Bitcoin’s struggle to break the $300 USD barrier continues

October 27, 2015 12:23 pm Published by 1 Comment

While it’s true that the Bitcoin, at least in theory, should continue to climb against the USD in the coming weeks and months, we are once again finding some serious resistance from the $300. The most recent rally found resistance around the $296 area to be precise and when we look at the overall movement of the crypto currency through the entire year of 2015, we will see that it’s not the first time this has happened.

BTC USD 2015 Year Chart 1W Time Frame

Breaking $300 is key

When you look at the chart above, you will immediately notice that we are right now testing the $300 barrier for the third time this year. First being in March and second, slightly higher move in July. It seems that the number 300 acts as a solid psychological resistance level where most of the day traders pretty much chicken out and start pulling their profits, thus lowering the value of Bitcoin.

Third time’s the charm?

It’s interesting to see that in July the buying power was slightly stronger than in March and although it ended with a more serious selling, it can still give us clues what to expect from the current rally. It’s very likely we are going to break the 300 this time around, but will it hold for good? Only time will tell. We can still stay quite positive just by looking at how green our current rally has been. Sure, we can expect some drawback soon, but right now it doesn’t look like it’s going to be anything drastic. Don’t forget the awesome fundamentals that are most likely responsible for the rally in the first place!


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