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Fix  character in Google search results and Facebook share description

August 24, 2016 3:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If you’re seeing a strange  character or characters in your Google search results description or when sharing your articles and blog posts on Facebook but not in your article body itself then trust me, I understand your frustration because I thought I had tried every solution out there and none of the common fixes seemed to work for me. Read more to find out how I fixed the problem for my website and hopefully it will help you as well. When it’s not in the body If and only if you’re not seeing those characters anywhere else except for... View Article

How To Increase Your Website Speed

May 26, 2016 10:05 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

In 2016, most web users expect websites to load in less than 3 seconds and if they don’t, they will click the “back” button in a heartbeat. Also, slow websites are typically penalized by Google, which will cause any natural rankings you have to drop over time. This is definitely not good for business and in this article, we will look at a few tips to increase your website speed. Minimize HTTP requests The first tip is that you should minimize HTTP requests. When someone enters your website’s URL or clicks on a link to your site, 80% of those... View Article

What is meant by hosting a website (web hosting for beginners)

May 18, 2016 3:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When you ask people how to make your own website available on the internet, oftentimes you may hear people talk about something called hosting a website. But what does it actually mean? Put simply, web hosting is a service provided by web hosting companies which allows anyone to publish their content on the World Wide Web and while it’s possible to turn your own computer into a web host, it’s usually not recommended due to the increased security risks that come from making the contents of your computer available to the general public. These security issues along with the limitations of your internet... View Article

Requirements to create a theme for wordpress

April 21, 2016 10:18 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

WordPress is the number one Content Management System (CMS) for both small time blogs, huge corporate websites and even online shops thanks to an endless sea of plugins such as WooCommerce, for example. With thousands upon thousands of free wp themes available on the internet, it’s almost guaranteed that you will find the one template that suits You perfectly. However if you are after a more professional and a truly one of a kind appearance, developing your own WordPress theme is probably a better idea. Requirements for building a WordPress template Creating your own WP theme requires at least a basic... View Article

WP Plugin: Virool offerwall (videos wall) for earning credits

April 17, 2016 10:33 pm Published by 4 Comments

A little over a year ago I wrote a PHP script that could be used as a very basic and simple Get Paid To website. The script was called the Vidcoin GPT Script which allowed your users to earn credits by watching short videos from the Virool network. However Virool decided that offering cash rewards in any way or form was bad for business so they stopped accepting new publishers who were rewarding their users with money. The Vidcoin Script was left and forgotten, gathering dust on a virtual shelf… Incentive WordPress plugin Until one morning I asked myself: hey, if money’s no good,... View Article

How to get country & geo location from IP address using PHP

April 15, 2016 1:20 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

This is a quick and easy tutorial on how to get the country name as well as latitude and longitude from an IP address using just a few lines of code. You will be surprised at how simple it is to locate ip address using PHP and to make it even more awesome, we’ll construct a link to Google Maps with our geo coordinates so you can see the location of your IP on a map. Geolocation from IP address We could search for a free geo location database and use it on our server locally and maybe, just maybe get the data... View Article

4chan Image Downloader and Threads Archive Script (PHP)

March 17, 2016 4:50 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

4chan and especially /b are both great places on the web to just sit back and relax after a hard day’s work by browsing through a sea of endless brain degrading material. It’s the perfect way of spending your free time (the time where mom doesn’t make you do the dishes), am I right? Trouble is, 4chan wipes all of its threads very quickly so if you miss your favorite thread- it’s gone for good (unless you create it again). 4chan downloader for threads & images By combining my superior technical skills with the php simple html dom parser, I was able to come... View Article

How to make Youtube Iframe Responsive

March 5, 2016 2:45 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The default Youtube video iframe embed code is anything but elegant and will break most responsive web designs if you try to embed a Youtube video on your website. Fortunately there’s a workaround for everything and we can easily turn any Youtube embed responsive using some simple CSS magic. Here’s how: Youtube embed responsive When you use the original iframe embed code the result may look something like this, where the red box is just a normal wrapper and our video is breaking outside of it: To counter this, the first thing we do is remove the fixed width and height... View Article

JSON-LD articleBody parsing error when testing Structured Data

February 29, 2016 2:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When setting up Structured Data using JSON-LD for the first time you could run into a problem with the articleBody property which mostly consists of a lot of html tags, quotation marks, etc. These can cause all sorts of parsing errors when you run your page through the Google’s Structured Data testing tool, but thankfully you can solve the issue with just one php function. There was an error parsing your JSON-LD As a developer I’m sure you can relate to the pain I felt when I finally got the whole json-ld code implemented on my WordPress blog just to see... View Article

How to add unique meta description tags in WordPress without plugins

February 16, 2016 4:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When I checked my website for errors in the Google Search Console earlier this morning, I noticed a warning about duplicate meta descriptions on my WordPress website. I had 205 pages with duplicate tags and at first I didn’t think much of it, but I decided to find out the significance in terms of better SEO just in case. I was shocked to realise that having duplicate meta description tags throughout your WordPress blog is a bad idea and Google doesn’t like it one bit! Google: Don’t duplicate meta description tags Google’s Matt Cutts has officially stated in his video that... View Article