Customer service quotes and tips to improve your company’s help desk

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I absolutely love it how Gregory Ciotti from HelpScout believes that customer service can and should be considered your #1 marketing channel mainly because by taking care of your existing customers first, you immediately attract more interested prospects your way thanks to one of the most cost effective marketing techniques available to you- the word of mouth exposure from loyal and happy clients.

In this article I will share some of the things I learned about how to provide better customer service from managing a Get Paid To website for more than 6 years and to spice things up, I’ll leave you pondering upon a few smart customer service quotes from famous people.

First class service

Facts to help put things in perspective

Did you know that out of all dissatisfied customers, only about 4% actually voice out their concerns and the rest give up after just one negative experience?

Or that a whopping 78% of new clients bail out on their intended purchase only because they feel like there’s nobody there to help them in the event they run into problems?

Source: “Understanding Customers” by Ruby Newell-Legner

Make customer satisfaction your top priority

It is estimated that one loyal customer is worth up to 10 times as much as their initial purchase so the time and money spent on acquiring new clients, while your loyal customers are quitting, makes absolutely no sense if a decent ROI means anything at all to you and your company.

I remember the first few years as a GPT owner where I was desperately seeking out new advertisers for my Paid to Click section and purchased a ton of ads on various other sites without getting a considerable return. I kept doing this for a while until I realized that it was not about seeking out new customers, it was about making sure the old ones came back to spend more money on my services.

This realization served as a breaking point for me because I ended up saving thousands of dollars that I would have otherwise spent on useless ad campaigns simply by taking care of my lost and confused customers first thing in the morning.

Keep an eye out on repeating questions

Over time you may notice a pattern regarding the most common issues and questions about your services. In most cases this will help you figure out the flaws in your main sales pitch as well as the Frequently Asked Questions section that any business should have.

Even if you personally believe that you’ve explained everything perfectly, are you sure a complete stranger can understand what you’re trying to say? Sometimes it helps to have a friend or coworker read through your content and provide helpful insight by pointing out things that may be confusing to others.

Additionally you may want to conduct a customer satisfaction survey from time to time to really understand what your clients are expecting from you.

Make a client feel important

Everyone loves to feel important, especially that angry and overly emotional customer with a negative experience. So before you let them project their feelings to you, take a step back and try to calm them down by assuring them that their issue has your undivided attention.

Trust me, having a mad client flame you and your company because you couldn’t handle a little criticism is one of the worst things that can happen to you and your reputation, but if you actually put effort into fixing the situation, they are more than likely to recommend you to all of their friends in the future.

Top five customer service quotes

Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who will work hard enough to bring them about. – Ashleigh Brilliant

Discover what is unique about each person and capitalize on it. – Marcus Buckingham

If you love your company and love what you do, you will serve your customers better—period! – Tom Peters

We treated our customers like our best friends. You don’t route your best friend’s call to an automated system! – Derek Sivers

Consumers are statistics. Customers are people. – Stanley Marcus


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