CS:GO Boosting – A shortcut to glory or a shameful venture?

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular First Person Shooters that offers a very exciting and competitive gameplay for both newbies and professional gamers thanks to their modified Elo rating system which matches players with a similar skill level for a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.

Because of the highly competitive nature of this game, a player can easily be tempted to use cs go rank boosting services in order to shine on the leaderboards or simply to show off to their friends. If you are thinking about getting a cs go boost for your own account, you should first read this article in which I will explain the pros and cons of using boosting services for Counter Strike and any other game for that matter.

counter strike global offensive rank boosting

Is boosting fair towards other players?

I’ve seen numerous heated arguments on the subject and for some reason a lot of people claim that by buying a booster pack, you somehow gain an unfair advantage over other players when in reality all that you’re gaining is a better rank and a chance to battle against more experienced players- nothing more.

If anything, you have just made your life harder because you can now play against professional gamers whose skill levels are far beyond anything you can deal with. In this case it wouldn’t take long for you to lose your rank and get shamed out of the community.

You’ll ruin teamwork

Highly ranked gamers rely heavily on teamwork and while being boosted and going solo against an enemy is mostly going to be your problem alone, joining a team of experienced players as a beginner with a fake rank and no real skills is downright insulting.

You have to realize that these people have worked hard to get to where they’re at, therefore you will only stand in the way and bring down their overall score while running around like an idiot, missing all of your targets and getting yourself killed.

Boosting can still be a good thing

While booster packs in all shapes and sizes are generally frowned upon by the gaming community, there is still a perfectly valid reason to use them- in the event you lose your main account.

Just imagine the frustration you will feel when the unfortunate happens and someone either hacks your main account or you lose it in another way. The mere thought of spending hours upon hours of working your way to the top for nothing is enough to get most people to quit the game altogether.

This is why I believe game boosting services can be a good thing- they will help you get back on track without having to go through the unnecessary beginner stages all over again.

Learn to play alongside professionals

Boosting your rank higher is a shortcut that makes sense in certain situations, but you have to agree with me when I tell you that it’s way more satisfying to be among the top ranked players because you actually belong there and have the skills to prove it.

Learning the ropes on your own by trial and error can be time consuming and frustrating because the game, despite being an FPS, is still fairly comprehensive so if you are looking for a way to speed up your progress, I’m happy to let you know that the guys over at Imbaboost are doing a very good job at coaching new players by getting familiar with your playing style and offering friendly advice by pointing out flaws in your strategies that may prevent you from achieving your goals.


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