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Open Source GPT Script – Incentive Platform for your website

VidCoin is a very basic and simple open source GPT script written in php that can help you make money by having your users watch videos (mostly Youtube videos) in exchange for points that they can later redeem into Bitcoin. Of course it doesn’t have to be Bitcoins! It can be whatever you prefer after you modify the script to suit your needs and the topic of your website.

How does this work exactly?

The script uses a platform called an Offer Wall which is basically a wall of various videos. These videos come from a network (in our case Virool) and these are paid videos, meaning that the person who put the video up there is paying you (through Virool) $0,01 USD every time your users or website visitors watch the video for 30 seconds.

That’s how you earn money and the owner of the video is getting his video seen- a win win scenario.

Why Open Source?

Why not? These types of incentive gpt scripts have always been overpriced with half the code encrypted even after you have purchased a full license. And although VidCoin can’t compete with the professionalism of certain high end GPT scripts out there today, I am hoping that in the future enough people contribute to this project and it will become great.

Get paid as your users watch videos

The incentive script, VidCoin, is a great addition to your already existing website because it will keep your users active on your site and hopefully even bring in some free traffic when they use the built in referral system. They earn more points if they invite all their friends!

You could of course use this script to make a standalone incentive gpt platform. It’s up to you. In fact, I encourage you to use this script in unique and creative ways, but make sure you tell me about it- I would love to see it in action!

Available on GitHub

I’ve uploaded the script to GitHub and you can access the page here. If you want to use it- go ahead and use it. If you are a programmer and want to correct some of my mistakes or make it better- feel free to do so!


Introducing virtual currency called VidCoin that you can earn by watching fun videos

What is VidCoin?

VidCoin is an experimental online e-currency that can only be earned by watching short videos on the official VidCoin website.

There is no registration form!

Vidcoin earn bitcoin watching videos
VidCoin uses your unique Facebook identity to securely log you into the members area where you can find videos to watch. Upon logging in for the first time VidCoin will ask for your Bitcoin wallet so that we can make payments to you in the future. Make sure to enter your valid Bitcoin wallet because it can only be changed manually by the administrator later on.