Ynef Coin


Ynef Coin ERC20 Token

Ynef's Coin, unlike other shitcoins and blockchain startups, is completely transparent and doesn't offer empty promises. It's not about the fake hype, it's not about the one way ticket to lambo, it isn't about artificially inflated prices and shady dealings with centralized exchanges tied to pump and dump schemes. Heck, Ynef's Coin doesn't even have a whitepaper.

Why? Because Ynef's Coin is developed by an individual. A regular dude. A musician. An artist. A freelance developer. Ynef's Coin is not owned by a corrupt money hungry corporation and the only purpose that Ynef's Coin has is to support that one dude behind it. That's all there is to it.

Smoke and mirrors

Blockchain startups are mostly full of shit. That, and most of them make special arrangements with various centralized exchanges who help artificially inflate the prices. For an idiot investor this will seem like an opportunity of a lifetime. Couple that with fake social media followers and paid posters on Bitcointalk, Telegram, etc. and the illusion is complete.

And then it gets dumped. Hard. And then everybody talks about how crypto is scam. And then the bear market happens. It's been going on for years and this isn't the first one for me so I'd like to think I know what I'm talking about.

Sure. There are great crypto projects out there. But they get buried under a pile of shit. Literally. Who is going to take crypto seriously in the future when bad actors keep doing what they're doing and worse, keep getting away with it?

Because fuck Patreon

ERC20 tokens are absolutely worthless. Yet they still possess that one special ability. The ability to raise a lot of funds very quickly. Even in a bear market, like the one we are in right now, some startups are selling out their tokens in a matter of minutes. How is that even possible?

Hell if I know. But the fact that tokens can be used to raise funds very effectively cannot be ignored. And with a transparent Smart Contract powering the token, it makes sense to use these tokens for crowdfunding purposes. Or how about using them to support your favorite creators?

My point is that there is no reason to use services like Patreon, who take a cut out of every donation, when a creator can just create their own ERC20 token and sell it to their fans.

And it's not about the token itself, it's about collecting donations while giving something in return instead of nothing. Because right now, when you support your favorite creator, you get nothing. Well maybe fresh new content to entertain you. And an overall good feeling. But that's about it. So following that logic it actually makes sense to get a random shitcoin in return for supporting your favorite creator.

Think about it. Long after they are dead, you still have a little something in your crypto wallet to remember them by. And it might even be worth something in the future. Sort of like art created by artists who died hundreds of years ago.

Oh and by the way, SEC, if you're here then know this: YNEF is not an ICO. Nor is it an investment. I offer no promises of a good return. YNEF is a donations coin. Think of YNEF like grains of sand that I am trying to sell in the desert.


YNEF has a total supply of 1 million and as of today each coin will cost you 0.1 Ether. That means I want to get at least a hundred thousand ETH out of it for absolutely no good reason. You can of course buy as little as you like because YNEF has 18 decimal places like every other normal ERC20 token should have.

The Promise

If You buy YNEF right now I promise to keep making music that nobody listens to.

I will also promise to create shitty web design, broken and corrupt android apps, glitchy virtual reality games and a lot more totally useless crap.

I promise to not go get a normal 9 to 5 job and instead waste my life trying to make it on my own. Waste hours upon hours learning new things that interest me, but will never actually get me anywhere. Because deep inside we all know there is nowhere to get TO.

Oh and if I do actually manage to sell all of my 1 million coins, I will donate 10% of the profit to the local animal shelter. Or maybe even 20%. That much I can do because I like animals. Except retarded dogs. Some dogs are fine, but there are certain special type of dog that I dislike.

But wait. There's more!

If you buy 3 or more YNEF coins right at this moment, I will send you a cool CUSTOM made Ethereum blockie T-Shirt that will look something like this:

Ethereum blockie shirt YNEF coin sponsorship

You can use this tool to see how your particular Ethereum address would look like on a shirt. The tool only works on Desktop computers though. And even then it's buggy. But it should give you the general idea of what to expect.

So without making this overly complicated, you get to choose between WHITE or BLACK t-shirt and you need to send me the Ethereum address that you want me to blockie-fy onto your shiny new shirt. And obviously I need your shipping address, but I accept PO boxes just fine. I know crypto people are paranoid freaks. I respect that.

You can message me the old fashioned way: [email protected]

Freebie for everyone

I don't normally do this so consider this a limited time offer. I will send you 1 free YNEF coin if you bring me 1000 visitors to this page. The way we will do this is really simple. Just stick your Ethereum address at the end of my URL.

Here's an example:

Then whenever your link hits a 1k visitors milestone, I will personally transfer 1 YNEF coin to that address. I will do this indefinitely or until I think you are trying to trick me. Be sure to double check that it is your address too, otherwise I would be sending the coins to a stranger!

Why only 1 YNEF coin for 1000 visitors? Well I still need that lambo so I can't just give away all of my coins. People need to buy them. And there are only 1 million of them available so it's really rare stuff. You're not going to sell your free YNEF coins for less than what I am selling them, right?

It's also a good opportunity for poor people who can't afford to buy YNEF coin to earn some for their peasant work. Consider this a way of helping me out towards my lamborghini dream without even paying for anything yourself. It's a win-win situation for you my friend. Now grab the bull by its horns and start promoting!

Or are you one of those sociopaths who don't feel anything when someone else is happy?

What is this? Is this a scam?

Despite its satirical nature, YNEF coin is a real cryptocurrency built on Ethereum. Definitely not a scam beacuse I am not claiming to offer you anything that I will not deliver. Everything I say here I will absolutely promise to do. And yeah you will get a blockie shirt if you order at least 3 coins, but you need to order them from me.

To be sure you are buying from me just go to the ForkDelta exchange, click on the red 0.100000000 and from the pop-up confirm that it has been offered by 0xe2d239a5...