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Left 4 Dead 2 is a sequel to the original Left 4 Dead with the action taking place one week after the events in the first game where the zombie infection has reached the southern parts of the United States. Left 4 Dead 2 introduces brand new maps, monsters, weapons and of course four new survivors as well. While the game does have a single player option, the majority of gamers enjoy the multiplayer co-op mode making Left 4 Dead 2 one of the most popular multiplayer zombie survival games out there.

Left 4 Dead Characters

Top 3 Left 4 Dead 2 hosting providers

Below is a list of three most widely recommended Left 4 Dead 2 server hosting providers as seen on Nazeboo, a website which compares the most popular server hosting companies.

GameServers is without a doubt the best hosting provider on our list because of their global reach, highly competitive pricing and additional features like the ability to switch your server to a different location any time. Unlike with other hosting providers, your game server will be instantly available to you after payment- there’s no waiting time involved. The price for a public server with 8 players is around $18 USD per month.

Xenonservers is another well established brand however it’s servers are currently only located in New York. On the other hand they do offer DDOS protection which can become quite handy in the event where either an angry player or a competitor tries to shut you down. The price for a public server with 16 game slots is $15 USD per month and you will get free DDOS protection for up to 5 incidents. You can use the coupon code “Nazeboo” to get a 15% discount on your first order.

Branzone is a suitable game server provider for anyone looking for a decent EU/US based host because they have servers in United Kingdom and Germany as well as New York, Washington California, Texas and Illinois. They also offer DDOS protection and the price per month is just $16 USD, give or take a few cents.

Nobody plays single player any more

Left 4 Dead 2 is just one of those games where the single player game mode doesn’t make a whole lot of sense mainly because the AI behind idle survivors is plain awful. Most of the times when I was doing a campaign on single player mode, I just let my team mates (the AI’s) die and finish the game solo because they were constantly getting in the way and being stupid in general.

Left 4 Dead teamwork

But while beating the game solo on “beginner” is easy enough, it’s pretty much impossible on hard mode where even a single blow from the Tank can instantly kill you. So unless you’re Norman Reedus you should go with the next best thing and that’s having a decent team watching your six. After all, it’s a zombie apocalypse and teamwork is vital to your survival.


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