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Lately I have noticed a growing number of Google searches coming in about buying traffic for websites with Bitcoin, but up until now I haven’t really provided any relevant information on this. Let’s change that!

If you’re looking to buy website traffic and would like to pay with Bitcoin, then the best place for that is Anonymous Ads advertising network. Let’s have a look at why Anonymous Ads is worth checking out to bring in some cheap traffic for your website:

No tedious signup process

As an internet marketer you are probably a member of way too many networks and agencies already. It’s annoying and not necessary. It takes just 30 seconds to set up your first advertisement on Anonymous Ads without having to register or give your email address to anyone!

They are open minded

Have you ever wanted to buy adult traffic? Then you know how frustrating it can be. There are only a handful of places that approve these types of ads and Anonymous Ads is one of them!

Cheap traffic

If you compare the prices with other CPM and CPC networks then you will see that the prices are very reasonable on Anonymous Ads and unlike most advertising networks, they don’t have a deposit minimum. You can get started with as little as a dollar.

Great for publishers too

With no registration required you can have your unique ad block ready in under 30 seconds. Just paste it onto your website and you’re done. They pay you automatically with an insane minimum of just 0,0001 BTC which at this time is worth $0,03 USD.

You even get to disallow adult ads, gambling ads and other “weird” ads that many of you might want to avoid having on your websites. I have added an ad unit myself on the right side just above the Recent Posts so you can see how it would look like on your website.


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