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Immortal Files is a new free backup software that makes backing up photos, files and other data very easy. Simply create your personal rules for this data backup program and let it take care of everything. Immortal Files can back up your data in a cloud or connect remotely to your FTP server. It can even backup an entire hard drive with both Windows and Mac OS support.

How to backup files with Immortal Files

Immortal files screenshot of choosing the items you want to have backed upWhen you open this data backup software it will ask you to choose the files and folders you intend to back up whether using online storage or cloud backup of your choosing.

The next step is to choose rules for backing up your data. For example you could tell Immortal Files to exclude all .avi files or all .jpg files from a folder, but backup everything else.

If you’d like to backup the hard drive as a whole, it’s also a possibility. Simply check your hard drive in the selection window and the software will start backing up your data!

Auto backup data every 30 minutes

By default this free backup software will back up your documents, files and folders every 30 minutes, but you can of course choose your own time frame. It will do so automatically without interfering your work based on the settings you provide in the setup process.

In the event of power outage or lost internet connection, Immortal Files will continue to backup from the point of error, which means your data will not end up corrupted and inaccessible. This along with features such as bootable backup to external disk, data encryption and the ability to revert to any past version of a file makes Immortal Files one of the best free backup software on the internet.

Why is it better than Google Drive?

I came out and asked this question directly from the developer because it sort of made sense to me. Why do I need another program with a similar function? The developer confidently said that Immortal Files is better because you can encrypt all of your files, you can back up with flexible include/exclude rules and not just from one folder like Google Drive has and finally it can easily handle more than a million files. Google Drive simply can’t!

Interested? You can read more on how it works from their official support website:


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