A simple and highly addictive pixel game you should definitely play

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Yesterday I had some free time so naturally I decided to browse the Play Store once more and find some interesting games for mobile phones to add to my ever growing collection. Since I’m an 80’s kid, I’m a really big fan of retro games that have pixel graphics and groovy 8-bit music.

These kinds of games are quite rare nowadays, but they have the ability to instantly take me aboard the nostalgia spaceship and fly me through the endless field of epic memories from my childhood days that were mostly spent behind a NES console. You can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this simple yet highly addicting game which had some really positive reviews so I decided to download and install it and see for myself whether it was as good as people claimed it to be.

Addicting game of pixel robots

Pixel Robot Jump Saga Addictive Game For Mobile PhonesUpon first launching the game you are greeted by a serious looking pixel robot in the middle of a red circle that has a hole on top of it which should give you some clues as to where this game is headed. The graphics are very simple and I think the whole game has just two different moving parts or sprites along with a couple of buttons for checking the highscores and whatnot.

While this pixel game in itself isn’t really doing “the thing” for me, it’s the music that eventually sets the entire mood and atmosphere so be warned when I say you can really lose yourself in it if you play even for a couple of minutes.

Gameplay overview

In the game you are controlling a pixel robot who is unfortunately bound by the same laws of physics as us, humans. It too is in a constant free fall towards the bottom of the screen and to make matters worse for the poor fellow, there’s a deadly red circle around it with a small enough hole on one side to get your character through just barely. Without touching the circle you need to time your movement precisely and jump through the hoop as it passes. The whole endeavour is rather complex because you need to keep the pixel robot from not touching the circle while the whole thing rotates around you at the same time.

Finally got through… but no score?

Pixel robot jump game screenshotAfter countless times of desperately trying to time my jump right so that I would get through the narrow crack on the side of the red “enemy” circle, I finally managed to jump through only to see that my score was still a big fat zero.

It turns out that not only do you have to get out of the circle, you also need to get back in from outside in order for the game to give you a measly +1 as a reward for your accomplishment. Ugh. I have a feeling that the trance inducing music is solely responsible for keeping me at the edge of rage quitting yet needing to continue on for a higher score making it by far one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played on a mobile phone and I love it!


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