This Hidden Spy Camera Pen is one of the most discrete Hidden Cameras available

This neat little spy camera is disguised as a fully functional ball point pen so nobody will suspect a thing when you’re taking photos or recording videos with it. Apart from being useful for the peeping tom, this cool gadget that looks like something straight out of a James Bond movie, can actually become very handy in situations where hard video evidence is the only thing that will protect you (I’m talking about the ever increasing police brutality incidents that are happening all over the US right now).

Spy gear can be useful

Spy Camera Hidden Spy Cam Pen Ball PointSpying on someone is in itself a questionable activity and without going too deeply into the ethical side of things, I don’t encourage anyone to secretly use this spy cam to spy on someone for no reason. You wouldn’t want someone to do this to you, right?

There are however quite a few legitimate reasons why you would need spy equipment. For example as I mentioned above, to fight police brutality.

Just imagine for a moment that you are in a similar position as this Uber Driver. It’s great that the customer secretly took this footage, but it was mere luck that a camera was readily available. Most of the times you simply don’t have the luxury of reaching for your iPhone to record what’s happening.


Hidden Cameras for Surveillance

Spy gear hidden spy camera record videos take pictures

Just a couple of years ago such a surveillance camera was pretty expensive and really hard to find. In fact only a handful of special places actually sold these.

Nowadays however, you can easily get your hands on a really well disguised surveillance camera for less than what you spend on your evening meal. For example this particular spy camera pen costs only $7,68 USD making it one of the most affordable spy gadgets currently available on the market.

Hidden spycam pen features

Video resolution: 720×480

Picture resolution: 1280×960

Uses micro SD card for storage (not included)

Built in rechargeable battery lasts for about 1 hour

30 minutes of video takes up about 500MB of storage

Dimensions: 148 x 14 millimeters