Wharfie Pack and Stack the Puzzle Boxes

Wharfie Pack And Stack The Puzzle Boxes, previously known as Wharfie Stack The Shipping Containers, is a new and modern version of the legendary game Tetris. The game is developed by a guy named Tobias Unterfranz, who is a lifelong fan of Tetris and is proud to offer the public a whole new twist on the original game with HD backgrounds, different shaped pieces, more challenging levels and overall a fun and exciting concept. The game is in his words “A loving tribute to the original game“, but how did it all begin?

elektronika 60 tetrisThe birth of Tetris

In 1984, June 6th, a Russian video game designer Alexey Pajitnov created the very first version of Tetris on Elektronika 60 which was an old computer model developed by the Soviet Union. The popularity of the game grew rapidly and by 1986 it had already been programmed for Apple II and Commodore 64 systems. However, Tetris would soon be involved in heavy legal battles.

Spreading overseas

In 1986 the IBM PC version of Tetris was launched in the United States. Needless to say, it was a huge success and was referred to as a simple, yet highly addictive computer game.

In 1987 Robert Stein, who was the president of a British software company called Andromeda at the time, managed to acquire a copyright license for the IBM PC version of the game as well as most other platforms.

nintendo game boy handheld deviceNintendo’s involvement

In 1988 Nintendo obtained a license to include Tetris in both the NES console as well as their new handheld device, the Game Boy. Nintendo’s Game Boy Tetris became by far the most popular version of Tetris in the world selling over 33 million copies. Obviously the sudden popularity didn’t feel right to Andromeda and so heavy lawsuits between Nintendo and Andromeda would last until the year 1993.

The battle ends

In 1996 the battle finally ended with the founding of the Tetris company in the United States which claimed the copyrights to Tetris in America and additionally secured trademark registrations for Tetris in nearly every other country around the world. The Tetris company also attempted to remove all clones of the game by distributing many cease and desist letters, but it wasn’t successful because the amount of Tetris clones and variations is just too great to count.

Rest assured that these clones and variations are what’s keeping the legacy of Tetris alive and Wharfie Pack And Stack The Puzzle Boxes is the latest twist on the iconic game. It’s available for iPhone, iPad and now TVOS and you can get the game below.

Wharfie – Pack And Stack The Puzzle Boxes by Tobias Unterfranz.

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