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A safe and non-toxic push and go truck set for kids

Both Ebay and Amazon are without a doubt two of the most popular destinations on the internet for parents who are looking for fun and educational toys for young children. But with the ever increasing trend of utterly useless, if not downright dangerous, crap being sold on these marketplaces every day, how can we make sure that the toys we purchase for our kids are indeed safe for them? This video, while not about children’s toys, is a perfect example of what I mean when I say that the internet is filled with cheap, useless and harmful junk.

Not every toy is safe

Every now and again we get to see news reports and articles on how yet another batch of children’s toys made out of cheap and toxic materials gets pulled from the local supermarket or an online store. And while the safety inspectors are doing the best they can in order to keep our children safe, there are just way too many of these items being sold to us everywhere making it virtually impossible to regulate or control them all.

You can make a difference

At the end of the day, we, the consumers, are the only ones capable of actually making a difference if we only cared enough about our children to stop supporting the fake merchants out there who are not interested in our children’s safety and care only for their own quick profits at the expense of others.

push and go truck set for kids ynef.net

Friction powered toys for kids (3 set)

ThinkGizmos is a professional provider of children’s toys for all ages and one of their latest listings on Amazon is a cool, colorful and extremely fun friction powered toy set consisting of three different vehicles: A cement mixer truck, A street sweeper and a Harvester truck.

The “push and go” truck set for kids

friction toys for toddlers ynef.netWhen looking for a gift for your toddler this Christmas, you should definitely consider this fun and educational toy’s set consisting of three casual every day machines because all of ThinkGizmos’s toys are made out of a non-toxic and recyclable plastic that isn’t harmful for a toddler.

And although the manufacturer has labeled the product suitable for children as young as 18 months and up, it’s still advised to not leave your kid unsupervised when playing with any of these toys due to the potential of a choking hazard because of smaller bits and pieces that can come off from the toys.

Friction toys for toddlers: teach ’em about physics!

While your 18 month year old toddler probably wouldn’t understand the concept of kinetic energy, a friction toy can be a great subject matter around kids a little bit older.

For example as you’re “pumping up” the vehicle you could tell them that the flywheel inside the car stores some of the kinetic energy of the initial acceleration and propels the toy forward after you release it. (source).

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Kids love big machines so why not get them this friction powered dump truck?

When I was around 5 years old, my uncle, who used to own a farmhouse and a huge piece of land far away from the city, invited me along one beautiful late summer morning on a ride in his harvester to gather the crops. Because I had never actually been inside one of these things before, I was naturally fascinated and excited to learn just how that piece of heavy machinery worked.

He showed me what each lever, switch and pedal were used for and even though it felt somewhat uncomfortable sitting on top of his metal toolbox (there was no passenger seat), it didn’t really bother me that much because being on board of a beast like this made me feel extremely “big” and powerful as we continued to ride into the horizon.

Kids love huge trucks

If you’ve got kids, you’re probably already aware that almost every one of them will want to stop and take a look at how a huge machine is doing its business. Perhaps you’ve seen your kid stare at a dump truck as it beeps its way behind the dumpster or maybe you’ve seen them standing and looking at a tractor or an excavator with that deep and thoughtful look in their eyes?

Kids love these kinds of machines because when they’re younger, they can’t really comprehend the fact that there’s a regular human being inside each and every one of these and so they genuinely believe that the machine is working on its own somehow like an intelligent being.

Speaking of which, automated machines are becoming more and more popular nowadays and there’s already a completely autonomous tractor in the making so in the future when a kid looks at a dump truck, for example, it will probably be operating without a human driver. How cool is that?!

ThinkGizmos friction powered toy dump truck ynef.net

Friction powered trucks for kids

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your child this Christmas, you can’t really go wrong with a construction or other type of heavy machinery kind of toy such as this friction powered truck that’s for sale on Amazon at a relatively low price of just around $40 bucks.

Push and go trucks are actually nothing new

“Friction powered” is such a fancy word for a regular old toy that you push a couple of times and then let go to watch it drive on its own for a little while. I used to play with toys like this all the time when growing up, but I can say that there’s definitely been some improvement in push and go toys in general.

Trucks for kids have been getting better

Over the years friction powered toys, like pretty much everything else, have been improving as more and more features are being added to make playing with toys as awesome as possible for young children.

My mother always used to tell me just how lucky I was to have a wide selection of toys available and how she had to play with wooden sticks all day long. And while it’s true that I had the privilege to play with some rather fancy toys, they are still becoming more advanced as time progresses.

Toy dump truck for kids that makes realistic sounds and has working headlights that are battery powered

For one, I never had a toy that could make realistic sounds or had working headlights. These kinds of small details, while not significant for us, grown ups, will make all the difference in the world for a young kid who sees the awesome toy for the very first time. Trust me.

So if you’re still not sure what to get for your kid this Christmas, perhaps a toy truck such as this is exactly what they are hoping for? Have you already asked them to send a letter to Santa Claus? ;)


The build your own toy car kit that’s a perfect gift for your little mechanic

Over the past few days I’ve been writing about a couple of interesting DIY toys and kits for young kids that help them develop their construction and engineering skills early on in life and I have covered quite a few useful gift ideas for Christmas as well. For example you might find that this remotely controlled excavator or perhaps a more complex LEGO-like do-it-yourself RC robot kit may just be the one gift that you’re looking for for your kids this season.

Construction kit for kids

Construction kit for kids

Speaking of build your own remote control toy kits, I would like to quickly go over a particular car building kit that consists of 30 different parts, all of which can be removed and reattached in order to build a fun and colorful sports racing car that can be controlled using a remote.

While the numerous build your own toy car kits on the market are nothing new, this Do It Yourself RC racing car by ThinkGizmos is in a league of its own thanks to its realistic sound effects and actual working headlights. Not to mention the fact that you’ll get a fully functional toy drill powered by two AA batteries along with the set making it a great toy for young mechanics to learn the most basic aspects of building a car.

Fun construction toy for kids

It’s a dream come true for any child, whether boy or girl, who is showing increased interest in cars, sports cars and remotely controlled vehicles as a whole and more importantly, it’s perfect for kids who enjoy assembling together their own toys instead of playing with boring static trinkets built by someone else.

Build your own car kit: what’s in the box?

construction toy for kids user manualWhen fully assembled, this racing car will measure 7.5 inches in length, 3.5 inches in width and 2.5 inches in height which in centimeters would be 19 x 8.9 x 6.4 respectively.

Like every other ThinkGizmos toy, it comes with a complete manual written in the English, Spanish, German, Italian and French languages.

There are a total of 30 different and colorful parts with distinct shape and size so your child can figure out which part goes where rather easily. Still, there’s enough room left for the more creative thinker, meaning that some parts in the set can be used to modify the aesthetic look of the car.

The manufacturer has set a fairly wide recommended age group for this toy ranging from toddles as young as 3 years old to someone who’s about to enter school for the first time.

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Boost your kid’s cognitive development with the help of this RC excavator

I recently read an article online about the positive impact of playing with sand on young children. The article covered a total of eight reasons why encouraging your kids to go out and play with sand was a good idea. These reasons included the obvious like how they can let their imagination run free and how playing in a sandbox helps to develop social skills for young kids, but the article also pointed out some of the not-so-obvious aspects of sand play. For example it’s proven that the activity promotes cognitive development.

While the sand, especially wet sand, alone can provide a day’s worth of fun and excitement for kids of all ages, it can get even more entertaining with the help of various toys meant for sand play. In this article I will talk more about a realistic 1:45 toy excavator model that can be operated using a remote control.

remote control excavator for kids cool toy digger

Remote control excavator for kids

Setting you back a measly $50 dollars, this 1:45 scale remotely controlled excavator toy for kids is a great gift idea for anyone, regardless of their gender, ages 3 and up although the manufacturer has advised consumers to keep a close eye on children younger than 6 years old due to various smaller parts.

It’s suitable to be used in both indoors and outdoors, but it’s not waterproof so make sure you don’t accidentally leave it in the rain or drop it in a pool or in the sea. It will probably work again after it has thoroughly dried, but eventually rust and corrosion will surely start to mess things up so it’s best to avoid water altogether like with most electronic devices and toys.

remote control excavator for kids cool toy digger remote controllerToy Digger for Kids: Features and Specs

It’s ready for action right out of the box as it comes with all of the batteries already included. Additionally there’s a detailed user’s manual written in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian languages.

The remote control is very comfortable to hold in hand and can be used to turn the excavator’s cab for up to 680 degrees.

You can also move the digger toy in every direction and raise or lower the arm which can be used to dig in sand, for example.

The full length of this excavator toy is about 14 inches or about 35 centimeters and it’s made out of a non-toxic recyclable ABS plastic material.

This excavator toy is great for kids

Almost every other kid out there will stop to look at a tractor or some other type of heavy machinery’s work in action so why not get them a great toy such as this? Not to mention that in these modern times, it’s now more important than ever to encourage your kid to go outside and play with other children instead of staring at the smartphone screen all day long.

And when you go out to the beach or in your backyard to play with your kid in the sandbox, be sure to remind them the awe inspiring fact that there are more stars in our universe than there are grains of sand in all of the beaches in the whole world combined.

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A remote control robot for kids that can dance and shoot missiles out of its chest

A few days ago I wrote an article about a self balancing robot for kids and today I’d like to continue that line of thought with yet another toy robot article. After all, Christmas will soon be knocking on the door and a toy robot is quite possibly one of the most awesome gift ideas for kids of all ages.

And since scientists are making tremendous progress in the field of robotics every day now and we get to hear about yet another major breakthrough at least once every few months or so, it’s now more important than ever to get your kid into the loop in case of a robot apocalypse. Who knows, maybe your little ones will be leading armies of humans against the intelligent machines in the near future.

Remote control toy robotRemote control robot for kids

Speaking of the imminent robot apocalypse, wouldn’t you love to have your kid play around with a toy robot that is capable of shooting missiles out from its chest and still have a witty sense of humor?

Yep, there’s a new fun robot on the market that can dance, walk around the room and, naturally, shoot at things. Thankfully it doesn’t do any of these things on its own as it can only be controlled using a remote. Phew.

Amazon is a great place to browse for potential gifts for any occasion anyway, so without further ado, let’s take a closer look into one of the products, namely the remotely controlled robot, that they have in store for us.

Main features of this fun robot

Well, for starters the thing already looks pretty bad-ass and is definitely worthy of admiration right out of the box. It runs on a total of 6 AA batteries (not included) with two going into each leg and two into the remote controller itself. Why do we need so many batteries you ask? Because it has a ton of epic features!

It can dance, it can walk up, down, left and right, it can optionally roll on its tiny wheels that are located under each foot which in my opinion make it look even more revering and its ultimate ability is to shoot missiles straight out from its chest.

Don’t worry, the missiles themselves are harmless unless of course one of them happens to get stuck in your nose or throat or some other strange place so use with caution. The manufacturer has labeled the toy suitable for ages 6 and up.

It’s even more fun to play in a room with lights out because the robot has some fairly cool built in LED lights for a rather wonderful lights show.

Robo Attack robot toy specs

Remote control toy robot for kids robo attack specsFor every young kid this 35 cm tall toy robot will definitely be one of their favorite toys for a very long time. There are plenty of happy customer reviews on Amazon where people are saying how this robot will provide hours upon hours of fun and entertainment.

The package includes a total of 9 foam missiles and you can buy them separately in case you happen to lose some of them.

One of their customers, Brandy, said that even though the missiles look like they could potentially stick to glass surfaces, his nephew had no luck in achieving this feat despite trying for quite a while. I don’t know, maybe he was just doing it wrong?

The remote control toy robot doesn’t move all that fast making it a perfect solution for younger kids in smaller houses or apartments, it weighs about 3.1 pounds (1.4 kg) and while it’s meant to be played with on a smooth surface like parquet, it can still successfully maneuver on a not-so-soft carpet.

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These remote control bumper cars are a great gift for this Christmas

Christmas is closer than you think. That’s why it’s a good idea to figure out exactly what you’re going to get for your friends and family sooner, rather than later. That’s true unless you enjoy going shopping the evening before Christmas morning when everything’s a mess and you get this sense of imminent doom as you step inside the supermarket and watch a horde of mad men roaming around the place, desperately trying to grab everything off the shelves. That’s right, you better take all of it and make sure to loot more stuff than the guy next to you.

Remote control bumper cars

Think Gizmos remote control bumper cars

Here’s an idea: why not get a couple of really cool remote control bumper cars for you and your family to enjoy throughout Christmas and then some more?

If you’ve ever played video games, especially racing games like Burnout or demolition derby type games like the Destruction Derby on Playstation One, you’re going to have a blast smashing into each other’s cars with this fun toy set.

If anything, you’re going to get everyone’s eyeballs look away from all of those wicked smartphone screens for at least a couple of moments and that, my friend, is an event worthy of an Oscar (or whatever grand prize is relevant in this context).

How does this remote control toy work?

For a fairly low price of $60, you’re going to get a set of two remote control bumper cars, each with their own corresponding remote controller.

The package includes all the necessary batteries so you don’t have to stress about getting those. Just open the box, grab the remote, shove the other in the hands of whoever sits closest to you and get ready to rumble.

The goal of the game is to bump into your opponent’s car from its side where you’ll find a button which when pressed will throw a little man-driver out of their cars. Congratulations, you just won the medal.

You can of course come up with the prizes on your own, but in my opinion a good idea is to have the loser do the dishes or some other household chores. Trust me, they’ll try their best not to lose and this is exactly what you’re going to need for the most epic battle your family has ever witnessed.

Specifications for this fun toy

  • Futuristic looking bumper cars
  • Batteries included
  • Manual in English, Spanish, German, Italian and French
  • Fun, safe and non-toxic material
  • Each car is about 15 centimeters long
  • Suitable for ages 6 and up
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Build your own robot or remote controlled car using this construction kit

I can still remember that one Christmas morning, I think I was around 7 years old, when Santa had brought a really huge present under the Christmas tree. I had never before seen a gift box so big so naturally I was hyped out of my mind and jumping around with tears of joy in my eyes. I didn’t even know what it was yet, but I was already the happiest kid in the world.

Upon unwrapping the package I was hit by yet another wave of childish delight as I saw the actual gift for the very first time. It was a black, remotely controlled monster pick-up truck with massive wheels and fancy flame stickers on both the hood and the doors. The motor was powerful enough to be easily played with outdoors on a rough terrain. It was the first dream that had actually come true. I’ll never forget it.

Construction toy for kids

Think Gizmos construction kit build your own robotDo you have kids? If you do, you most certainly have to check out this robot toy construction kit that comes with complete instructions, a ready made remote controller, bits and pieces for building the body and of course a small battery powered motor so you can effortlessly build your own robot remote controlled toy vehicle.

Build your own robot or remote controlled car

The different body parts and pieces resemble LEGO’s and although they aren’t compatible with them, you can still enjoy unleashing your imagination and build a remote controlled tank, a sports car, a wheelchair or pretty much anything you can think of really.

If you had fun playing with LEGO’s as a kid, you’ll most definitely get a kick out of this construction kit because not only can you build something completely unique and epic from all of the different pieces, you can now breathe life into your robot toy thanks to the small motor and remote control system.

Construction kit

It’s built for kids ages 6 and up so naturally there’s no difficult wiring or soldering required. It’s a complete remote control car construction kit and it’s cool enough so you shouldn’t feel bad when your excitement levels exceed that of your children’s. Everything is included in this kit, even the batteries unlike with most toys today where you have to buy them elsewhere.

Destruction derby time!

I used to build similar cars with my cousin from LEGO’s and then we’d just ram them together real hard with bits and pieces flying in every direction. We would have given anything in the world for a construction kit such as this!

Take Kevin from Amazon, for example. This guy went ahead and bought 8 kits in total just so he could invite over all of his friends, build whatever came to mind without the help of a user manual and race around a track made out of a cheap carpet and a cut up garden hose. Let me quote his own words:

The cars have enough power to get up to good speeds and really bash each other apart. Fantastic for a destruction derby.

Age is irrelevant

I’m almost 30 years old now, but I still find myself passing through the toy’s section in practically every other supermarket that I visit. It’s just so exciting to look at all the new and cool ideas that people come up with and to imagine what it would feel like if I were still a kid seeing all this stuff.

What’s more, I can now afford all of these things unlike when I was still a kid with absolutely no pocket money. Perhaps that’s the reason I buy a model car or a puzzle every now and again.