullish item. Notice the huge red arrow? It points to a trend line indicator (gentle light blue line) which is very important for us. Don’t forget to activate it!

Take a look at this graph. What do you see? The yellow line, which is the main price, keeps making higher lows (look at the green stars I drew).

A “low” is the lowest point a price has reached in a downward move. When a price makes a low and the next low is higher than the previous, it’s an indication of a bull market (overall upward movement).

As long as this is happening ABOVE the trend line we are good, but the moment the yellow price line crosses the blue trend line, things get icky and it’s advised to stop flipping these items.

Know when to stay away flipping items

Dragon bones 3 Month Price Bearish Downward movementWhen the price line (yellow) and trend line (blue) cross and the “mouth” of the chart is pointing in the downward direction, it’s most likely a sign of further downward movement as shown here on the 3 month chart of Dragon Bones.

I have drawn the red lines to emphasize the downward pointing mouth. Whenever you see something like this- stay away!

However if the mouth is opening upwards, it’s a strong sign of further upward movement. If the mouth opens and points up in a downward trend, it can even mean a trend reversal in which case you can try to flip, but cautiously.

Spirit Shard 1 month price chart confused priceItems with no apparent trend and sudden drops and spikes in the price can mean a lot of things, but it most certainly doesn’t mean it’s a safe item to flip.

The Spirit Shard on a 1 Month time scale is a great example of items to avoid. Such a strange behavior could be a malicious Runescape merchanting clan trying to manipulate the price or it can even mean that at some point Jagex is giving more of the item away freely on treasure hunter. In any case if you see an item like this then skip it.

Go, start flipping items on Runescape!

That’s it for today! I hope I have provided at least some insight into the world of Runescape money making using the grand exchange for flipping items. Once you get the hang of it, it will become the easiest thing you’ll ever do in this game.

If you want to speculate on an item or simply need some advice, feel free to add me in game. My username is y n e f (spaces between letters).


Strange message in Runescape: You sense something is not right, as if this could be the beginning of the end.

You sense something is not right, as if this could be the beginning of the end.Strange message in Runescape

So I was just siphoning blood runes off of a Blood Esswraith in Runescape when all of a sudden the world became sort of grey-ish and all the colors went much darker and my character seemed to fall to the ground?? I’m not sure, but it looked like I was simply lying face down on the ground for a second as if I had just fainted.


Then after a few seconds the screen started to normalize and my character stood up again. This is when I saw the strange message as shown in the screenshot.


You sense something is not right, as if this could be the beginning of the end.


I have never seen this before and it seems that even Google is not getting any relevant information about it. So what the heck was that?!


How to kill the King Black Dragon in Runescape Evolution of Combat (EOC)

The King Black Dragon

The King Black Dragon (KBD) is one of the easiest bosses in Runescape, but it can still be a formidable opponent for a low level player like myself.

King black dragon from RunescapeTo successfully kill the KBD at least 2-3 times before going to the bank for supplies you will need at least level 80+ in both Defence and Magic, assuming of course you are using magic to slay this monster.

Items to bring:

  • Either anti-fire shield or dragonfire shield
  • Antifire potion or a flask
  • The best armor you can wear
  • Monkfish or better for food
  • A panic teleport tab will be useful!
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Meet muchoskill, the Runescape avatar who only has one life

Cursed by the gods

Nobody knows for sure which god is responsible, but people all over the world are starting to speculate that it might have been an agreement of all the gods with the exception of Guthix (being dead and all…) , to curse certain newborn avatars in Gielinor so that they only have a single life. When you die- that’s it. Good night, sayonara etc.


Meet muchoskill

MuchoSkill from Runescape Hardcore Ironman Challenge
Muchoskill is just one of many who have been cursed in such a way. There are so many poor souls currently inhabiting the world that the supreme ruler Jagex has been forced to create separate highscore tables for these people. Every day muchoskill wakes up and the first thought that runs through his thick Rastafarian head is “will I survive this day or will I die and be forgotten?


Every day he sees more and more strangers who share his fate get killed in the most horrific ways one can imagine and if you think THAT should be enough to break the average man, an eerie voice on top of it all will always break the silence and announce the death of another one.


The only thing left for muchoskill is to continue his progress towards enlightenment by gaining experience in the many skills and activities this world has to offer in the hopes to perhaps one day see the mind of God using all of his knowledge and to rival the Gods themselves by claiming immortality and maybe, just maybe even becoming a God himself.


Are you up for the Hardcore Ironman Challenge? Join Runescape and get started!


Runescape is the worlds most popular browser based MMORPG

What is Runescape?

Runescape is a browser based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). It’s so popular that even the Guinness World Records recognizes it as the biggest, most updated and free MMORPG in the world. Unlike traditional games there is no need to download and install it in order to play. All you need is an internet connection, a modern web browser and a free account (your Runescape avatar).

Runescape is most popular mmorpgThe virtual journey of a lifetime

When you first enter the world of Runescape you have to go through a tutorial like in most games. It explains a lot how the game works and what your role in the game will be.

All the action takes place in a fictional medieval fantasy realm called Gielinor which is divided into different kingdoms, cities and regions. There is no main storyline for the game, instead every member can set their own personal goals and roam Gielinor freely. Of course there are certain areas that are only accessible after completing a quest.

The map is very huge with a lot of beautiful places ready to explore from the start. You can visit small towns and go shopping or spend your afternoon drinking beer at a local tavern. Or perhaps you prefer to spy on unicorns?

Runescape Seers Village Unicorn Found

Mysteries to uncover

You would think that once a game has been created then everything is set in place for good, but in Runescape there are many mysteries left unsolved and new ones are piling up all the time. Not even the makers of the game know exactly what will be discovered a year from now!

Fortunately for us the Varrock museum with their savvy archeologist are constantly working on the important stuff like uncovering more and more about the ancient race called the Dragonkin. So far we know that they were an intelligent race that existed in the previous cycle of the Universe and a few have survived the big reset by hiding in the Abyss. What could they be plotting now?

The digsite in Varrock

The fate of Gielinor lies in your hands

The Runescape staff has just recently implemented a system that lets members vote on how the game should continue. For example when a new quest is in the making, a game-wide poll will be available for every member where they can give their individual vote on what they want to happen. This makes Runescape a game where all the major events are literally influenced by the players themselves.

The Sixth Age

The Sixth Age (present day) started when a god named Guthix was killed. The death of Guthix had a great impact on Gielinor because the Edicts of Guthix were no longer in effect. The Edicts of Guthix banished all the gods from Gielinor in order to protect it from any further destruction. Because of that we have already been visited by four different gods who want the power of Guthix that is now spread across the world. There are many battles ahead but one thing is certain- we cannot allow anyone to have such infinite power. The only thing we can do is pick a side when the gods come and hope for the best… or not pick a side at all and hope they simply destroy each other without doing irreversible damage to Gielinor.

Make a difference now by creating your Runescape avatar!

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Flipping items on the Grand Exchange – A short how to tutorial

Flipping items is not rocket science

Despite what a lot of players think, flipping items is actually pretty simple and straightforward. The idea is to generate a profit by buying items below the average market price and after a while selling these items above the average market price (the buy low, sell high principle that works with any business).

Best items for flipping in the Grand Exchange

Runescape character thinking about flipping items on the Grand ExchangeBefore getting started you should understand that you can’t flip everything. Certain items are simply losing their value all the time, thus making them literally a black hole for your gold coins.

Then there are items that simply won’t sell only at certain times. The Santa Hat, for example, doesn’t sell in the middle of July etc.

Finding profitable items for flipping in GE

The easiest way to find a profitable item is to look for items that are in great demand such as things that are directly linked to skilling. For example herbs, seeds, ores, etc. are all required and in great demand because players are always trying to level up their skills using these items.

After you have chosen your item, it’s time to take a look at the price graph to make sure your items overall price trend is upwards, not downwards. You don’t want to end up with stuff that are clearly losing their value. To do that we simply enter our item name + grand exchange into Google search, for example “iron bar grand exchange”.

Iron bar showing uptrend in the price graphNow that the graph is displayed we can clearly see that the Iron Bar has an overall upward trend. You have to look at the entire graph, not just the last (right side) tip of the graph to understand where the trend is going.

If you don’t understand graphs that well there are plenty of tutorials and guides available online about how to properly analyze graphs and how to spot trends in the price movement. It’s really interesting stuff so I recommend looking into it! 😉

Buying and Selling on the Grand Exchange

After analyzing the market we have finally chosen which item to flip – for this guide, it’s the Iron Bar used mainly in the Smithing skill to make weapons, armor, arrow tips and nails.

The first thing we do is called a test buy. We simply buy one of the Iron Bars and put in a higher price than the average market price to make sure our item buys instantly. This is how we know exactly what the current price of our item is.

Test buy iron bar in the grand exchange for later flipping

As you can see on the picture to the left we entered 567 gp as the price we wanted to buy, but the item actually bought for 566 gp giving us back the change of 1 gp.

We now know that 566 gp is the actual price that Iron Bars are going for in the Grand Exchange at this moment.

Remember the price graph? The trend is clearly upwards so we are pretty confident that we can sell the Iron Bar back to the market for a higher price than 566 gp.


Picking the right price for selling

After raising the iron bar price in the grand exchange for 5 percent

The trick is to put the item up for sale and increase its price by five percent. To do that simply click on the +5% button and Grand Exchange will automatically adjust your selling price.

But that’s not the price we want to sell because a lot of other people are probably doing the same.

We need to target the “Desperate buyer” who rushes to GE and makes a buy order immediately with +5% without worrying much about market prices. These type of players just want to receive the item as fast as possible so they can go skilling and advance their levels.

In order to sell to these players the price must be adjusted in a way that it’s still above the overall market price, but below the +5% price. When we adjust our selling price in this way, we make sure the desperate buyer will buy from us first. Makes sense?

Iron Bar sold for 577 gp in the grand exchange of Runescape

Instead of trying to sell for 595 gp (the +5%) we are lowering the price to 577 gp aiming for a quick 11 gp profit per Iron Bar.

As you can see just a few moments later someone had bought our Iron Bar for 577 gp! I am sure if we waited long enough, we could sell it for 595+ as well, because the general price for Iron Bar is currently climbing. For now let’s settle with just 11 gp profit per Iron Bar.

Now we just have to repeat this process and buy 5000 Iron Bars giving us a good 55,000 profit flipping the Iron Bar.

Valuable items = More profits!

The Iron Bar in our example isn’t a valuable item and because of this the profits are smaller too. If you want to make more money flipping items on the Grand Exchange you just have to buy and sell things that cost more. The price difference is bigger there and so are your profits.

NB! I advise you to invest only 10-20% of your entire capital into flipping. This way you can safely trade without losing your entire cash pile should the trend change and prices fall.