Glidecraft hoverboard is the ultimate toy for gamers

What Disney turned into a video game some time ago, you can own in real life. The all new one wheel skateboard is probably the closest thing you will get to levitating in air. Since the wheel is in the center, when you are riding this new one wheel hoverboard to everyone, it looks like you are suspended in air. Since most video gamers are not the biggest workout enthusiast, they made moving on this new hover skateboard easier than any classic 4 wheel skateboard around.

One wheel hoverboard Glidecraft

When you turn it on, it assists you on your balance which from what I know its the only one of its kind. Every other skateboard takes weeks, maybe months to learn not to hurt yourself, but this new Glidecraft model it takes literally minutes and then it rides like you were born to be on one.

One wheel scooter Glidecraft hoverboard

The reason the S600 is the ultimate must have for any gamer is because it gets you to go outside! These boards are so much fun that going out just became way more attractive. Because many people will think that hoverboards don’t give you much of a workout, we have included this hoverboard workout video from youtube. Even though you are not walking, you still get quite the workout just from standing and balancing on one, especially if you take it outside on pavement.

Glidecraft one wheel hoverboard

The most important part is that you are having loads of fun while riding. These new skateboards gave me more satisfaction than most of the games I’ve played so far!

This new Hover skateboard looks way better than the original hoverboards for sale and they go just as fast, 10-12 miles per hour. They are lighter in weight, there is a handle to hold it. They feel way more durable.

If you put your feet close together you can actually jump up a curb with one, which I felt the regular two wheel hoverboards were missing. At first the $550.00 retail looked a little scary, but when looking at the price of most electric longboards and other electric scooters and comparing it to the workmanship of this unit, its well worth it.

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Benefits of replacing GU10 halogen bulbs with their LED counterparts

When I first moved in my apartment 5 years ago, the owner had just renovated it and like many other “modern” kitchens, ours too had to have a total of ten GU10 halogen light bulbs spread across the entire ceiling. Definitely overkill for a small room and It was bright as hell, but honestly I kinda liked it. What I didn’t like, however, was the monthly electricity bill and so I took most of the halogens out of their sockets, leaving a total of seven awkward holes in the ceiling. The lonely trio that remained still managed to illuminate the entire room- that’s how bright they were.

Replacing GU10 halogens with LED’s

Gu10 LED light bulb from Majordepot.comBy pulling out most of the unnecessary halogen light bulbs I effectively managed to cut my electricity cost by around 60%. I’m still not entirely sure why the owner needed to use so many light bulbs when you could do just as fine with only three. Maybe he just liked bright hospital-like rooms?

Whatever his “problem” was, I had one too- those damn awkward holes! They didn’t bother me that much, but I grew tired of stupid remarks ie.”are you a vampire?” or “how broke are you?” every time someone would come over.

That’s when I first learned about the GU10 dimmable LED‘s and I was shocked to realize just how much more energy efficient, not to mention cheap they were compared to their halogen counterparts. Many people online claim to have reduced their electricity bill by up to 80% simply by replacing all of their halogens with LED’s.

I knew then and there that this was the way of the future and my “hole problem” would be swiftly taken care of once and for all.

GU10 halogens VS their LED counterpart

Here’s a quick bullet point overview on why the LED’s are superior compared to the halogen version:

  • Depending on where you’re buying them, they usually cost half the price of halogen light bulbs.
  • They consume much less energy for the same light output and therefore you can reduce your utility bill by up to 80%.
  • Under normal conditions the LED’s have up to 20 times longer life span compared to old halogen light bulbs.

It’s clear that you will save money both from using less energy for the same amount of brightness and because the LED’s usually live way longer, you have to buy them less frequently and even if one eventually wears out, they go for way cheaper than their halogen analogs.

Choosing the correct wattage

GU10 LED light bulb wattage information as seen on Majordepot.comChoosing the correct wattage to replace your old halogen bulbs is actually pretty easy because all the information you need is usually written right there on the box.

For example if your old halogen bulb has 35W written on it, you should look for a LED that says 4-35W on the box.

In layman terms it means: This is a 4W LED light bulb meant to replace a 35W halogen.

Color and beam angle

The two other variables you need to consider are the color of your LED light and it’s beam angle. There are commonly three different colors available: 827 (warm light) used in most households, 830 (warm white light) often used in restaurants and hotels, and finally 840 (cold white) often used in offices or supermarkets. For a cozy atmosphere I definitely recommend 827 – warm light.

The beam angle is another variable that changes from bulb to bulb. For a regular household, I’d go for the widest possible angle you can find because this way more of your room gets illuminated. On the other hand if you want to enhance a certain object like a painting or a statue, then it would make sense to put a light with a narrow beam angle above it.

Generally you can choose from 25 to 60 degree beam angles and the most commonly used GU10 light bulbs have a beam angle of 40 degrees.

Is it dimmable?

If you happen to have a light dimming switch integrated in your system, you definitely have to double check the box of the LED bulb because not all LED light bulbs are dimmable. Fortunately they’ve made it easy for us by simply adding the letter D in the name. For example: D 4-35W. And if you look closely, you’ll probably find the word “dimmable” somewhere on the package as well.


As you can see there is really no reason why you shouldn’t replace those old halogens with a new and more energy efficient technology. You’ll benefit from a cheaper price, a much longer lifespan and most importantly a significantly reduced electricity bill. On top of that, the GU10 LED’s have a voltage of 230 which means you can simply plug them into your regular sockets and start using them immediately.


Use any infrared universal remote as a PlayStation 4 remote control

The PlayStation 4 media player supports various movies and videos encoded in popular formats like MKV, AVI, MP4 and MPEG2. On top of that Sony recently released a new software update which gives you the ability to playback videos and music as well as view photos straight from your USB stick. While these great features make the sought after gaming console a very capable and practical media center for home use, it comes with just one small snag- the controller.

Don’t get me wrong, the PS4 controller is perfect for gaming, but if you have ever used it to browse through the menus, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The PlayStation 4 controller just isn’t designed for navigating between various streaming services and controlling video playback. Fortunately for us a guy from Austin, TX has just built a device which will make our lives a lot easier.

PlayStation 4 Remote Control

There are many different universal remote controllers available on the market which allow you to control almost any device that uses infrared technology (IR). Unfortunately PlayStation 4 uses Bluetooth so you can’t use an old universal remote as your PS4 remote controller.

It’s true that you can find some unofficial PS4 remotes on the internet today that sort of work, but aren’t really doing the job very well as you can’t power on your PlayStation 4 console directly from the remote itself. Quite an annoyance if you’re after a more serious PS4 media remote controller.

PS4 Universal Remote

Umotia KickStarter Project PS4 Remote Control Infrared Universal ControllerThis is where Umotia, the device I mentioned earlier, comes into play! It’s a fairly simple yet ingenious gadget built by Norman James that allows you to use virtually any universal remote controller to control your PlayStation 4 console through the HDMI Device Link feature.

Simply enable the HDMI Device Link feature in your PlayStation 4 settings, connect three cables and voila- you can now use any old universal tv controller as a fully functioning PS4 remote control.

Back the Umotia on Kickstarter

The beta version of Umotia is already out and will set you back just $25, but since it’s a Kickstarter campaign, you can get all sorts of goodies if you back the project with a little more buck. What I’m personally interested in is the ability to write your own software for Umotia and the developer is happy to provide you with everything you need if you back his project with at least $500. As a bonus you’ll receive a second, final version of the device, free of charge once the project goes mainstream.


Fix Epson Stylus SX105 Scanner Cropping Images Automatically

The Epson Stylus SX105 all in one printer and scanner is a great addition for your everyday office stuff, but the default settings in the scanner software tend to add unwanted cropping of images to pretty much anything you try to scan. While cropping is alright for most documents, in some situations you would prefer for the scanner to not crop scanned material on its own.

How to fix scanner cropping issue

I spent quite a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong with the device and eventually failed to detect any anomalies because the actual problem laid elsewhere. By default the Epson Stylus scanner software is setup to crop anything you scan, but you can easily change that by doing the following:

  • Open up the Epson scan software
  • In home mode click on Configuration
  • Under Preview pane set Thumbnail cropping area to Large

Click OK and your Epson Stylus SX105 scanner should no longer be cropping images automatically. Instead it will scan the entire document with all of its corners, cracks and imperfections it may or may not have. I have also provided you with a screenshot of the entire process to help you get it done fast.

Fix epson stylus sx105 cropping images issue


Google Cardboard – A Gateway to the VR World

Remember when the first smartphones used to cost a fortune? It’s the same with Virtual Reality technology because like any other first generation technology, it’s still very young and out of reach for the average folk. Currently the consumer grade VR Headset costs around $600 + shipping and handling. Kind of crispy if you ask me.

Experience Virtual Reality using your phone

Virtual Reality VR Headset Using Your Phone

However there’s still a way to test the waters and experience the world of Virtual Reality first hand for less than what you’d normally pay for a happy meal. Google Cardboard is a Do It Yourself cardboard device that uses your smartphone coupled by two specially designed lenses to provide a rather immersive Virtual Reality experience.

In case you didn’t know, most smartphones today are already filled with movement tracking technology which is the basic building block in any VR headset. And while the Cardboard isn’t meant to compete with the latest VR technology, it will definitely provide a fun and exciting experience especially if you haven’t used any virtual reality devices in the past. It feels like you’re really inside the game world!

Google started a snowball effect

Google released the schematics to build your own Virtual Reality headset at home using a couple of lenses and some cardboard way back in 2014 with the intention of making people realize what was possible in the VR world and now, just two years later, all the major technology giants like PlayStation, HTC, Oculus and Microsoft are rushing to release their own VR technology to the general public. The year 2016, as Techio explains, will be the year when VR finally goes mainstream and well, the world will never really be the same!

A poor man’s virtual reality headset

While the recently released consumer grade VR headsets remain rather expensive for at least a few more years, the Do-It-Yourself cardboard device is a great substitute for experiencing immersive virtual reality yourself for the first time. It’s no surprise then that the Google Cardboard is also known as the poor man’s virtual reality headset.


How to use Google as a free mobile phone tracker

Whether you have bad memory or spent the previous night partying hard, losing your phone is probably one of the most annoying things that can happen especially if you’re in a hurry. Have you ever lost your phone and decided to call it in order to locate the device only to realize a moment later that you can’t call because your phone is lost in the first place? Well, now you can! Thanks to Google, you can now make your phone ring using only your computer with an internet connection.

Cell phone tracker through Google search

Google Find My Phone Android Search ResultOne of the easiest ways to ring your phone and find it easily is by simply typing in find my phone directly into Google’s search field.

Given that you have fulfilled a couple of prerequisites, you should see how Google is trying to locate your phone and in a few moments say that it has been found.

A button should then appear right under the minimap making it available to ring your phone for a few minutes.

Phone tracker requirements:

1. You must have an Android phone

2. Wireless connectivity or mobile data must be enabled

3. Your device’s location access must be turned on and be signed in to your Google account

4. Your phone must be previously linked to your Google’s account

Note: If your phone is turned off or no internet connection is available then this feature unfortunately doesn’t work because Google’s find my phone service isn’t a GPS phone tracker.

Still can’t find your phone?

phone is lostIf your phone has been lost for a while the battery may have drained out completely. Since the above method only works with a phone that’s turned on, the other option would be to go to your mobile service provider and have them triangulate the last known approximate location.

However I can’t guarantee they’ll help because the last time my phone was lost the mobile data provider just said it was out of their reach and I should try going straight to the police.

I always had a feeling my phone was stolen, but I had no actual proof to back my claims so the police decided not to spend their resources on something that’s not criminal in nature and so my poor phone remained lost forever.

Nowadays there should also be a few phone tracker apps available on the Android store so it’s definitely worth more research, but what will most likely save you next time you lose your phone is simply connecting it to your Google account and enabling mobile data at all times.


Lubuntu is a great lightweight Linux distro for any old Netbook

About 4 years ago I purchased this old netbook from a guy who apparently only needed it for a single plane trip to watch some movies. Three years were well spent together with the MSI Wind U100 upgraded with 2GB of RAM, 1.6 GHZ processor and Intel GMA950 graphics chip, but I eventually realized that it wasn’t enough for my needs (FL Studio) and so the little guy was abandoned for an Ultrabook (Series 5). It has been at least a year since I even laid eyes on the netbook, but today I decided to install a very lightweight Linux distro on it and see what happens.

Lubuntu is lightweight and user friendly

I have to admit I’m not really an avid Linux user as I have only used a couple of live systems in the past. All the command line stuff is mostly unknown to me and although I can navigate through the systems with the help of various online guides like Cool Computing for example, I still prefer a good and friendly Desktop user interface.

On top of that Lubuntu is a very energy efficient and lightweight Linux distro with the minimum RAM requirements of as low as 128MB- that’s literally a PC from two decades ago so I figured it would work perfectly for an old netbook that still packs a whopping 2GB of RAM (that’s very good by netbook standards).

Uhh… where’s the hard drive?

When I pressed the power button after more than a year of being idle, the netbook said it was unable to find a bootable media. It almost sounded like it was mad at me for abandoning it after three great years together so I opened it up and found that the hard drive was indeed missing.

Netbook MSI Wind U100 Hard Drive Missing

After more than half an hour of being clueless I finally realized I had removed the hard drive and stuffed it in one of those portable HDD casings found on eBay and not surprisingly the whole 160GB was used up with various photos and videos taken from family get togethers, hiking trips and stuff like that so formatting was out of the question.

Using Lubuntu live system for now

With no free hard drive available for me right now, I am going to postpone this little project of mine, but is that going to stop me from using the Lubuntu? Nope. In case you didn’t know, you can try almost any distro out there without installing it by running the entire OS from your pendrive. Here’s a photo of my MSI Wind U100 running Lubuntu from the USB drive with no HDD whatsoever. Pretty neat, huh?

MSI Wind U100 Running Lubuntu Pendrive