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Like any average boy, I too used to be a serious power rangers fan in my early teen years. I remember watching the show on our old television set while at the same time arguing with my best friend whose special abilities were the best and who sucked. If you’re up for some of that nostalgia every now and again, why not play the flash games that were inspired by the iconic TV show, Power Rangers? I’ve hand picked three of the best games that you should definitely try out in your spare time!

Rangers Together Samurai Forever

Rangers Together Samurai Forever Power Rangers Game Screenshot

My top pick has to be this awesome fighting game. It sort of looks like an old Mortal Kombat and while it’s true that being a flash game it does indeed have certain flaws graphics wise, it’s still a great game to play especially if you love retro fighting games. It even has a multiplayer option so you can fight against your friend.

Flip Out

Power Rangers Game Flip Out Screenshot

In Flip Out your character is constantly running forward while your enemies keep running towards you. The goal here is to avoid collision by either jumping over the enemy when they’re running on the ground or by sliding under them if they are flying. Occasionally you can pick up a sort of energy weapon that kills everything it comes in contact with for a couple of seconds which is really hardcore.

Dino Charge Keepers Escape

Dino Charge Keepers Escape Screenshot

Dino Charge Keepers Escape is a space battle game very similar to the classic Space Invaders game. The main difference is that this game, unlike the analogue, is horizontal and enemies (space rocks and rockets) are moving towards you from right to left. The goal is to shoot the obstacles and gain points by doing so and every once in a while you’ll encounter a boss that must be defeated in order to proceed.


The above three games are the best that Power Rangers Games has to offer, but there are plenty of more similarly themed games available from their website. I love it how they have gone through the trouble of collecting a bunch of best performing games and published them on their website for everyone to access without the need of creating accounts anywhere. Just clean and simple gaming experience!


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