Zuma Deluxe is an epic collection of flash games online

Think Adobe Flash is dead? Think again. Sure, we no longer build websites with it, but Flash is still great for one thing- GAMES! The next time you find yourself watching cat videos on Youtube because you have nothing better to do, I dare you to open up one of Zuma Deluxe addictive online games instead. By the way, did you know that by playing simple, yet challenging arcade games, your brain productivity will increase?

According to Technology Advice research, playing games impacts the brain positively by increasing motivation, improving memory, driving efficiency, and at even enhancing feelings of empathy among your team.

Zuma Deluxe Games Online

When you first arrive at the site, it sort of looks like a regular database of ordinary flash games, but once you start to play Zuma games yourself, you’ll soon realize their true power. I spent half an hour trying to perfect my score at one of their games called Suma.

zuma suma flash game screenshotIn this Aztec themed game you control what appears to be a stone statue of a frog. The frog will spit out one colored ball at a time and your goal is to launch that ball towards the appropriate array of balls (by color) that are slowly moving towards the end part of their chute. The game is over if you fail to clear all the balls before they reach the end!

As with every decent arcade game, the levels get more complex as you progress, with less time to react and more different colored balls appearing.

Zuma Deluxe – different themes for different people

If you happen to like sushi or anything Japan related, you’ll love whatSushi suma flash game screenshot they’ve done with Sushi Zuma. The chef keeps throwing different food at you and your goal is to match these with whatever is currently on your plate. The same basic principles that were on Suma also apply here.

Zuma Deluxe has themes for literally everyone out there! For example the Card Zuma for poker fans or Heru for people in love with Egypt related stuff.


gold strike flash game screenshotThe Gold Strike is a little different than the other games on Zuma Deluxe.

A wall of blocks will slowly move towards you from the left and you need to throw your pickaxe to an area with at least two blocks of the same type.

When successful, the blocks are destroyed and the wall moves forward. If any blocks were on top, they’ll now move downwards. It’s sort of like Tetris, but cooler!

Play Zuma games

Since playing these kinds of arcade games for about 20-30 minutes will impact your brain positively, why not play Zuma games every once in a while when you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock with your projects? There’s probably a bit of a placebo effect going on, but every time I play for a while, I feel refreshed. Worth giving it a try, don’t you think?