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How to find good keywords to rank higher in search results

Ranking higher than your competitor in search results is vital to any business, but as time progresses, more and more websites will clutter the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) making it harder to keep up with your competition. In this article I will explain how to do keyword research like a professional SEO company.

From building solid backlinks to implementing Rich Snippets in order to be more attractive on a SERP, there are simply too many aspects to consider them all in just one article. However one of the most important things you can do is pick good quality keywords for your blog posts and articles that have low to moderate competition and therefore allow you to rank higher with less effort.

Get new keyword ideas first

It’s a good practise to consider every keyword and search query variation before you even start writing your article or blog post.

I know It’s hard to think of every possible case right off the bat so in order to get new keyword ideas I use the Google’s free Keyword Planner by feeding it just a couple of keywords and phrases that I think people would be searching for.

Here’s an example

Suppose I created a tool for web developers that generates responsive Youtube embed code for them based on the video’s URL (true story).

When I think what people would type in the search engine if they were looking for my tool I come up with three likely keywords that I want to use:

  • responsive youtube video
  • make iframe responsive
  • make youtube iframe responsive

By submitting these keywords to the Keyword Planner I realise just how many more terrific keywords and phrases people are using to search for similar services that I never would have thought about!

Let’s do some research

I now have a whole lot of keywords and phrases that Google suggests I should use and by clicking on the Avg. monthly searches tab I can sort them from high to low. This way I can weed out keywords that get too little action per month and would be of no use for me.

List of keywords I didnt come up with

Normally I don’t look at keywords that get less than 100 searches per month, but to be honest, there’s not really a universal blueprint for this so just choose the keywords that make sense and get a decent amount of queries each month.

Checking for competition

Contrary to popular belief, the competition tab in Keyword Planner is completely irrelevant for us because it’s meant for advertisers- the guys who pay Google through Adwords.

Don’t make the mistake a lot of newbies do by simply looking in the competition tab and sorting out keywords with “Low” competition. This approach is just plain wrong. But how do you check for real life competition?

Google it!

Simply put the entire phrase between quotation marks to look for that exact phrase and see how many results can Google fetch for us.

About 595 results

Now I know just how many websites are using this exact phrase in order to rank so I can easily figure out my chance of ranking higher based on the ratio of avg. monthly searches vs the actual results on a SERP.

Proper research takes time and patience

Congratulations, you now know how to choose which keywords to use inside of your articles the right way. Hooray!

But as you probably realised, doing keyword research the way I explained can be very time consuming if you have a hundred different phrases on your plate so If you want to save some of your valuable time, I can do the work for you for just five bucks!


How a professional SEO company blatantly lied to an unsuspecting client in their seo website analysis

Yesterday an old client of mine decided it’s time to take a more direct approach in getting some serious traffic to their website, so they looked up a local SEO company who apparently is one of the best SEO companies here in Estonia.

Seo company with cheap seo packages and free seo consulting servicesThe so called “professional SEO company“, whose name I would gladly announce to the rest of the world if I knew I wouldn’t get sued, asked for a whopping 700 EUR for 3 months of some vaguely described “SEO services” after just a brief phone call from my client who only wanted to get targeted website traffic.

I must say I was quite shocked when I heard the price so I asked my client to send me their confidential emails and agreements for me to study, just out of curiosity of course. What I discovered was insane!

Incorrect seo website analysis

I have no clue what software, if any, they were using to put together this particular SEO analysis report, but right off the bat I saw that the report stated my client’s website had absolutely no meta description tags on their website. This was the most obvious lie that I detected, because I knew for a fact I had put the meta description tags in his site myself when I designed it. I checked it again just in case and sure enough, the tags were all present!

In those confidential emails the SEO company also mentioned over and over again how poorly ranked the website was, constantly referencing the bad excuse of a SEO analysis report all the time which had strategically placed red X marks all over it to make it look like everything was broken and overall negative. So not only did they lie about his website, they were pumping fear into my client who now believed the SEO company is the only one who can save their website from imminent doom.

AdWords intermediate

From the confidential agreements I found out that they were getting all the actual targeted visitors simply through Google AdWords. And since my clients niche, especially in Estonia, is very small, the clicks bought from Google don’t really cost all that much. So where in the hell was all the 700 EUR going? All they were doing was mediate between my client and Google AdWords, making sure that a huge portion of the money went in their own greedy pockets.

Only 3 fixed ads

For 700 EUR the company offered my client just three fixed AdWords advertisements that my client had to write himself (even though he has absolutely no clue on how to write an ad that actually gets clicked!). Normally if you’re promoting your website through AdWords, you put up at least 10 different ads and analyze how each one is performing through the course of, lets say, 1-2 months, but this particular company decided it’s enough to simply take three ads, put them up and forget about them.

Why did I let this happen?

If I had known my client had a budget this big, I would have immediately gone the same, AdWords route. However, from my previous talks with my client it was obvious they didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I didn’t even mention AdWords to them and simply optimized his website for search engines for free.

This approach doesn’t get targeted visitors immediately, but it will definitely pay off in the long run once the website has naturally grown in the “eyes” of search engines. I guess my client wasn’t patient enough and wanted immediate results, but even so, anyone can promote their own website through AdWords and there is absolutely no need for an intermediate.


If you don’t know a thing about SEO, website optimization or getting targeted traffic to your website, the best advice I can give you is to stay away from big SEO companies who will use fear and lies to sell you things that you either don’t need or could very well do on your own.

Unlike the professional SEO companies, I don’t use fear and lies to make my clients pay insane amounts of money for a few minutes of work so if you need advice on this sort of thing, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will gladly analyze your website for free and provide free SEO consulting as well.