Bitcoin just flash crashed -10.93% and then recovered again… twice in 3 hours

April 16, 2016 11:44 pm Published by 1 Comment

Something strange just happened to the price of Bitcoin where it rapidly fell from $430 to $383 in just an hour and then recovered again only to go on round two just an hour of standing relatively still. At least that’s what the Bitstamp charts are saying. Have a look:

Bitcoin just crashed but recovered shortly... twice

What’s happening on Bitstamp?

Well, something had to cause this and I have to admit I jumped a little when I saw this just now, but it appears it only happened on Bitstamp as Bitfinex, Kraken, CoinBase and BTC-E seem to be completely oblivious about it.

Still, knowing that there are a lot of traders out there who only rely on Bitstamp data, I can’t help but wonder if this incident can fuel a significant panic dump very shortly?

It certainly doesn’t look natural/unintentional, but right now all we can do is wait and see if anyone can shed some light on the matter. I guess it’s time to lurk on the speculators forum again…

21 hours later

This is an update 21 hours later and looks like it happened again a third time:

Another flash crash and flash recovery from Bitcoin on Bitstamp Sunday

More and more bears are showing up as we speak so I don’t think this is going to hold for much longer.


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