Customer satisfaction surveys are the backbone of every successful business

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Customer satisfaction is the backbone of every successful venture not only because a happy customer is going to come back to you in the future, but because a happy client is more likely to recommend your services to their friends and acquaintances and as we all know, word of mouth can be one of the most efficient and influential advertising campaigns out there, not to mention the fact that it’s completely free. But how do you make sure your clients feel good around you in the first place? Well, you can always just ask them.

Traditional approach is outdated

A very popular way of getting to know what your customers like and dislike about you is to conduct a customer satisfaction survey from time to time. For example, every now and again Facebook may ask you how satisfied you with the way your news feed works and gives you the optional chance to write a free form comment for their development team to consider.

Similarly to the Facebook’s example above, many other companies are using the same outdated strategy and while it can undoubtedly bring excellent results, there is but one huge flaw in it- your clients don’t really feel like you genuinely care about their opinion and collect this data for god knows what.

It’s sort of like feeling that your voice (in this case, consumer feedback) will just end up in a “black hole” on a database and you’re nothing but a number to the company.

In a perfect world…

I want you to imagine for a moment that you have bought something from an online shop recently and upon receiving your goods, you found that it wasn’t what you’d hoped for, but because you have other things to worry about, you decide to just forget about it as it’s not worth the trouble of having to send your item back to the vendor and requesting a refund.

You go on with your daily activities until suddenly you receive an email from that merchant and in the email they ask for your personal opinion about the recent purchase. You’ll notice one more thing- right there in the email you have the option to rate the service because the email itself is a survey.

Customer email survey

Since you weren’t satisfied with what you got, you decide to click on the “I am disappointed” option that then takes you to a customized landing page with details about Your order and a comment form giving You the chance to tell the merchant exactly why you’re disappointed and what they can do about it.

I’m sure you’d be very positively surprised when just minutes later you received a phone call from the company’s sales representative who is genuinely worried about your negative experience and is ready to come up with a solution that will make your day?

If you think something like this is too good to be true in the real world- think again. It’s now very possible thanks to a service called Customer Thermometer.

No more long and boring forms

Customer satisfaction survey

When traditional customer feedback surveys are usually long and boring forms, from which you can only expect results when the person answering your questions has nothing better to do, Customer Thermometer email surveys offer a quick and engaging customer experience, therefore more people will respond to them and the data will be much more accurate because of this.

See the stats in real time

One of the most innovative features of this service are the real time dashboards where you can oversee exactly what is happening all the time. The dashboard will update immediately when someone opens the email you have sent and clicks on a response, so you can take action then and there instead of going through the reports at a later date.

You can even set it up to receive email notifications immediately when someone is not happy with your service to solve the issue right now instead of letting it escalate to something way more icky.

You can customize everything

From the obvious things like the questions and answers of your survey to every little detail you can imagine on the custom landing pages and within the emails themselves, you can edit pretty much anything according to your company’s needs and the expectations of your unique and individual customers.

With Customer Thermometer you can truly make them feel like they actually matter to you and that they’re not just a number on a database any more.

Of course I don’t expect you to just take my word for it. If you want to experience the same excellent customer support, simply take the free demo tour offered by Customer Thermometer and experience a survey yourself just by entering your email address on their website. Trust me, it’s going to amaze you.


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