Dora games for kids – How to have fun with everyday activities

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Back when I was a kid the only fun and educational material were plain old cartoons and even then, most of them didn’t really teach us anything- it was all about shooting and explosions. Still, there were a few tv shows and cartoons like the Moomin that were fun and exciting to watch and at the same time provided a fair amount of “life lessons” for a child. Still, there was no way to actually interact with a cartoon, but thanks to the internet this has all changed!

Dora The Explorer Games

alldoragames, dora the explorer gamesMeet Dora, the 7 year old virtual girl who does everything from cooking to exploring the world and riding unicorns. Dora games offers a unique and interactive way for your kid to learn the fun in doing casual everyday stuff like treating a burned hand or washing clothes in a washing machine.

All Dora games are safe to play and provide a very unique way for your child to interact with a cartoon character in a whole new level. The washing clothes game for example will teach your kid to separate white and colored clothes before being placed to the washing machine.

Dora can also cook all sorts of different things like Valentine’s day Cake or Pizza so your kid can learn the basics of cooking while at the same time have fun interacting with the 7 year old virtual friend. Your kid will never get bored of this!

Dora is also useful for the parent because when your child is playing Dora games, you have more time to do other important things or perhaps take a time out from a hard day at work.

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